How to enlarge his Penis at home? 5 ways

How to enlarge a Penis in house conditions – a current topic for most men.

The reason is not only the dissatisfaction with natural data, but also the desire not to stand out.

Penis at home

Many men are interested in, since the increase in Penis at home is the cheapest and most convenient way, does not require large material costs.

The main features of the Fund

The most important aspect to penis enlargement at home the regularity and systematics in the use of the methods. This allows for the maintenance of the results and thus contributes to its mounting. So you can much to your Penis in just a few months

You need to make sure that these methods have a number of advantages compared to conventional surgery:

  • The Cost-Savings. Home method of penis enlargement involves cost is usually much less than the use of various creams, stimulants, and what's more, the Operation.
  • Easy. For the execution check out the training videos. Such Videos help to prevent injuries and damages during the execution of the exercises. Their implementation usually requires no additional devices and devices.
  • No binding to one place. Increase virility can in any convenient place and at a convenient time. The use of such techniques requires a mandatory observance of special conditions.
  • Security. Increase the size of the Penis at home, you can without serious consequences and harm to the body. To know effective techniques, you can avoid a long preparation for the surgery and long convalescence after its implementation. Also, is it realistic to protect themselves from the emergence of side effects.

If a man concentrates in the methods of penis enlargement it is much easier and most convenient for yourself. From all always the technique which leads to the desired

Penis at home opportunities

The use of additional materials

Before you start with the methods described in the article, you should make sure that some of the techniques require additional funds. So, for example, can be useful for a lubricant (grease) for the implementation of the Massage.

Also it should be noted that the use of methods to increase based on the application of Soda, each time care cream requires. You can paddle – it is necessary to moisturize the skin Penis and prevent Peeling and Irritation. This method may also require the application of a protective cream for skin and hands — with regular use, it can dry out and cracks.

Penis at home is a fairly complicated procedure, which requires a good patience and high self-organization. If properly applied, almost any kind of Penis at home for free and very quickly. To know how to enlarge Penis at home, you can forget about spending for creams and ointments, gels and tablets, are often the subject of fakes.

An overview of the popular Tools, and methods

There are some basic methods. These techniques are suitable for different levels of training and realize help, the enlargement of the Penis at home without external Intervention. The application of such methods to increase not only helps save money, but also you protect yourself from fraudsters.

What not to expect-from-home recipes for penis extension:

  • The rapid increase in the size. Neither the length nor the thickness of the Penis will not be able to grow very quickly, and without surgical intervention. But in contrast to medicine, the use of such techniques, the implementation of the Penis home remedies with a Minimum of side effects.
  • The rapid increase of the duration of sexual intercourse. In spite of the Stimulation of the blood circulation in the area of the Penis, which makes it possible to strengthen the erection, duration of sexual intercourse does not increase immediately.
  • Without the use of additional funds, the effect is less pronounced. Can you understand your Penis at home without any special creams and ointments, but you have to achieve that such a way requires more time and patience to produce the desired result. With the use of ointments and gels, to strengthen the superficial circulation, the effect is manifested in the rule much faster.
Penis at home with cargo

Techniques, of which it is better to refrain

There are some techniques that should not be used because they cause much more harm than good. It should be remembered that homemade penis enlargement methods do not always wear can only benefit many of the techniques are based on the usual assumptions and, therefore, more harmful. Therefore, the increase in the methodologies, restrict against the use of ineffective and harmful agents.


The first point is the hormonal tablets. You, as a universal medium with many positive effects. Such drugs have components in the rule in its composition a large number of hormones and biologically active.

Their application can benefit with the aim of increasing the size of your manhood only in the period of the emergence and the growth of all tissue in puberty. After completion of the active Phase of growth, the Penis quickly with the help of such drugs is not possible.

Since the tablets contain a large number of hormones, it can have a negative influence on the hormones.

This may be a reason of the development of severe injuries:

  • Loss of erection;
  • Dysfunction of the gonads;
  • Disruption of ability to function;
  • Disorders of Psycho-emotional background;
  • the development of somatic pathologies.

Also, it should be noted that the intake of gormonosoderžaŝih tablets creates a heavy burden on the liver and kidneys. And because of their uncontrolled use can lead to serious disorders of these organs.

Ceiling Suspension Cargo

Among the methods of home penis enlargement technique often suspended loads in the Penis. This technique has a fairly deep roots, the back in the depth of the history of the African tribes. The men believed that in the area of the sexual organ of the Holy spirit dwells, and therefore sought to extent extend his refuge.

As a result, the young of the childhood of loads hung on the body of the Penis, gradually increasing the weights. It is the cause of masculinity draw on a few tens of centimeters. Even the Penis is thin and it can not support the normal erection.

