How to increase the Penis and methods of folk medicine

Before active actions in favor of penis magnification. You need to understand – is that necessary? Because that is not necessary the enlargement of the Penis, the size of achieved standards or exceeds this. Sexual organ in men is growing up to the age of 25, so people under this age, experience is not worth it. May be, the growth of your Penis temporarily slows down, but soon again.

how to enlarge his Penis

The size of the Penis of the man depends on many factors. Nationality, rate of metabolism, the presence of harmful habits, age. There are an average size. normal for a certain age. In addition, there are age periods when a member is growing fast, and, if the growth is slower. It depends on the individual Person, the level of testosterone in the body, way of life, etc.

It is believed that in adults, transformed men (25-30 years) average. a normal Penis is, its length is 14-16 cm and 4 cm thickness, In adolescence, the Penis length is 10-12 cm and width 3 cm – it is also the Norm.

How to enlarge his Penis methods

If it is necessary to increase the size of Penis, you can do so with the help of natural remedies, home.

It is important to understand that the methods recognized by science, and can not only be ineffective, but also dangerous.

The most common methods in this article.

The implementation of the Massage

In the opinion of the men that this method tried, it is really effective. why is his prevalence. It is the special Massage of the Penis, a man can do himself. To prepare to execute it, in order to avoid and prevent injuries .

Preparation the Massage is done in the following way: you have to take a small piece of a soft, pleasant material to the touch, and wet it with warm water and for a few minutes (2-3 min.) wrap a cloth Penis. A warm compress on the Organ help enhance the blood flow, which massage effectively. You spend this process a few times.

After the preparation you can Massage. This must be the most comfortable Position. Better lie on your back and relax. Then with the right Hand a little squeeze and head of the Penis, but not strong! Otherwise there is the risk of damage to the sensitive penis glans) sex organ of a delay in the direction on the possible distance (in case of discomfort, you must stop pull) and delay its Position in the long for 4-5 minutes. Then you should repeat the procedure. by a member in different directions and stay in this Position.

During the implementation of the Massage is the prerequisite for a recovery. Between the treatments to restore blood flow. The last stage of the Massage serves to pull out of the Penis, and repeated his presses (10-12 times). After the completion of the pressing, can be discontinued as the Massage.

The exercises have to several times a week. this time is enough. All of the procedures you must perform slowly and carefully. in order not to damage the organ. With the help of self-massage of the Penis is increased by 1-2 cm. The result is usually reached for 2-3 months.

Broths, teas, and apitherapy

The most effective way to think of herbal teas and teas. Everyone knows the "skills" of certain plants, the potency of influence. But not all of them know that these plants also contribute to the improvement of the growth of the Penis. Healing herbal teas to prepare you can houses, you can buy the herbs at the pharmacy or special markets, and shops. But it is better you purchase it from the medicine men who know what herb to take effect.

Do not forget about the safety. As you buy herbs and teas have audited healer with a large customer base and positive reviews. The most well-known green the owner of this "magical" effect impact on growth of a member are: ginseng root. Hawthorn. Thyme and nuts. In Asian countries, the method of penis enlargement with the help of decoctions, of teas and herbal ointments is the most common.

Folk Remedies

One of the most effective methods to believe a normal baking powder. It is recommended, to the inside. But like Soda, the Penis helps? The answer is simple – no. Baking powder has no influence on the sex organ, but when taken, it thins the blood. and enhances the blood circulation. So men want to increase its size, take the Soda prior to the execution of the exercises, to increase (Massage, use of extenders, pumps, etc.).

It is believed that, if you increase the flow of blood during the workout, the sex organ will grow faster. But this medal has a downside.

Baking powder needs tract be taken with caution, because its high concentration is harmful for the stomach-intestinal.

And the people with diseases of the stomach, thyroid, and malignant tumors – ingestion of baking soda is strictly forbidden and dangerous to life.

The most dangerous and most effective old-fashioned method is considered to be bee venom (apitherapy). It is important to know that in the presence of Allergy to bee venom, this method can not be used! Procedure the Penis of the bee venom carried out. in the package, with the bee in the internal sex organ. After the bite of a bee, the sting pull. Sex organ increase immediately in front of our eyes. But bite the bees is not enough.

To save the results, you need daily Training, and the use of various creams and gels for penis enlargement. Procedure with bees, you should several times a week. Bees in a package can have multiple (not more 10). The number of bees should be gradually increased, the pain, the sensations of the procedure. The result can be reached in 1.5 – 2 months. Penis with the help of the action of bee venom is increased by 2-4 cm

The psychological method, and acupuncture

Known to the psychological method. Its essence is very simple. Every day they must present themselves with the desired size of the member. Better to do it in the night. A few minutes of ideas for the production of the hormones accelerate the growth of the Penis.

With the increase in the size of the Penis can acupuncture (pressure on acupressure points) to help. According to the theory, in the case of men there are areas that you expansion of the member. And the impact on the growth accelerate. If you have all the points and massage them every day, then the result will not wait long. However, information about the effectiveness of this method and the presence of the "magical" points will not be correct and proven.

Tips and precautions

To increase before you begin to cock the traditional methods, you have to consider well. Because the result is not always what the advertising promises method. Do not forget about the individual characteristics of the people.

On the basis of someone of a certain method can help, but for someone, it would be ineffective. Therefore, the implementation of the training and the body's reaction to them, it is worth to monitor the results,. In the case of ineffectiveness, and pain, all training units must stop, with the aim to save time and save your health.