26 products that increase potency in men immediately, what a useful list increases your

You are viewing 26 products that increase potency in men, either immediately or in the shortest period of time.

They all contain a certain complex of necessary vitamins.

which products increase potency in men the list of the turnip

1. Oysters

Advantages that:

  • this product is the quick Finish delay helps in the bed;
  • stimulates the production of testosterone;
  • improves male health;
  • increases the Libido.

It is rumored that Casanova loved the Breakfast of 50 oysters in the morning and loved this food.

Not recommended for individuals with Gastritis or Diabetes.

2. Some Kinds Of Sea Fish

Especially draw:

  • Plaice (used in many species, with the exception of roasted, a positive impact on the combat readiness of the authority);
  • Mackerel , in the Form of cooked (increases the Libido, and male hormones, phosphorus).

Better the fish of the sea, as a river, because the Navy is more rich in nutrients and minerals.

3. Turnip


  • useful amino acids;
  • even sunflower seeds vegetables improve the Libido and the pleasure you feel.

Therefore, turnip and belongs to the list of products for potency in men, of useful, and easily accessible on the market.

Only it is not recommended for people with nervous system disorders or Hepatitis.

4. Lemon and orange


  • Fruits yellow and orange colors have Lutein, the level of testosterone in the blood.
  • which products increase potency in men the list of lemon
  • They stress the male Libido.

5. The stomach of the camel

The stomach of the camel called Description.

Enough, you take it in advance of intimacy, and the effect is not long to wait.

The only downside is, only to find that it's hard.


  • has no damage;
  • already feel the effects before recording in small amounts 2-3 grams;
  • the functioning of sexual organs improves;
  • increases the duration of copulation.

6. Mussels


  • increases the number of seeds;
  • more and more male hormone in the body;
  • contains large amounts of zinc, the desired strong sex.

Consider the following foods that increase potency in men.

7. Seafood

  1. Squid;
  2. Cancers;
  3. Shrimp;
  4. the meat of the rays and sharks.


  • improves the male force of attraction to the other gender;
  • for the production of seeds;
  • contain zinc and selenium to improve the endurance with the beloved.

8. Coturnix Eggs

Coturnix eggs can be eaten raw, you have no damage.

You can also make an Omelette with herbs from the green.


  • contain phosphorus and amino acids;
  • increase drive Libido and sex;
  • Improvement in the erectile function of the organs.

So Coturnix eggs also in the list of products, the impact on the potency of the men positive.

which products increase potency in men, seafood

9. Bananas


  • intimacy extend with the beloved in the bed;
  • a positive impact on the willingness of the authority;
  • Improvement of the reproductive functions.

10. Bee products

  1. Perga.
  2. Honey.


  • great protein content needs to have a rich sex life;
  • improved blood circulation in manhood, normalizes the blood stream;
  • containing fructose and glucose;
  • helps in the production of testosterone.

From here, we can confidently say that honey and other products bees are farmed also answers to the question, what products increase potency in men from the list of available edible supplies.

Double people on oncological diseases, sepulchris disease.

11. Chocolate

What sets it apart:

  • Contains a special chemical substance, a feeling of love in humans.
  • Improves the blood circulation.
  • It increases the Libido, and testosterone levels.

Better, the dark chocolate (cocoa solids not less than 70), and mostly it is bitter. It is not suitable for white or milk chocolate.

12. Watermelon

Is useful because:

  • dilates blood vessels, improves the combat readiness of the institution;
  • the active amino acid in the body;
  • Prevention of cancer of the prostate;
  • recommended of impotence, and menopause, the the young with increasing age.

13. Avocado


  • regulates the secretion of hormones;
  • contains folic acid Libido booster.

Exaggerated to say loudly that the Avocado is a product to increase potency in men Instant Action.

The effect is simply not everything at once. It all takes time.

14. Garnet


  • The improved blood flow to the manhood.
  • Garnet Blood Vessels.
  • Serves as a prevention of prostate cancer.
  • If you drink the juice of the pomegranate, within one month after 200 ml has already been a noticeable effect in the bed.
which products increase potency in men Avocado

15. Some Berries

  1. Blueberries (increases Libido, improves blood circulation and promotes the embattled human dignity).
  2. Raspberries (improves stamina in bed, promotes the production of testosterone, to advise in the treatment of infertility).

