The Operation according to the increase of the penis: surgical methods of penis enlargement

Many men are unhappy with the length of your Penis. First, you try a Problem at home with the help of non-surgical techniques. Some manage to achieve the desired result. And those who have not helped the pump and the nozzles, opt for more radical methods, resorting to plastic surgery.

the Operation according to the increase of the member

Surgical intervention allows to increase sex organ and make it thicker by the extraction of the hidden part of the organ to the outside.

The surgery is a simple and quick procedure. It is performed under General anesthesia. Doctors dissect ligaments Penis and give up to 2.5 inches hidden part of the Penis. About as much Phallus extended with the help of the Extender. The sutures heal by 10-14 days, the new bond is formed within 90 days.

Properties of operations

A part of the Penis 3-5 centimeters hiding in shame. The Operation according to the increase of the member, the enlarge Penis with the help of the transection of the ligaments. In him the Implantation of a special Matrix, the rapid growth of the connective tissue. In addition, by separating the broad ligament of the stimulated cell regeneration.

This allows a new Position of the body and attach to crack it with the help of new confirmed bands. After the surgery, also wear Extender must remain, by the Lig in the desired Position and does not return to its original place. Lose weight it will only be possible if the tapes are woven around a new condensed connective.

Also, the Operation thickening of the Penis is performed. They are considered to be easier and without the blood, since, with the help of the injections, devices, or fat tissue of the patient.


Before the Operation, to get a full investigation requires possible response to the allergens, and to find out whether there are no contra-indications.

The Patient meets with the surgeon, the urologist, share the blood and urine tests. The blood of the man by the HIV infection, Hepatitis, and determine the blood group and Rhesus-factor.

Can't be operated on, if any of the following complaints:

  • Problems in the urogenital system.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Infectious Disease.
  • The Problem with blood clotting.
  • Diabetes mellitus and oncological diseases.

If all analyses in Norm and no identified contraindications, the Operation according to the increase of the member is for any time. Before surgery do not eat or drink.

The end of the treatment

In the operating room, a man to do General anesthesia. His body relaxed, he falls asleep slowly, and the doctors prepare him for surgery. For 40-60 minutes had the doctors time, dissect the superficial wrinkles. It is very important not to the second fold, more powerful.

Further, the vertical skin incision in the area of the scrotum. Sv procedure doctors observed on the monitors, it allows you to make small cuts to scars were minimal.

The Recovery Phase

If during the Operation, errors were made or the Patient is ill-prepared for the procedure, during the recovery phase, you may encounter some complications.

In the first months after the procedure, the bleeding in the area of the cut, the wound, the infection can get to. Also, the Patient may feel pain during erection, and decreases the sensitivity of the head and swelling last longer than necessary.

The most common complications are:

  • The tilt of the Penis to the front or downwards during erection.
  • The weakness of the membership in the case of friction.
  • Remove, bend and Deformation of the fuselage sexual organ.
  • Problems with the erection.

To avoid complications, it is necessary to carefully, the clinic and the surgeon. Trust only an experienced doctor who knows completely, and has the technique of penis enlargement.

How can you make your Penis Operation

Increase Phallus op-method can be on 3-5 centimeters, depending on the physiology of the patient, and the structure of its authority. But, if you do not wear in the recovery phase Extender, the Penis back to its normal size.

After surgery member is increased by 1-2 centimeters, more of 1.5-2.5 inches of the wearing the device for about two months. Wear it every day, the first after 1-2 hours, gradually increasing the time up to 8 hours.

Transaction types

Depending on the methodology chosen, the size can be changed to:

  • on 1 square centimetre of injections;
  • to 1, 5 inches device;
  • to 3 inches — skeletal Implantation.

The cases In which a surgical Intervention

Don't RUB the doctor's surgery in all cases. If a man with normal size Penis, but it is considered to be small due to the psychological factors, the doctor will stop him from surgery. Such customers show a Video from a place of events. As soon as the man sees with his own eyes, what do you do when the method, it passes in the rule.

But there are cases in which doctors insist that the Operation according to the increase of the member:

  • Malformation of the urethra;
  • incorrect structure or curvature of the Penis;
  • the compaction of the materials;
  • anatomical structure;
  • excess subcutaneous fatty tissue;
  • hidden or membranous genital organ.

The surgery for penis extension and the various methods

Lately, the operation enjoys great popularity among the representatives of a strong half of mankind.

Such a treatment is not practically lead to complications, is fast, and man is allowed to go home literally the next day after the surgery after the increase of the Penis. However, patients with problems of erectile function, the Operation is forbidden to do.

The essence of the method is to remove the tapes. According to the anatomical structure of the Phallus, its portion hidden inside the intimate. It holds inside is through a special bands, which are cut during the procedure.

This allows you to bring the member to the outside 1-2 inches. After the man moved away from the anesthesia, him by the tail undergo a special orthopedic apparatus — Extender that can be worn during the entire recovery phase. This allows a new connection to be created. Cock in this way for longer and longer at 3-5 centimeters.

Thickening of the Penis by surgery

There are cases when the Phallus of the man is of normal length, but a correction of its width. Doctors claim that this will help change the sexual life of men. There are several methods of thickening member.

Lipofilling is a surgery for penis extension, while in the fatty tissue under the skin injected. At the same time, liposuction is the suction of fat with other places of the patients. Fat is injected around the member of a special needle. Such a procedure allows for thicker Phallus, about 1 centimeter.

This process is not complicated, and recover much easier and faster than of cavitary surgery.

However, the effect of the thickener will not remain forever, so that in the case of the return of the authority, in its original Form, the Manipulation must be repeated.

The Transplantation of muscle tissue is considered to be difficult surgery. For this you need a cloth to take of the forearm or fascia of the abdominal wall. This tissue to the Penis and sutured vessels to your blood. Such manipulations allow you to increase the diameter of the institution on 3-4 centimeters.


Prosthetics is the case of the sex-change operation and after certain medical criteria. Only for penis enlargement procedure not use.

Dentures is irreversible causes of impotence:

  • Atherosclerosis of the arteries of the member;
  • Fibrosis of the corpora cavernosa;
  • Peyronie's Disease;
  • Complications after injury to the Penis.

The treatment of the Phallus the conventional method, if such reasons do not give a positive result. Therefore, the doctor decides on the Implantation of certain devices in sexual Organ of men. Prosthesis is injected into the cavity of the organ. They are semi-rigid and hydraulic.

Elastic prostheses are more than cheap and reminiscent of a long rod silicone, in the area of the arrangement of the cavernous body after the extension. Such a prosthesis holds the Phallus in erection.

Also, the Installation of the core with a Memory effect. It consists of a metal rod made of a special alloy, which allow you to take the Penis in the relaxed state.

Augmentation by Transplantation of muscle

Such a procedure refers to the surgical Intervention. This is a new expensive procedure, which makes the Penis is much thicker. The surgery will be for 3 hours under General anesthesia. The surgeon cuts a member of the circle and pulls him down.

After that, in the entire tissue layers of the armpit or fascia of the abdominal wall. After the substance has been registered, the foreskin margins back and sutured.


The first week the man is in a hospital under the supervision of a physician. Pain in the groin can keep within 20-25 days, therefore, it is very important to your health to watch. The disadvantage of this method can be called, a Trauma, a long period of Rehabilitation and the possibility of development of side effects.