Penis pump - how Penis increases as you

Men who are ready to make their sex organ longer, but it will not be solved, for a surgery, can help, a special pump. This device increases the blood flow to the intimate place, limiting the possibilities in the bed. Tail always greater, what pleases, and the man and his partner.

how to enlarge his Penis

The principle of operation of the pump

After learning about the existence of the dimensions of the Penis pump increase, the men first want to learn the principle of operation. As already mentioned, the device is several times increases the blood circulation in the area of the sexual organs. Because of this, the following effects are:

  • Increased filling of the corpora cavernosa. Exactly the result that one member is greater. The effect takes place simultaneously with the departure of the erection. If you pump regularly, then the chances of prolonged fixation of the result increases significantly.
  • Enhanced Erections. The condition is achieved by the increased inflow of blood in the genital area. Due to this stand of recovering firm erections that will keep for a couple of hours.
  • Improved Blood Supply. This effect is due to the advent of artificial circulation of the biological fluid in the area of the location of the basin. Pump for the Transport of the blood is enhanced, thereby solving the Problem of blood circulation disorders solved. And it is an excellent preventive, proactive development of Prostatitis, and hemorrhoids.
  • The increase in the sensitivity. For this result of hyperemia of the tissue. The pump makes the sex intense and orgasm – bright.

Similar effects will be able to only those men, with the device in accordance with the instructions.

If in the course of committing the manipulation errors are allowed, you can be on the contrary.

Varieties Of Insulin Pumps

Pump for penis enlargement can be in different types. Each of them has its own peculiarities. The device consists of plastic bottles, to the ruler attached. In the package you will find a special nozzle seal, which help to create a vacuum.

In some models, there are additional elements in the Form of the regulatory authority or spuskovogo of the valve. There are such types of pumps, the increase in the male would be:

  1. Hand. To remove the air from the device that you want to use a bulb or a plunger. Manual pump is different from the availability and simplicity of use. Moreover, it allows to achieve the expected result, but you will need to try hard.
  2. Automatic. You have an electric pump, which quickly reduces the pressure on the piston. The device works, you need to the batteries. Penis enlargement is with the help of the pump is not required to make special efforts, as all manipulations are automatic.
  3. Water. This is a relatively new models. In them instead of air, the water is used. In the case of the light bulb, there is the cuff with the pump. The result of the application of this device is quite easy to reach. He is considered to be safer than other types of pumps.

In the selection of the suitable type of pump should not necessarily characteristics of the proposed models can be observed. This allows, the best Option to choose.

Pump for penis enlargement

Preparatory Steps

Before using the pump after use, should be trained. A long time before buying is advisable to consult a professional about the application possibilities of this device. The investigation in the clinic, to ensure that the safety increase Penis with his help.

Before the direct application of the device is necessary, wash it in warm water.

It is advisable that soap. Strictly forbidden to try to boil the water pump and pour it with boiling water, with the aim of decontamination.

These measures lead to damage to the device. You can also with 1 Tam-Tam, with multiple people, because it belongs to the category of the personal items.

You can use the device with caution, since it can be easily damaged. Do not store the pump in a dark place, where the temperature of the air rises above 35 degrees. Higher temperatures, for they can be devastating.

Application notes

If in a man there are indications for the use of the insulin pump, for example, problems with the blood circulation in the pelvic area, or dissatisfaction with the size of the member, so he can use the pass accuracy.

But before that, the instructions included with the respective model requires carefully.

In the application of the vacuum pump manual or automatic type, to comply with a such algorithm of actions:

  1. Genital organ, gently in the flask, after pressing is required, as close as possible to the body. Check the density with the help of the compression holes on Kolba.
  2. You hold the device, you need to click on the plunger or the bulb. If the electric pump, then you need to click on the appropriate valve for the actuation of the device in action. Should be vented.
  3. After about 30 seconds the Penis is red, appears to be the erection. In this Moment, the discharge of the pressure is effected by introducing air into the device. For that to happen, you need a special valve. Sometimes, you simply open the designated hole on the pump is connected.

As soon as the erection subsides a little, you need to again keep all of the above steps.

If the erection is very strong on the sexual Organ, to wear a particular sound. It's not blood-pressure Stream is quickly away from the Zone.

After the treatment, you need to carefully wash the device in warm water with soap.

Allows the use of another detergent which has disinfecting properties. Well, if it is for the care of the intimate Zone.

On a similar principle of hydraulics used in the pump for men. But in this case, follow these consistent stages:

Penis enlargement
  1. You need to get comfortable in the bath, in the PM, a sufficient amount of water. Requires the immersion in the you up to the level of the waist. In the warm water, it is desirable to have a few minutes to lie down, to a maximum of relax intimate area. This increases the effectiveness of the therapy.
  2. Pistons do not immerse the device by placing it in warm water and gently in a relaxed tail.
  3. Should swing a few manipulations, the removal of unnecessary Pomp air. Due to this, in the interior of an under-pressure. From the device also you should have the excess water removed with the help of the top of the capsule.
  4. If the pump makes enough volume, you need to relax and watch the force of the vacuum. If he's tired, you will have to repeat projecting Manipulation.

If a man the rules of application of the pumps for increasing the size and strength of manhood, that he will be able to make it a more of about 2-3 cm, It is quite a good result for those who are dissatisfied with the dimensions of their own Penis.

The cases In which a water pump may

Method for the enlargement of the organ by the action of the vacuum refers to the number of relatively safe. To practice unlike other options, it is men, the problems in the functioning of the heart. However, the pumps also have their contraindications, which are involved with the therapy.

If you do not follow the rules, man is faced with a number of side effects. We must immediately occur, the use of the pump, if all of the following unfavorable changes:

  • The emergence of injuries and bruising on the skin Pokrov intimate organ.
  • The strong reduction of the erection after the procedure with the device.
  • Reducing the sensitivity of the Penis.

The greatest attention should be paid to hematomas, which can occur in case of incorrect application of the device. If a man is injured, he should consult a specialist.

He prescribed medication for rubs, and local measures that help to eliminate. Such violations often reveal the presence of diseases in connection with the vessels. In the case of the action of the vacuum, they are damaged very quickly, therefore, the hematoma censored.

Completely, this technique is prohibited penis enlargement is for people, in which inflammatory processes in the urethra.

Strong blood flow only increases the symptoms of the pathology and lead to its rapid development. The same applies for men with a narrowing of the foreskin.

This diagnosis of the pump leads to the destruction of the tissues of the member, as soon as the Organ is filled heavily with blood.

Doctors insulin pumps men, a tendency to longer erections. give up recommend In the case of various diseases penis enlargement technique, considerable damage can cause. The device only increases the duration of the erected state.

To solve, In some cases, this is a Problem that only surgical Intervention can. If a man is not contraindicated effects on the genital organ of a vacuum, increase you follow all recommendations and regulations regarding the use of pumps, then he is able to the Penis by 2-3 cm in just a few sessions.


The member will be significantly larger, not only in length, but the diameter. A nice Bonus is that the partner must like, because he makes his sensations during the intimacy alive.