Enlargement of the Penis: non-surgical methods

Small cock – the most widespread male phobia. Really size has a meaning? If clear, the sex organ talk is a mirror image of the sexual possibilities representatives of a strong half of mankind. And the fact that the Penis can be smaller than "must", causing anxiety and self-doubt. Usually such fears are unfounded. But what to do if you want to prevent that you live in?

Penis without surgery

Most men unhappy with the size of your Penis. Some believe that they add to the length, the other volume. But the perfect settings. Determine how much sex organ to grow during the erection, you can only empirically. Often impressive caliber in a calm state, does not guarantee Extreme indicators in the excitation.

According to the medical reference works, is the largest Penis has a length of more than 33 and a volume of nearly 15 centimeters. But it is a rare deviation in size. Statistical studies in different countries showed that the average length of the organ is 13-15 cm

The main feature of fears of triggering desire for sex to increase organ, lies in its intimacy. Men not you discussed with any of the doctors nor with each other. Lasting satisfaction that leads to severe mental and physiological pathology. Psychologists say that fear in connection with the reproductive organs, often require the emergence of situational impotence.

Another reason reverent attitude to masculinity – the desire to compete. Each representative of the stronger sex want to be "faster, higher, stronger" its rivals, and the Libido is in the list of "sports".

I can safely enlarge Penis dimensions? On this question there is no clear answer. Most experts agree that the changes are really visible just after the surgery. But for the sake of preservation of the neutrality and taking into account the diversity of possibilities it is worth checking, and other, conservative methods. In order to protect the selection of the afflicted, and at the same time of doubtful step, those who do not need such Manipulation.

Non-surgical methods

Pomp. The use of a vacuum pump and enables an immediate, but short-lived result. The essence of this method consists in the action of the pressure change on the circulation of the blood. The Penis is pumped into a flask, from which the entire air. It is in the authority, a larger amount of blood and the erection is not increased. For the fixation of the filling tail silicone or rubber ring is squeezed

Vacuum pump intended for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. You can not be abused. Among the unpleasant consequences of the use of such a device, darkening of the skin (microscopic bleeding), edema, decrease of potency, violations.

Extender. The name translated for this unit is "stretch". The principle of Operation the mechanical action on the genital organ by stretching, stimulates tissue growth. Really, the effect of such exercises is proven, but for the achievement of even a small increase, you must use the device for many years.


Cons of using extenders are on Hand – there is a high probability that severe tissue damage in case of incorrect execution of the exercises and the violation of blood flow, resulting in sexual impotence. The same disadvantages are inherent and techniques, based on the effect of the ilizarov frame. Elongation by suspended loads or with the help of manual therapy, you should for the treatment of patients with strong curvature of the Penis or on the extension of the foreskin, but not to enlarge Penis at home.

Drugs. Sure that you pay attention to the wealth of promotional information about the "miracle" ointments, creams or tablets, with which the desired result after just a few days. Doctors categorically claim that it is fraud. Such drugs not in the Arsenal pharmacologists.

Most of the drugs. on the Basis of herbs that have a positive effect on the potency or erectile function

It is important to know that tangible evidence penis enlargement, there are the above ways. The positive effect of hypnosis is the only self.

If the Problem is not fictitious, and by the advice of specialists, you should have the surgery.

Surgical Options

Strain. Such surgery can significantly the size of the organ increase as a result of the circumcision of the bands with which he is at the pool attached. This voltage is attenuated and visible to the hidden part of the organ. After the procedure, the application Extender or other device, elongation of the Phallus, and must not be allowed to grow together cruciate ligament. In General, the rehabilitation time is 5-6 months.

Thickening. It is a very expensive Operation. For the achievement of the long-term effect and to avoid suppuration, a special implant – Allograft. The price is not less than five thousand dollars. Tissue genetically bad body is transplanted in the shaft of the Penis and turns into the skin of the latter. As a result, the diameter increases, but it can be a cause of various serious health consequences.

Before you click on any of the above methods, think about the necessity of change in his genital organ. From a medical point of view, the pathology can not be considered, if the size of the Penis in an erect state, reaches 8 cm. In all other cases, the Problem of the invention. Every man for himself determines the standard.

In reference works, that the ends of the nerves, the Stimulation orgasms caused in women in the vagina are located at a shallow depth (7-10 cm). Therefore, the statement of a famous sexologist, and a Professor of psychology is currently: "When you measure the dimensions of your Penis is the tool that you used, not ruler, but a feeling, which requires a confirmation of the self-esteem."

how to enlarge his Penis

If the dissatisfaction with a particular institution does not interfere, it is better to take the advice of a psychotherapist. You explain the cause of the problem, it helps to be more effective than questionable methods to change the Penis.