Ways of penis extension

Penis size is a concern for every man, this is especially true for those who have not. This Problem disturbs a lot more men and women to this question and more in a neutral position. The complex is developed in men due to the small size of the Penis, lumps and smeared not only on sexual but also on everyday life. Such people tend to be shy, closed and unsafe, especially when communicating with the opposite sex.

The global Standards

Methods of penis enlargement

The average size of the Penis, as a representative of the European ides and Negroid races varied in length from 13 to 15 centimeters in erection. In centimeters vary from 10 to 20 centimeters. But the owners of the normal average sizes and very often have thoughts about their "inferiority". And in vain, because in the world there are men that have a really small dimensions of the Penis length during erection is not greater than 5-6 inches! This pathology can be considered a small Penis, both congenital as well as acquired, but the most common cause is a hormonal disorder in boys in childhood and during puberty.

But modern medicine offers several options for solutions of similar problems as you with the help of operative intervention, and without you. Although many of the options carries significant risks.


Vacuum pump is a special cylinder, in which the male Organ is placed. Enhanced erection is by suction of the air from the cylinder. But according to experts, this method is not effective and even harmful for men, because erection is fast enough after such a Manipulation, and the way temporary impotence can vessels and provoke bruising on the Penis, as well as the break-up of the blood and tissues.


Extender it is called a special device, a follower of the Penis in a stretched height, reducing its size gradually increased. Draft-extenders are different, depending on the manufacturer, but the mechanism is the same: the Penis in a stretched Position with the help of special clamps for a couple of hours a day, every day, the level of voltage increase. According to the claims of the manufacturer, this method allows the size of the Penis can increase 2-3 inches for half a year, but in the case of doctors, specialists to this technique, the ratio is very different. A group of physicians claimed that such a procedure is justified, others speak of very good results after using Extender.

Medicines and food supplements

It is the unnecessary and useless process, which was coined by the manufacturers of this food Supplement to increase sales, and a lot of men just victims of the advertising. The Maximum of what you can do, supplements, and tablets — is the strengthening of the potency of the man, the sex is organ seem to be a little more. However, an increase in the length of the Penis these drugs have no impact.

The Operation to increase the Penis

This is perhaps the only effective method of increasing the size of your Penis by 2-4 cm. The essence of the Operation according to the increase of the Penis is reduced in the circumcision of specific ligaments, holding the Penis in the pelvis. The voltage of the base of the Penis after the Operation weakened and he is increasing in the length. Also with special applications to the Penis of fat tissue, the volume of the Penis increase.

how to enlarge his Penis

For an objective assessment of the Penis, the doctors recommend that men get rid of excess weight, because the fat you reduce him visually to the actual size by a few centimeters.