16. Meat of him

What kind of meat is distinguished:

  1. bullish or Baranja testicles (exotic dishes);
  2. Horse meat;
  3. lepus cibum;
  4. Turkey;
  5. Beef;
  6. Chicken.


  • increases the excitability of the man;
  • a great Protein content.

17. Pumpkin seeds


  • Rich in zinc, strengthens the reproductive capacity and the force of the man;
  • improves the hormones;
  • Affect the normal synthesis of testosterone.

18. Dates, dried

These dry fruit dates are useful because:

  • increase a long copulation with a woman;
  • Increase the efficiency of the male organs.

Dried fruits can be combined with other ingredients to make useful and delicious mixture.

19. Fresh juices from some vegetables and fruit

This is particularly useful to drink:

  1. Pomegranate juice (improves blood circulation in the pelvis).
  2. Pumpkin juice (rich in zinc, useful for the functioning of the reproductive organs).
  3. Juice from celery (strengthened in times of testosterone levels in the body).
  4. Other juices with a rich content of Vitamin E.

Subtleties Juice

Combine and drink, and drink a few on the day of the above.

Better you drink it straight expressum juices, and not for the products from the shelves of the shop.

Anyone looking for the answer to the question of how to improve the potency of home 1 day, we recommend to be patient. And then come to a result.

So you will not be in this constant search for products for potency quick effect in men.

which products increase potency in men juices

20. Koumiss

What sets it apart:

  • кобылье milk improves the reproductive ability;
  • Improve activity in bed, strengthen the immune system;
  • the ability of the body to increase sexual intimacy.

Not recommended for people with diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract.

21. Nuts

For Example:

  1. мускатные;
  2. Cedar;
  3. Peanuts;
  4. Walnuts.


  • Improving the usability of masculinity;
  • increased readiness for use;
  • Improvement of present functions of the body.

You can combine nuts with honey, meat or dried fruits, to increase the effect.

22. Milk products

  1. Kefir.
  2. Milk.
  3. Quark.
  4. Clotted.
  5. Sour cream.


  • Nor do they improve the production of semen, the reproductive system.
  • You can increase the duration of copulation.
  • In you of many essential vitamins collected complex. Therefore, milk and sour-milk products are a good answer to the question, what foods are good for the potency of men.

23. Figs

Is useful because:

  • Fruit improves the ability of offspring to reproduce;
  • strengthens the circulatory system;
  • in the East is regarded as a good aphrodisiac.

24. Green

  1. Celery;
  2. Parsley;
  3. Greens;
  4. Dill;
  5. Spinach;
  6. the leaves of the salad.

In the first place celery. Behind him, a other green.


  • increases stamina in the bed;
  • a positive effect on the production of the sex hormones.

25. Grapes

  • Improves the blood circulation.
  • Contains a lot of Magnesium.
  • Cures the male infertility.
  • Useful and grape juice, especially fresh.

Remember, these nuances, you, you, and you learn a lot about the topic, stating that the food for the potency and what foods the Libido increase in men.

which products increase potency in men, grapes

26. Some Vegetables

  1. Cabbage;
  2. Onion;
  3. Beet;
  4. Carrots;
  5. Garlic;
  6. Tomatoes.


  • normalize hormones;
  • increase the attraction.

It can be used both individually and as a garnish to other dishes.

You can eat raw or cook.

What should

  1. smoked;
  2. Alcohol;
  3. Beer (which contains female hormones);
  4. excessive consumption of sugar or of salt;
  5. you avoid the consumption of very large cilantro (in small doses are harmless);
  6. Coffee;
  7. Energy;
  8. Fast food;
  9. Soy contains an abundance of female hormones;
  10. Eat, fried in Butter;
  11. acute and fatty foods;
  12. Soy products;
  13. Foods with a high content of cholesterol (Mayonnaise, Margarine, sprats, liver pate and other);
  14. Yeast-White Bread.

That is all. Now you know 26 good products for potency and for the improvement of activity in men in bed.

Stay healthy!