Penis at home: methods, reviews

For every man from the age of puberty, his sexual organ is the innermost part of the body. The relationship with the Penis is always perceived to be very serious and some funny set to the address of masculinity, as a deadly insult. Therefore, the question about the size of the penis is especially important for the representatives of the stronger sex, as rarely a man will not him would do a lot more. There are a variety of techniques on how to enlarge the Penis, but not all of them are effective, while some also pose a threat to the health of the men.

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Exercises for penis enlargement

One of the most popular ways to call can exercises for penis enlargement. Such exercises there are very many, and every man can choose the most suitable for the complexity and the duration of the execution of the technique. Special exercises for enlarging the Penis are among the methods on how to enlarge Penis at home, this makes the selection is very convenient for the men.

Before you start with the exercises that need a special preparation:

  • Choose a place where no one will disturb or distract you. Exercises for penis enlargement require concentration;
  • Dip a soft cloth in warm water, wring out and wrapped them in a member for three minutes;
  • For best results, repeat this process 2 or 3 times;

Exercises for penis enlargement, his expansion, and increase the erection. Stretching techniques be relaxed and the erection of the Penis. Each man can appropriate technology in the Internet or literature. The success of this method is the regularity. Disadvantages the duration of this procedure, the enlargement of the Penis and the need to find free time to run it.


The following method how to enlarge Penis, is the Massage. The effect by improving the micro-circulation in the tissue of masculinity:

  • To practice Massage, is one of the methods, how to enlarge Penis at home, and the means — available to everyone;
  • You do not need any additional fixtures;
  • If you follow exactly the instructions, how to enlarge his Penis Massage, then the risk of side effects is eliminated;
  • In addition to the extension of the Penis in men, sexual endurance improves potency;
  • Great choice of accommodation-techniques you can choose the most effective for every man;
  • For best results, Massage and cream for penis enlargement can combine;

The main disadvantage of this method is the large expenditure of time for its performance.

Creams and ointments

To increase a very popular way to of manhood in the last time, the cream is for penis enlargement. A wide range of these resources offers a selection for every taste and budget. Penis enlargement is by the action of the active components of the cream on his shit. Mechanism of action they are separated:

  1. Cream for penis enlargement short-acting. The effect lasts for a few hours. To apply better just before the sexual intercourse. The best Option, how quickly the Penis;
  2. Cream Duration Of Action. The effect occurs after some time after regular use. The manufacturer promises a long-term increase in the length and volume of the Penis;
  3. A tool to enlarge the Penis. Use this cream in combination with exercises, massages, or other methods for penis enlargement. Independent application of this cream is inefficient;
Methods of penis enlargement

Before applying the cream or ointment for penis enlargement, be sure to read the instructions. Itching or redness of the skin on the Penis can be a Manifestation of allergies. In this case, it is better to renounce the use of these funds. The main disadvantage of this method is, how to enlarge your Penis, are the high costs. A high quality cream or ointment in Sex Shops are expensive, and the use of cheap products is not only inefficient, but also dangerous for the health.


Enlargement of the Penis with the help of a vacuum pump is quite common today. This unit is also used for the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction. Vacuum pump for penis enlargement is an oval-shaped plastic cylinder with a pump for pumping the air. Penis enlargement is as follows:

  • First on sex organ auxiliary-cream;
  • Member in the cylinder and pumping the air with the aid of a pump. The pressure can control a built-in pressure gauge;
  • Under the pressure of the air in the cavity to expand the spaces of the corpora cavernosa, and produces an additional blood flow, as a result, the length and girth of the Penis is enlarged;

The disadvantage of these methods of penis enlargement is its short duration. Procedures should be directly before the sexual intercourse.

The use of Extender

Another means of penis enlargement using extenders. The mechanism of their action consists in the resistance of the tissue at a given weight. The weight can vary from 400 to 1100 grams. The increase in the volume and the length as a compensatory response of the organism to the action of the weight. Extenders for penis enlargement are one of the long-term methods, their effect remains for a long time. With these devices one can eliminate also the curvature of the Penis. However, for the achievement of a positive result Extender must apply regularly and for quite a long time. According to the configuration of the devices:

  • Extender belt;
  • Extender Loop Type;
  • Universal Extender;

Wrong application Extender for penis enlargement can lead to injury of the foreskin.


The most effective way to really Penis surgery. To overcome not every man can make your fear of doctors, but with the decision for the Operation to increase the member, you will receive a good result. All surgical interventions are divided into three groups:

  • Surgery to increase penis length;
  • The Operation according to the increase in the size;

The Operation to increase the penis length is by undercutting the ligaments of the Penis. The surgeon uses a Y-shaped or vertical incision. In this way, the Penis of the man add of about 4 cm. After the surgery, the member during erection is longer than a horizontal Position. After the Operation, you may need to wear this Extender.

The increase in the thickness of the Penis surgically is a widely used method. Fat tissue of the patient (usually from the thigh-area), administered subcutaneously in the Penis. The choice of methodology in the majority of cases, depends on the financial possibilities of the man, as well as the presence or absence of medical contraindications.

For better illustration you can see a Video of the Operation according to the increase of the member on the Internet.

Penis enlargement

Before any of the methods of penis enlargement, ensure that it really is effective and not dangerous for your health.