Can I have a Penis: is it possible to a myth or reality?

Many representatives of the stronger sex are particularly interested in, how does your manhood. Read pornography, read numerous intimate stories, thematic forums and Chats, we understand – who has always spoken of this, and size Matters.

how to enlarge his Penis

I can cease to be a member?

A lot of men know that the Penis is a myth. It is understandable. Advertising banners, pop-up-unclear wonder cream is where, Intrusive, offering to buy "", the virus, which is replete find similar websites – all of this only causes distrust. However, the answer to the question "is it possible to increase the size of sexual organ" — Yes, Yes and Yes! It is absolutely a real procedure. There are many effective methods, the effectiveness of which we discussed in this article.

How does it work? Myth or reality?

If you ointments or creams, is an increase in the blood circulation and the saturation of the cells with essential vitamins. If your path – lines with the help of physical exercises or fixtures, the fabric member is adapted to the values and gradual increase in the fabric structure. Some of the men quite successfully with surgical procedures.

Really, if the Penis by the application of creams and gels?

All drugs can be divided into three categories:

  1. Creams short-acting. It is necessary to put on a cock for a few minutes before sexual intercourse (effect lasts for a maximum of two hours). If you are worried before Sex – this is not what you need, you only increase a member, but also to strengthen erections.
  2. Long-term gels on the basis of the flood of blood. Used together with the exercises and the right diet. The action takes longer, the result is fixed. I can really see a Penis, with the help of such creams? In terms of real reviews, your woman purchased happy :).
  3. Supportive creams, only effective in conjunction with other methods. Does not increase the size but increase the effectiveness.


Whether it is possible to increase the size of the Penis this method? Various companies offer of men use the pills and biofuels for gasoline engines. The manufacturer promises an improvement of the sexual functions, prolonged erection and control the ejaculation, increase orgasm, and trust in their own strength, but also positive changes in the circumference of the member.

Before the pills you have, of course, has no contraindications, the composition – to one hundred percent. And as a Bonus you get an increase in sensitivity of the head and of the whole component. Medication about 4 months, a pill to take twice a day


Jelcing - called member stretch for its subsequent magnification. Before technique – simple, fast effect, no material investments.

  1. Before the workout you need to warm up your intimate place. You can take a shower, make a compress with warm water and go to class.
  2. Firmly but gently press the crown and a maximum of dragging the tail in the direction of yourself.
  3. After 5 minutes of relax, the blood circulation in the small Massage, repeat the exercise 4 times, while you have a cock in different directions. Do not forget to entertain!

With it, you can Penis about 2 — 2.5 cm enlarge.


Physical culture is not helping the Penis to enlarge, but to improve the health, and consequently the potency to clear. The effect you feel after a week. Starting with 10 repetitions of each task, gradually increasing the load. Standard exercises for increasing potency:

the resources for penis enlargement
  • Lying on your back, relax your hands and place them along the body, bend the legs and feet rested on the floor. You make a couple of moves her pelvis up and down.
  • Standing with a trimmed back, lower the hands down. To mimic feet, raised her knees high and pressed it to his belly.
  • In a standing Position, bend the knees a little. Crouching, bending and straightening them, put a strain on the muscles of the buttocks.


For the procedure, Penis Massage, make sure you use a lubricant. You bring the member up to the state of erection, take it with the fingers at the base of the trunk. They go back-and-forth movement to the head and back, increasing the Tempo. Thanks to this method, the blood is thicker tail, and drag him.

Constant training to a good result. For calming and relaxation member, you can circular Massage with moisturizer to do on the lawn.


Extender – orthopedic tool made of metal, plastic and silicone. The method of penis enlargement is the expansion of. Within a week of the game, bear in the fixing of special rods to 30 minutes. Gradually, the Rod will turn screwed out, for example: after 20 minutes of a centimeter, over the following 20 minutes – for another. The purpose of training is to gradually increase the load.

On finite levels, we recommend that you wear the Extender for about 4-6 hours a day or 2-3 hours several times a day.

