How to enlarge Penis - easy ways without surgery

Good Day, Dear Readers! Let us sober look at the reality: most of the adult men dissatisfied with the size of your Penis. According to the statistics, increase the own would dream 8 out of 10 guys. Some see it as almost not a Problem of the whole of life, lose the internal security and sexuality, acquire complex and thousands of problems in relations with the opposite sex. The idea that we have to change something urgently in his body, which gradually becomes an Obsession. But only a few men opt for radical actions, the agreement on surgical procedures.

how to enlarge his Penis

Operation – fun unsafe and too expensive, that is why it is advisable to other ways of Penis in the home and not fraught with serious consequences.

How can you make your Penis for a few months at home

Amazing, but more often the Problem with small Penis size be owner-fetched. Men, Penis length up to eight inches in an excited state, can not survive: your sex organs corresponds to the normal range. But often people that tend to be quite "Standard dimensions" (12 to 16 cm long and 3-4 cm in circumference during erection), think about the increase of the member. I can, to really significant results, and make your "friend" is thicker or longer, without resorting to surgery?

There are several possibilities, the influence on the value of the male sexual organ. In comparison with the op method, you are not different in efficiency. In addition, the effect is not guarantee at least one of them to a hundred percent. And yet the practice is the application of the methods to adjust the size of the Penis says about good results in case of persistent desire to achieve this goal. To the Penis, it is advisable, at the same time, several of the below mentioned options:

  • Massage technique of Jelqing;
  • Mounting of the cargo;
  • Extender and vacuum pump;
  • a variety of medications and natural remedies.

Jelking: a simple technique of exercises for penis enlargement

So, in short, about each of the methods one after the other. For hundreds of years the men of the Asian regions, the ancient technique of Jelqing use, the essence of which is special effects on the Penis. The main thing is that during such a Massage, how easy squeezing and milking that cock was in a state of maximum erection. The secret is that it reinforced the processes of blood circulation occur in half - "lazy" organ. Massage, movement of the hands, when the head helps to the bottom, the cavernous body stretching, components of sexual organ. The Training should be regular and prolonged: every day no less than 20-30 minutes. In the course of time, the corpora cavernosa is stretched, and the excitement when the blood flows to the testicles and Penis, tail is greater. The most popular are the two variations of the Jelqing exercises:

  1. The Technique Of "Milking". Pre-heating of the body with the warm Sack of salt, or slight abrasion, closing of the Penis to the base. Took him in to the tight Ring, stretching upward to the head. Start with 30-40 movements approach.
  2. The technique of "strong grip". Palm of your hand, firmly compress the Penis jamming, and in the course of 10-15 seconds. You do the exercise should be with force, but if the painful sensation does not stop, so as not to damage the soft tissue.

What has a greater length and thickness of the member is

The second method of Penis at home without surgery and pain Rehabilitation – the mounting of loads.

It is worth noting that there are tables of the trauma and not conducive to a change in the thickness of the organ.

The principle of operation is identical with the previous method, and consists in the stretching of the corpora cavernosa Tel. Only if jelking means the elongation of the Penis by Massage-exposure, the hanging of goods to the increase in the size of manhood is by the world's laws of physics:

  • Penis crush, slightly rubbed.
  • More fasten the patch in front of the head and secure with a dense thread.
  • On the string a small weight (start with 20-30 grams), and leave it for 15 minutes.
  • Each time, meeting time, and the weight of the cargo. The main thing – not to the test during the procedure, sensations of numbness.

Other gentle ways to get your Penis at home, can be considered the application of special devices in the category of the intimate goods. Various extenders and pumps buy today is as easy as going to the store to buy bread. The benefit of these devices is to guarantee a long-lasting result, however, is the use of equipment costs a lot of free time and is causing discomfort. Looped, vacuum or belt Extender (they differ according to the way of fastening and the cost) to carry a few hours of the day. From the constant voltage, the member is nothing else than the increase of a few centimeters for 3-4 weeks of application.

Similar to acts, and a vacuum pump. More Pump is reminiscent of the device is a cylinder in which placed masculinity. To empty the air from inside, that pressure creates high and vacuum stimulates blood stream. For convenient application, Penis preferably with special grease.

Folk remedy for male virility and penis enlargement

Penis enlargement also make use of the means, bioactive additives, a variety of creams and Sprays. On the effectiveness of the application of the latest opinions of the users apart, ambiguous about it and experts. In combination with exercises, the effects of external medicines to a greater extent fruits. And given the multitude of similar resources, the men, the selection of the most appropriate remains, according to the method of application, price and personal preferences.

Among the natural remedies, with which it is inexpensive Penis at home, it is worth noting the following:

  • Herbal teas. The use of the beverage, the nutrients of Ginseng, ginger, hawthorn, and other masculinity, plants, tones, relaxes, has a positive effect on the blood circulation.
  • Decoction of garlic and parsley. A Cup of water 2 cloves of garlic required-toes, boil on low heat for 15-20 minutes. Before eating the broth, put 2 tbsp. L. shallow green. Drink every day before going to sleep.
  • Regular consumption of walnuts with honey. Recipe for men: Kernel milling 5-6 walnuts finely and mix with honey, eat 1 teaspoon before Breakfast and dinner.

A list of all the Folk remedies that help the Penis is not possible. If you believe the reviews, some of them really help to achieve the desired long-term outcome with a small embezzlement. And yet, in the pursuit of the ideal size, it is important not to forget the health. Love yourself, and then your dick in the literal sense of masculinity and pride, regardless of the inches.