Therefore, if a man is looking for options for Penis home, he should not make such offers. Often an analogy with EastEnders, what is completely wrong. While wearing the Penis Extender is in a certain Position, which does not change. When hanging goods hyperextension is possible, and even rupture of the tissues of the Penis.

Effective methods to enlarge Penis

The main way penis enlargement is 20% technology and 80% organization. You can often get confronted with the negative reviews, the marginalized, especially by men who do not appreciate fully the resource techniques. Their correct application helps to keep the Penis at home easy and pleasant, and the result of permanently.

Penis Massage at home


One of the most beautiful and most interesting possibilities is the use of Massage. Massage helps not only to enlarge Penis size at home, he is still effective and holistic approach to many areas of the sexual life of the man.

His use of the greater efficacy in combination with creams and gels, ointments for Penis growth, but in their absence, a result of the use shows can still be felt.

Benefits of Massage:

  • No investment require. For the implementation of simple Vaseline or Baby rich cream.
  • Bloodstream Are Stimulated. Regular application of the Massage strengthens the erection and helps to prevent the development of the signs of stagnation.
  • The complex Organ growth is stimulated. With the application of the Massage can reach, that it is not only the length, but the thickness of the body.
  • The improvement of the potency. In the Stimulation, the blood flow enhances the transportation of nutrients in the area of the implementation of the Massage. This leads to a strengthening of the Libido, increase the quality of sperm and an increase in the duration of sexual intercourse.
  • Prevents the formation of malignant tumors. With the use of Massage proper blood flow to the tissue is recovered, what is to prevent the accumulation of pollutants.

Application Massage promotes better not stretch just the spongy body, but also the skin of the Penis. There are a large number of Videos on how to enlarge Penis in the home with the help of Massage. These lessons contribute to the development of the right skills is the key point in this technique.

Their use also contributes to the prevention of injury and excessive sprains skin.


There is to use several aspects of the Jelqing:

  • The movement of the hands when performing the Jelqing must be continuous.
  • The approach of ejaculation will be the Signal to Stop the action. After ejaculation cock Position you for the implementation of the exercises will be more difficult in Elastic.
  • The circumference of the Penis a little similar to Masturbation. In this case, it is almost mechanical Stimulation of blood flow in an Organ, the strengthening of the stretching of the corpora cavernosa Tel. Therefore, an increase in the use of this kind of understanding is required.
  • Perform the procedure daily – it helps to fix the result and save it for a long time.
Important Point!Only the strict observance of all the instructions can lead to visible results.


The exercises are not an excellent indicator for the doubters of men, the use of this type of methods not only allows the increase of the size of the Penis, but also learn to your body during Sex.

To increase during the implementation of the exercises possible tail, and in the process strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Advantages of the use of exercises:

  • You home, without the help of doctors
  • The execution of the exercises promotes the active reinforcement of the nutrition of the tissues and muscles. In the result, you can strengthen erection and sensitivity.
  • The effect remains for a long time.

Ingestion of decoctions and infusions

A dubious method for penis enlargement at home. It is based on the stimulating effects of the herb, and the tannins in its composition. You take such decoctions and infusions can be both internally as well as locally. Feedback on the use of these funds is very ambiguous, but because men have to resort reluctantly to the effect of this method.

Please note: only With the help of herbs, penis size does not increase work. This technique works best in combination with Massage or Jelqing. This allows for a stronger effect.

Application of baking powder

Penis at home broth

The application of sodium bicarbonate helps in strengthening the capillary blood flow in the genital area. Also, Soda is known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. Therefore, you may manhood length and thickness, and with the aim of prevention of diseases.

Apply as a valuable component, such as baking powder, you can use the application a couple of recipes:

  • Carry out the Massage with Soda. The most effective and easiest method, the results show after just a few minutes after application. A similar effect ointments, but Soda in General, there is in every home and more available.
  • To create a scrub. The implementation of the procedure with the help of scrub on reproductive Organ helps to avoid the development of diseases and increases the volume of the penis by increasing blood flow. This method requires the use of a care cream, in order to after the procedure the skin of the head and of the body of the penis to dry.
  • The bathroom with baking powder. Can be carried out as soon as for the genital organ and the whole body. The application of the baths improves blood circulation and prevents the formation of inflammation. With this method, a guaranteed effect.
  • Compresses with Soda. The size of the male sexual organ to help more after just a few applications. The use of compresses, as one of the most effective recipes helps to achieve the first results already after 2-3 days.

To doubt while other representatives of the stronger sex, if the Penis is at home, you can try a couple of hours according to the methods – they are completely harmless in compliance with all regulations. The method you choose – be it home remedies, vacuum pump, Extender or surgery is directly related to the willingness of the man.