To increase if it is possible, the size of the Penis with the Extender? Yes, the use of the tool allows you to enlarge Penis by 2-4 cm

To increase the Pomp and whether it is possible the the Penis apply?

Training with fanfares provide for improved blood circulation and elasticity of blood vessels, causing the Penis increases in length and thickness. Standard pump is sealed consists of a piston with a connected pump and Latex. Introducing a member of the piston inwardly, tightly clamping your body – only then will you achieve the desired effect. The first time you use do not keep the pump longer than 5 minutes. The optimal time for the subsequent exercises – 15-20 minutes. Shake the air out of the pump, they form a Zone of lower pressure to the Penis, which causes the blood supply.

I can be more sexual organ with water pump? For a long time will not work, but as one of the options to increase in the short term, directly in front of the Sex.


Can I increase penis size nozzles? Yes, but it is only temporary!

Many intimate shops offers a wide selection of nozzles in every size, color and shape. It is the best solution for men who want to increase Penis during intimacy without the cost. The nozzle guarantees a member increases a few inches, the erection is enhanced, but also prolongs sexual intercourse. The Material from which the device should be soft and elastic – you can use silicone or Latex. Penis with the aid of the nozzle – a temporary, but very interesting way.

exercises for a member

Traditional Methods

One of the ways of domestic penis enlargement is a wonderful honey-balm. Composition, prepared according to an ancient recipe that solves all of the problems with potency. It is easy to do at home: you will need half a Kilo of honey, crushed leaves of Aloe, and 500 G of dry wine.

Mix all the ingredients and let rest in a cool place for 5 days, then strain. Take a small spoon every time before eating. If you have the option of a parsnip – every day you eat 2-3 tablespoons (serve as a side dish or salad) or drink a half a Cup of Infusion made of the seeds of this plant.

Whether it is possible to enlarge your Penis traditional methods of various herbs and broths? No, of course. But tighten the potency can be very good.

To increase diet, and whether it is possible Penis eat right?

  1. A Positive impact on the health of the husband has a garlic eating cloves every day for some spice.
  2. Pumpkin seeds and honey – sit still in Russia, they were used as aphrodisiacs.
  3. You can drink carrot juice with honey and ginger, nuts food for some time before eating.
  4. Also on the increase in the potency of good sea influence on the fruit. Do not forget about the fish, chicken and quail eggs, and fruit and vegetables.

To increase the penis size through diet?

Penis-described methods are unlikely to succeed, but problems with erection and duration of sexual intercourse does not have to be accurate. Eat moderately – don't remember that being overweight is not conducive to a good potency and strong erection.


Surgical Intervention – penis enlargement surgically in General anesthesia. The duration of the Operation – about 20 minutes. The surgeon makes a small incision in the scrotum, open the specific fibers of the supporting ligaments, cuts her with a scalpel. The closed part of the Penis is pulled, fixed, and the wound sutured. The surgery creates the conditions for the enlargement of the Penis.

During the rehabilitation phase you must take antibiotics, carefully, the Hygiene, and also held a regular examination by a doctor. After the Operation, it is recommended that sexual acts, the on three weeks.

What could be the consequences?

If you have very long practice jelcing or Massage, your cock is darker, and the veins increase and a more noticeable. Sometimes you will notice the appearance of a small, similar to the prick spots on the head. Most of the Symptom is not dangerous for health and are independent of each other for a few days.

High risk for the consequences associated with the surgical intervention. After the surgery of increase of a member, a small increase in temperature can be observed. In the first time after the Operation, the bleeding can appear hematoma, infection, or long-lasting swelling. The sensitivity of the Penis can be increased or decreased, during the erection pain can occur. Sometimes the patient changes the angle of the erection (of the Penis doesn't look up and down or to the front).

traditional methods

Penis enlargement is not a myth, invented by advertising companies in search of Profit. Such funds there really is, and what method of enlargement decide, in its sole discretion. Beware of expired and fake goods, do not neglect the recommendations of the doctors and be happy life in your sex!