What are the methods of to the Penis

Everything that is offered today on the Internet, in pharmacies and only with a Hand — wonders of the ointment, magic pills, and other chemicals that claim, as the seller, will be able to increase Penis size almost immediately divided into three groups: preparations with a basis of hormones, chemical medicines and food supplements.

how to enlarge his Penis

In General, hormonal preparations included in their composition, testosterone and its derivatives. So far the official medicine is not revealed, neither is a hormonal drug that is guaranteed, and can increase Penis size without any harm to the Rest of the body. The adoption of a hormone medication (also not to be used for penis enlargement) must be prescribed by a doctor and under medical supervision. So, if you offer to drink of the "magical growth hormones" — you know that there is at least a deception, or a great danger for your health. If it is possible, already growth hormones, organs, arms, legs, hair, problems with transfer institutions would would would not exist exist. Drank hormone — and the new kidney grown, the other a potion appeared in her Hand.

Another group of drugs, chemicals and synthetic materials. These drugs are increase for improving erection (like Viagra and similar drugs) and not the size of the Penis. Really, when taking this drug, the more erection's dick is always hard and optically, it seems that he has increased. In fact, such an increase is limited by a better filling of the cavernous bodies with blood of the Penis tissue. Long-term taking of these drugs leads to arouse that without the intake of drugs tail. In addition, they are harmful, such as hormones, influence on the internal organs, especially the liver.

The third group is the biologically active additives (BAA). You make a complex for the body the necessary minerals and vitamins and are for the work of the organism, they cause no increase in the Penis. With them, you will feel better, maybe less ill, perhaps the erection is improved. But the size of the Penis you can not change.


A particularly attractive method for beginners, penis extension — no special costs (only for lubrication). To zoom in magnification of the Penis with the help of Massage one of the oldest ways of the Penis. The essence of this Massage and special exercises for stretching the Penis, in the same way as in the case with the Extender. Massage stimulates the growth and cell division, the tissue of the Penis grows in size, it is an increase in the Penis. However, this method has its special features: you must have studied meet all of the exercises and properly. Very often incorrectly-made exercises or excessive exposure leads to injuries — abrasions, cracks, the vessels of the blood, pain in the Penis, affect the potency. Injuries may arise due to the nature of the exposure during the Massage – with the help of the hands, the increased pressure of the blood in cavernous body of the Penis, which often causes cracks and capillary bleeding.

Another feature of the Jelqing is that often formed increased with its help, Penis Bits at the base, he is much thinner increased volume in front of the head. First, the Penis breaks it is often at the base, and, secondly, the wife is much more comfortable to the member is, the volume over the entire length, otherwise there is no normal Stimulation of the entrance area in the vagina.

Also you must note that the minimum to perform age-related Massage is 40 minutes, and it should be a day for several months For this reason, the effectiveness of the Massage is significantly below the performance of Extender: what can be achieved will be achieved with the help of the Extender for 4-6 months, with the help of Massage by 1.5-2 years.

Hanging, hanging

Methods of penis enlargement

The method to hang up a load for penis enlargement is so ancient, such as Massage. The essence of the method — hang the head of the member charge, the tissues, the effect on the Penis, ultimately, the growth of the cells of the Penis to activate. The mechanism is the same as for the Extender, but this method is very traumatic. First, dangling from the outset, a large weight (possible injuries to the ligaments, rupture of the tissues of the Penis), and secondly, the load between the legs (traumatic), thirdly, the System load-securing on the head imperfect, and often leads to injuries. Similarly, the stretch is directed downwards, even though anatomically more likely to be positive in the direction of the pressure to the top.

Enlarge Penis size with the help of the hanging possible, but the Chance of getting hurt are much, much higher than any other type of penis enlargement. Yes, and the convenience of the method, not on the height.

Surgical Operation

Under the Operation, the penis extension is usually a special process, the free it allows to understand the inner part of the Penis. The tapes covered the inner part of the Penis and the Penis, like from the inside will deteriorate. Disadvantages of surgical penis enlargement: the possibility of postoperative complications (inflammation, change the level of erection, contraction of scar tissue, gradually the Penis to its original Position ), cost ($1500-$4000), and limited the result (enlargement of Penis in length of up to 2.5-3cm, to the extent of the Penis is not increased). The increase in the volume of the Penis is the introduction of dental implants inside of the Penis is a single process.

Pumps, Vacuum Pumps

The pump is used for the improvement of the erection and applies in cases when the Penis is flaccid, or not tight enough. The principle of operation of the pump: fills and more active Penis with blood, if placed in the area with lower pressure in the cylinder pumps. Visually it looks so: the Penis is in a glass or plastic piston, the piston against the spring force to the pubic bone. Then from the piston pumps to start the air, in the piston an under-pressure and promotes the filling of the cavernous bodies of the Penis with blood. I.e. "pumped" to the required level in the Penis and in the battle!

If one tries to enlarge Penis size with the help of the insulin pump, then it is threatening big problems. In the case of prolonged action of the pump in the body of the Penis, only the blood, but also lymph and blood Stagnation is not. Penis swollen, it can lead to swelling, rupture of blood vessels and bleeding.

Penis enlargement with the help of the insulin pump, the visual character more inflated Penis blood carries looks longer and thicker. This is a temporary phenomenon — the next time without Pomp dick so limp and small. Note that the pump or the vacuum pump will serve simply to improve the erection.


Enlarge Penis with the help of the Extender is it possible, since 1994. It was then in Denmark, the first Extender was patented. Extender is a medical device that is used for the correction of the shape and size of the member. With the help of the Extender the Penis curvature correcting, and so increase penis size with no surgical. Today, there are only 2 methods which make it possible to effectively increase the Penis is a surgical procedure and the use of Extender. Wherein, after the Operation, you need to consolidate necessarily Extender to wear within 2-3 months the results.

Penis enlargement

More than a Million men in the world have an increase in a member by means of Extender. Today, the effectiveness of this method is not a cause of doubt. The side effects in the use of the Extender for almost 20 years, not found. In addition to increasing the Penis Extender, a full erection and longer intercourse promotes.

The speed of growth of the tissues of the Penis and the overall rate of increase can not be guaranteed by us. The result depends on the exact compliance with the recommendations of the manufacturer, the regularity and the duration of the wearing, of the physiological properties of the organism, of the quality of the food, bad habits, etc.