How to enlarge his Penis with the help of Soda


In the world there are men, the refuse of the increase of your manhood proven method. There are a variety of ways to help, with such a delicate Problem and restore confidence in themselves.

Soda Penis Enlargement

In spite of the really effective and effective methods of penis enlargement, the representatives of the stronger sex on the lookout for new ways to help, with an increase in in a shorter amount of time, with maximum efficiency.

Lately, an interesting way to enlarge the Penis with the help of baking soda appeared. Some reviews of the men suggest that the Soda has on the growth of the Penis, making it to a couple of inches. If this is actually?

Is worthwhile to understand in more detail how baking soda affects the growth of the Penis and works it at all? In addition, we must not figure to increase to whom is this method suitable.

Soda for penis enlargement

Baking soda is known to every people since the childhood. It is widely used in relation to the everyday, almost always used when baking pastries. However, the practice of the modern world, on this wonderful properties of the powder to the end.

It turns out that the powder helps to just be able to replace their in-house pharmacy, in order to get rid of many diseases, but also an enlargement of the Penis.

It is not necessary to say that baking soda increases the male Organ, it is only a substance which penetrating in human body, in the blood to dilute. How this ability helps the growth of the Penis?

  • The reviews of the men suggest that therapy provides Soda during exercise for penis enlargement on the free passage of blood inside the body, especially in the male.
  • As a result, during the various training units, the dangerous formation of blood clots, for example, Clamping, she is simply irreplaceable.

That is, if we analyze guest reviews, baking powder promotes the maximum effect from the Training, whereby the Penis growth is accelerating, and the emergence of minimize a variety of internal complications.

But the doctors make such a point of view, in spite of the many positive feedback from men, and believe that the therapy Soda "kills" the stomach, for serious health problems, and then Penis in the background.

As baking powder?

In spite of the opinion of the doctors, you need to find, as men have positive results with the help of such a powder.

It is noteworthy that men claim that this method helps the Penis enlarge to 1-2 cm in only a month, and just to prove your words, show your photo results.

There are some ways of taking bicarbonate of soda, which is able to accelerate the growth of the Penis:

Penis Soda
  1. The first method includes receiving half a teaspoon per day. The powder must be dissolved in warm water (250 ml) and drink immediately after the main meal.
  2. The second method States that the desired effect is not helps, a small quantity of Soda, and you would like to be added to 250 ml of water 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda.
  3. The third method, a step increase in the volume of the powder way. First, a bit of baking powder, gradually increase the amount to a teaspoon dissolve in 250 ml.

Despite the fact that in this way, you can make your Penis Feedback on it, pretty contradictory. Some representatives of the stronger sex do not claim that the sex organ will grow, but the pain in the stomach.

Other men claim the opposite, saying that food-powder for the growth of the Penis is a panacea, thanks to him, many Penis were not the impact of the negative effect on the body.

Situations in which the use of baking soda is not advisable and dangerous for the health:

  • Hyperacidity of the stomach.
  • If a man has a history of Diabetes mellitus.
  • Malignancies.
  • Reduced acid content of the stomach.

If the representatives of the stronger sex there is at least one contraindication, it is better to refrain from this method. You can the attention to other methods, such as vacuum-pump, on the threshold of the body, stimulates their growth, whereby the member increases in volume.

Not less effective is a specialized cream, consisting of potent herbal components that contribute to the formation of new cells inside the corpora cavernosa as a result, the organ a few inches.


In view of the fact that there is no clear answer whether it is possible with the help of Soda Penis, and it is true, it promotes the growth of his Penis, it is advisable to combine the intake of soda and exercise Clamping.

Clamping (from the English. Cable clamp terminals solid) – the essence of the exercise is the terminal of the external veins, whereby the blood flows freely in the sexual organ, but the outflow is not happening, or done, but minimal. Characteristics of the technique:

  1. For Training need a locksmith or automotive-hose pinch clamps, the Penis, in particular its base.
  2. At the beginning, in this state, you can minutes not more than 5.
  3. Time frame of classes is increasing gradually, and can be up to 40 minutes.
  4. During the training, they have to move constantly, even when the man feels discomfort.

It is worth noting that this exercise promotes LK the growth of muscles and virility without the use of baking powder. In this connection, since the properties of the Soda can not do without demonstrated for the growth of the Penis, from its recording by all the attention pursuits.

For the preservation of the long-term effect, Clamping you need to practice every day for several months. If there are no unjustified breaks in, the observance of the recommendations for the training, you can make your Penis by 2-3 inches for 5-7 months.

Bath with Soda

Finally, it is important to say that baking powder is a questionable method to increase the genital organ, therefore, it is not take the risk and prefer to have a truly effective and proven methods, such as Clamping, specialized cream, vacuum pump, Extender, and much more. Interesting Video in this article also offers interesting possibilities for increase of the member.