Vacuum Penis pros and cons of this method

Vacuum-Penis - it is labor-intensive, but to deal with a realistic task, with special training equipment. What such devices are, and how to use them properly?

Vacuum Penis

Insulin pumps and their features

The pump is a special pump that fills the tissue of the Penis, what is in it improves the blood circulation. Modern fitness equipment safety with special valves that support the optimal pressure within the container.


Extender is another Trainer that has a nozzle on the head of the Penis, and a special adjustable strap that you use to gradually stretch the tail in the length. The Tool provides no vacuum and mechanical effect on the genital organ, and is considered to be a cheaper. Minus products – the inability to the Penis in width and also high risk of injury in case of careless use.

Trainer: create home

How to you such device? If you have no way to buy this product, you can try him with my own hands.

Instead of the cylinder you take a normal spray can spray can of matching sizes, then you disassemble it and then delete the compressed air. They make a special sleeve made of silicone or soft paper, is through the sexual organ (to avoid damage). In the lower part of the container, a hole that fits a rubber hose. On this pipe, rotary knob for adjustment of pressure: the Original handle of brands attached to insulin pumps you can see the Standard bulb to replace a device for measuring blood pressure.

Before the use of the device of the antiseptic system need to edit. Although manufactured device and not be otherwise presentable view, its main task, it can absolutely perform.

Results after vacuum enlarge Penis?

In the following, the main advantages of vacuum Penis are:

  • the elimination of erectile dysfunction, the the full-fledged erection;
  • to prevent premature ejaculation by reducing the sensitivity of the head immediately after the use of pumps;
  • Penis in length and in width up to 3-5 inches depending on the original size and individual characteristics;
  • with regular use, the sensitivity of the head increases the quality of sexual intercourse improved;
  • Availability (sports equipment can) in drugstores or in Online Shops.

The advantages and disadvantages of vacuum technology

Does not belong to the advantages of this method is the convenience and simplicity, to increase the rapid Offensive of the result (a member of something of that size already after the first application), as well as the possibility of only penis enlargement, but also the elimination of the manifestations of erectile dysfunction (i.e., the pump is also suitable for therapeutic purposes).

Vacuum-Penis-advantages and disadvantages

However, this method also has disadvantages:

  • are there any contraindications for use (e.g., tendency to bleeding, diseases of the Penis, some of the pathology of the kidney);
  • the possibility of occurrence of adverse events (small hematomas on the layers of the skin, discomfort during use, and the occurrence of erections in the first time);
  • the need for regular application twice a day about 40 minutes, which means they need to have enough free time for such procedures;
  • during exercise, the ingestion of drugs, the influence on the formation of blood is not recommended.