How fast is the improvement of the potency?

Quite often the problems with potency are meeting now. There are many reasons for the decrease in potency. This can occur due to obesity, prolonged sexual abstinence, Diabetes mellitus, diseases of the circulatory System Impact on the potency and can Smoking excessive consumption of alcohol or tobacco, lack of exercise. Potency a very positive impact on the quality of life of every man. Therefore, very many people are concerned about the question of how quickly the improvement of the potency.

First of all, you need to pay attention to your diet, because it plays a great role in the sexual life of every man. Also, you should give up bad habits that only worsen the Problem, in the context of a reduction in potency. There is a wide selection of medicines, with which it is possible to increase the potency. It is also possible, on the resources of traditional medicine.

Folk remedies for the quick increase in potency

Folk remedies for the quick increase in potency

The main rule is a healthy way of life. In order to improve the potency, have to get used to the morning exercise. The consumption of alcohol and Smoking, as these factors play an important role in reducing the potency. Folk remedies, potency increase, harmless to health.

Nice possibility for a fast increase in the potency of consumption of natural black coffee. It is important not to overdo it. An excellent method is the use of the tincture of the herb Ginseng and Eleutherococcus. The effect need:

  1. On the bottom of the cups of liquid to 1 drop of tincture to add.
  2. Every day, an increase of the dosage and drop-wise add.
  3. On the 28 day 28 drops add.
  4. The course of treatment should last 3 months.

This recipe must not those men be suffering used in cardiovascular diseases.

How fast is the recovery of erectile function? The national medicine advises water applications. Dial 2 Containers Of Water. In a the cold water should be warm, in the other. Alternately have to dive in a tank for half an hour. Such procedures should be repeated for two weeks. After a break and repeat again.

For lovers of relaxing treatments for the restoration of the potency recommended, take you pin a bath with the addition of broth fir. For the manufacture of drugs necessary:

  1. pine cones pour the liquid and send them on a slow fire;
  2. Cook for one hour;
  3. move on a half-day with a tight lid;
  4. after this time, filtered and paste in the tub.

To quickly potency to restore, you can a decoction of Dubrovnik. For its preparation follows:

  • 5 tablespoons of dry plant you pour a Cup of boiling water;
  • wait 45-50 minutes;
  • the drugs are four times a day 50 ml for two weeks.

To quickly find the potency increase for men, a decoction of calamus. For its preparation needs:

  • 20 G of roots pour a glass of boiling water;
  • let the broth to 8-9 hours;
  • 30 ml apply three times a day before eating.

To strengthen potency, you can only use the fresh roots of the plant.

How quickly a potency to lift without harm to health? In this case, the nettle helps. For the preparation of effective resources that you need:

  • the seeds of the nettle crushing until the state of the powder and add a glass of wine;
  • the whole mass mix well and add honey.

This Tool you need to taking a half an hour before bedtime with a teaspoon. No less effective means with nettles in the composition the preparation of the salad. In its composition, nettle, egg, and young onions.

Increased effectiveness in the case of chronic fatigue syndrome

Increased effectiveness in the case of chronic fatigue syndrome

If the reason for the decrease in potency is used is chronic fatigue, in this case, help you to strengthen bath with the addition of Bay leaf. The benefits of this recipe on the cooking sheets Bay leaf. The Infusion is in the typical bathroom. Duration of the application of this method not more than half an hour.

If the house has not appeared Bay leaf, then replace it with a decoction of chamomile. It has the same properties, therefore, also quickly increases the potency. In addition to such baths of Yoga recommended.

Products that increase potency

Diet plays a very important role in the sexual life of the male sex. To enhance the potency need to eat right. Any man who has faced such a Problem, it must the fruits of your decision-making for the sea. It is a natural source of zinc. This trace element plays an important role in increasing the male potency. Therefore, it is necessary to how to get more Protein foods. These products include eggs, nuts, dairy products, meat, fish. Also do not neglect the consumption of seeds and legumes.

