Essays Penile Augmentation: Indications, Types, Contraindications

Intimate-sphere is an important part of every person's life. That is why representatives of the stronger sex have a lot of attention on his skill in Sex. Give the self confidence in sexual life, you can help the nozzle to increase a member.

What is the nozzle?

Attachment for a member

The essays are designed to diversify the sex life, or how to fix problems with potency. There are a large number of devices, which contributes to the achievement of the various objectives. Men use such devices, the size of the Penis has become larger, and the woman received a vibrant feel during Sex.

The essays will help to prevent the development of problems in the sexual sphere. Thanks to you, the man is a strong erection, long-lasting intimate contact, and be able to use the most powerful Partner to deliver maximum enjoyment.

Material and processing

Essays for penis enlargement are made from different materials, which helps people get the most preferred Option. In the case of the preparation of the following apply:

  • Leather. Close to natural skin, helps transmit the same feeling. In the case of the use of the product from the it warms quickly to body temperature and keeps it during the whole time. This Material has a high quality, therefore a great durability. Papers, made of leather, have a high value, rarely men apply.
  • Silicone. The Material is inexpensive, fairly soft, elastic, does not cause allergic reactions caused. Glass were easy to use. Silicone is used for many years, but is able to deform when in contact with lubricants on an oily Basis.
  • Latex. Has a low price. Is used less than the other materials, but it are simple to maintain, it is very pleasant to the touch and has no smell. Such as silicone, Latex is not recommended, along with oily lubricants to avoid destruction.

The nozzle from which Material to choose, only choose men on the basis of their own preferences. All the materials are safe for the health, the difference is only in the quality, service life, possibility of the transmission of tactile sensation.

What are the extensions of the nozzle in a component?

In specialized stores you will find a large number of essays, from different materials and in different variations.

With open head

Use of this product, the thickening of the Penis. Also, the essay helps stimulate a woman's Vagina, so that you can achieve brighter orgasm. Open attachment stimuli reminiscent of the end Ring. You only need to pay the during the excitation, but not in front of him.

With a closed head

Closed nozzle is often used as a means to protect against unwanted pregnancy. It helps make the Penis thicker and longer. In such devices the walls are thick, leading to a reduction in the sensitivity. This effect prolongs sexual intercourse several times.

With Vibration and remote control

Available on the market and nozzle with Vibro-Massage. They not only help the tail to extend, but to stimulate the clitoris of the woman during Sex. For the management of the essay is associated with the remote control.

With Knobs

The surface of such devices with a lot of balls. You can have different length and height. For the aesthetic appearance of the manufacturer also the bumps are in the Form of different patterns.

With Spikes

Such papers are similar to those of the preceding type, but only instead of balls on their surface are thorns. The designs can be of different kinds, differing in the size of the thorns.

With Tendrils

The essays are also similar with the previous two devices, but instead of balls and spines on the surface are tendrils. The woman's intense sensations to provide help during intercourse. Apart from this, the device allows you to lengthen and thicken the tail.



Such essays differ in realism, because it is so close to the color of the natural skin and anatomical features of masculinity. With your help, the member can be thick and long.

With Surround Relief

By such constructions, with an embossed surface Surround pattern, the woman receives an unusual and pleasant sensations. When using the nozzle's cock is bigger.

Reusable Condom

In the shops, specialization of goods on the sale of the intimate, you can find a re-usable condoms. It is a relatively new product in the world of the Sex Shop. Thanks to him, can not only avoid the conception, sexually transmitted diseases, but also to extend the Penis.


Similar devices usually made of silicone produce. They are for the Stimulation of the vaginal walls in women, the brightness of the sensations during Sex. In addition, they help, a tail wider and longer.

Characteristics of the use of

Maintenance of the nozzles is quite simple, it needs no special knowledge. After the acquisition of the goods is absolutely necessary, wash it with soap.

You can wear the nozzle is also not difficult. They all have a special eyelet on the scrotum. With its help, the product is attached to the Penis. Construction is only on the Horny Penis. In the case of the first application, it is desirable to try to learn it alone.

Within the nozzle is required talcum powder to grease, to prevent the skin of the male organ RUB. The grease applied to the outer surface. Apply lubricant to the member or to the inside of the product. Otherwise, flying is the device easy to have Sex.

The opinions of men and women

The reviews of men and women about to have Sex with the application of various attachments. Can be both positive and negative opinions. But the bad reviews mostly due to the fact that the man chooses wrong, the product buys or the goods are of poor quality.

When using the good quality of articles representative of the stronger sex, it is noted that the Sex was brighter, increases the duration of intercourse, Libido improved. Women indicate that the application of the equipment helps to achieve the maximum enjoyment, in particular nozzles with a relief-like surfaces, spines, knobs, vines.

What nozzle is the largest?

Some time ago, the biggest essay is as "Bravo", it has a length of 17 cm has But recently on the market the product under the name "Matador". Its length is 26 cm, this in Spite of the large size, you can use attached men with a small Penis, so it is perfect.

What size do you choose?

The essays are available in various sizes, so that the men lost in the choice of the correct length. Not advised in this case, because it is exclusively an individual decision, depending on the current settings of the Penis.


Special contraindication to the use of nozzles for penis enlargement are not, but there are a number of recommendations for their use:

  1. Do not use products with Anal and oral contact.
  2. Do not use more designs of that time, which is recommended in the instructions. Otherwise there is the risk of earning the pathology of the sexual organs exists.
  3. Do not use magnifying glasses, if there is a pathology of the blood.
  4. With caution you should use the attachments to vessels in patients with diseases of the heart and blood.

Materials for the production of the papers used are hypoallergenic. But there is always the probability that a Person individual intolerance. In this case, the use of the products is prohibited.

Advantages and disadvantages of the application during sexual intercourse


Application of the attachments for the enlargement of the Penis has its positive and negative properties. The benefits relate to the following:

  • Increase the size of your manhood in length and thickness.
  • The possibility of certain types of products as a form of barrier contraception.
  • A huge selection of different models, which assists in the compilation of the fixture brings saturated sensations.
  • A slight reduction in the sensitivity of the reproductive organs, thereby increasing the duration of Sex.

Negative points there is more in the case of those models, which are already old. You are the greatly reduced sensitivity of the Penis, were the deformations due to movements. The modern products. You convey the feeling perfectly, for a long time do not wear out.

But still, a minus remains. The quality of the nozzle belongs to. If a man wishes to buy a quality product that will give him many years, then we need to stock up quite a large sum of money.

Therefore, the nozzle for penis enlargement in men – effective method to improve the sensations during intimacy. But an optimum variant of the size and quality is required.