It is important to eat is fresh fruit and vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals. In the preparation of all dishes welcome the addition of fresh herbs, especially parsley. In the preparation of salads, they fill you will need vegetable oil, because it is the source of a whole complex of vitamins.

For the improvement of potency must add spices in tea and coffee. You can use cinnamon or ginger. These spices stimulate the potency and improves the General condition of the man.

For dessert, you can use the honey with nuts. It is not only delicious and healthy, but also significantly increases the potency. To do this, you need to be as small as possible, chop the walnuts and add honey. Take 1 tablespoon three hours before bedtime.

If you use at least one of these recipes, better, and the whole complex, then you can very quickly improve the potency and not to harm your health

It is important to avoid the consumption of such foods:

  • Sausage and sausages;
  • Mayonnaise and Ketchup;
  • smoked;
  • too salty to eat;
  • carbonated drinks.

You can use the special Cocktails, to increase the potency. Their action aims to increase the testosterone level. For the preparation of this Cocktail you need to mix eggs, a glass of tomato juice with 3 quail, and a pinch of salt.

The most important medicine

 The most important medicine

So you increase the potency? In medicine there are many medications that can help you quickly improve the potency. To include these drugs:

  • the firming preparations;
  • Preparations with a basis of johibina;
  • Drugs on the Basis of kantaridina.

Such means significantly increase blood flow to the Penis the relaxation of smooth muscles promote. The vessels of the corpora cavernosa to dilate, causing the increase of the potency. The most important advantage of such resources, the increase of the already existing erection. They create an artificial sexual desire.

Such agents include:

  • Viagra;
  • Levitra;
  • Cialis.

The effect of the drug from 4 hours up to days. The dosage and frequency of administration prescribes only a doctor, based on the age of the patient and a General disease.

It is important to know that the increase in potency with the help of such drugs is impossible to to allergies Angina pectoris, heart rhythm disorders, or pitch.

The execution of the exercise

A deterioration in the functioning of the reproductive organs, Stagnation of trade in the pelvic area. To remedy the situation, you can at home through physical exercises. Effective a Massage of the prostate is, but he should lessons be carried out only by a specialist or Video. Incorrectly executed Massage can cause harm to the health.

To effective physical exercises:

1. Arch. You need to lie on your back and lift the pelvis, without the shoulders off the floor.

2. Rotation. To keep the legs shoulder-width apart. To perform the pelvic circular movements with the maximum possible Amplitude of the movement.

3. Crouching. Legs point to the width of the shoulders. When you exhale into the squat, and inhale back to the starting position.

Very effectively, the implementation of the exercises in the domestic cone. This training program aims to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. After the treatment, the improvement of the entire genitourinary system. The execution of the exercises requires no special training. The implementation of the method is as follows:

1. At the Moment, men need to water emission for a few seconds, interrupted several times to relax and resume urination. However, you must keep in mind that the muscle was tense. Similar training is very useful to have a stable erection.

2. Increase sexual activity and the erection of the posture of the butterfly or the Cobra helps. This exercise improves the muscle tone.

3. The training with the breathing. They promote an increase in the flood of blood to the Penis. It is up to each man offers you a normal erection.

To understand how to get to the exercises described, you can see Video Tutorials.

Special Body Exercises

On the potency of way of life has a strong impact. The difficulties of a sexual nature do not arise in this part of the male sex, living a regular sex life, do not abuse alcohol and Smoking, lead an active life.

Therefore, the potency increase promote morning Jogging, walking and other physical activities. The effectiveness of such training significantly on the effectiveness of stimulants. Such a burden in a natural way, they enter into the blood circulation and the blood circulation increase not only the Penis, but also all the other organs.

From the aforesaid, one can draw the conclusion that for a quick boost of potency should, above all, a healthy life. It is important to abandon the use of harmful foods. No strong physical stress promote the circulation of the blood, which significantly increases the potency. In the case of the application of drugs need to consult with a specialist before you receive it.