Penis Soda

A small Penis can be a real Problem for men. Experts say that in fact caused the phenomenon less of a problem than the self, such men can invent. The main problem is the psychological burden, the impact on the quality of sexual life. There are several ways to improve the male sexual organ without surgery, but with the help of natural remedies. How to enlarge his Penis Soda and whether it is possible to achieve a good result?

small cock

Is this possible?

Penis with baking soda Real. However, this method is the very long term, so have patience. In addition, colossal result, only by radical methods, for example, the Operation according to the increase of the Penis. Those who try to popular method with Soda, not talking about the result of the increase of more than 3-4 cm

To process before break, it must be ensured that the feasibility of your application. Some men mistakenly believe that it is necessary for you. Experts call this "small" size of the length of a maximum of 10 cm in a state of excitement. The most common size in men of our country – average, with a length not larger than 18 cm. moreover, sometimes even the owners of the big size of more than 18 cm in the excited state, not hold it proud, try to increase. In this case, the use of Soda ash is will not bring big results.

Impossible, his Penis can do it, if he has a small size as a result of congenital diseases or chronic diseases. So, before you each popular method, should be consulting a male doctor about the health of the Penis and entire sexual System. Unfortunately, most of the pathologies are eliminate possible only through a surgical procedure. To work when health allowed, independently of the change in the size of the Penis, then the best Option would be the use of Soda – product accessible.

The beneficial properties of baking soda

For some, the fact that the wide scope of the useful properties of baking soda proves to be amazing. Anyone who believes that this product is only used for baking. In fact, many doctors speak of the useful therapeutic properties of Soda. For the health of Soda is useful in the areas of:

  • To combat overweight.
  • For the elimination of burns.
  • Of Heartburn.
  • For the normalization of the acid content in the stomach.
  • To speed up the metabolic processes.
  • For cosmetic purposes.
  • For the normalization of blood circulation.

To enlarge the Penis last property of baking powder used for the normalization of blood circulation. It is known that the blood in the Penis as a result of the work of the heart, causing an erection. If he increased in the normal state, then the pressure is a low blood flow, and if it's sexual arousal significantly. If the tissue of the Penis are filled with blood, they begin to grow in size and become denser.

The mechanism of erection, one can conclude that it depends on the work of the cardiovascular System, and to a greater extent by the organization of blood flow contribute to the initiation of printing. One of the useful properties of baking soda is the ability to just normalize the blood circulation, if necessary, enlarge.

Bath with Soda

Application notes

The most common type of the use of Soda penis enlargement is his Massage. To achieve the desired result, you do not lead it in the right way, to harm, because the skin of the Penis is very delicate. So, the procedure consists of several steps:

  1. Preparation. The aim of the preparation – to make the Penis skin supple, at the same time, increase the circulation of the blood. You need to take a towel, must be very soft, soak it in warm water and wrap the Penis in a couple of minutes left. Repeat the process 3-4 times.
  2. Massage. Even the exercises can be your main goal – to stretch the Penis. Between exercises, it must be ensured that the restoration of the blood circulation by the lungs massaging motion. In the case of an enlargement of the organ, to the great influx of blood, and then the smooth massaging you will be through the veins spread. The Soda is recommended during the Massage. Enough to be in the palm of your hand a small amount of powder and how to "RUB" it into the skin. The procedure will be similar to the use of the scrub.
  3. Recovery. After the Training, you need to relax and laze around. If you immediately jump up and start to do business, is is Stress for the body. Then the blood stream, could just establish, again, work hard.

Experts say that during the Massage the Penis, the man should be relaxed and in a good mood and completely. Problems with sexual health, men often have a psychological character, therefore, it is important to adapt. Sexologists advise "dorisovyvat" in his head, the desired centimeter and the result. In other words, the man must love himself, and adjusted their performance to be admired.

Lotions with Soda

Lotions or compresses with baking Soda – another way to the Penis at home. For the preparation of Soda ash solution need to take dissolve 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda in half a glass of warm water. Then wet in the received solution gauze and attach it to the tail. Size Marley must be sufficient to wrap it the whole length of the organ.

Lotions recommended every day for a month. One-time procedure will not bring the desired result. You can oils add hortus solution a few drops of essential. This can, for example, scents of the oil of cardamom, cypress and other "gentlemen". Your scent helps to relax and not to focus on the Problem. After completion of the procedure, it is recommended to lie down in a relaxed state.

Soda inside

Reception Soda can to complement one of the above methods of penis enlargement. Soda has several factors of positive influence on the internal systems of the body. Sometimes, it turns out that actually, the length of the Penis is revealed completely because of the diseases which the man absolutely no idea. You can provoke and other problems with the erection. The consumption of Soda will get rid of "garbage" in the Form of slag, which is the cause for some diseases.

You take the baking powder from the inside on the advice of the doctors. Recommended to start taking small doses – ¼ TSP per day in the morning and in the evening. It should be in the breaks between the meals. Gradually, the quantities of soda takes up to 1 tablespoon per reception.

For prevention, it is recommended that soda solution of 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to half a glass of water. This should be in the morning, on an empty stomach. Of course, directly to the consumption of Soda has no influence on the size of the Penis, but it is sure to have a positive impact on the health of the man and his emotional state.



Baking soda is a natural substance, so in General, your application for sure. However, as with any product, you have the opposite view. You use baking powder for the Massage of the member or compresses is forbidden:

  • In the presence of wounds, skin lesions on the skin.
  • If you are allergic product body.
  • In some pathological changes of the organ (need the consultation of the physician).

The consumption of Soda inside the same factors, and that the external application, as well as a couple of additional contraindications. These include:

  • Chronic Gastritis and other diseases with impaired acidity in the stomach.
  • The Ulcer.
  • An allergic reaction to the product.

Specifically, the use of the overdue Soda is banned, the use of the on the package expiry date. In addition, if the powder, even if not expired, but has a yellow color, odor, or other defects, its use is also prohibited.

The influence of Soda on the male body

The beneficial properties of baking soda are able to improve men's health and to enhance the male power, although the baking powder is not in the list of aphrodisiacs.

Due to their properties Soda helps in the dilution of the blood, activating the blood circulation in the body, including the pelvic organs. Sex organs along with the blood enriched with oxygen, spongy body cast, cock is always hard.

Proponents of Soda to keep you for a safe means of rescue from male misfortune:

  • Baking powder, once in the body of the man, normalizes metabolism and the production of hormones, including testosterone. This has a positive impact on the work of the sexual organs.
  • The intake of soda increases the lymph to the organs of the small pelvis.
  • Soda cleanses the body, detoxifies and strengthens the immune system. A healthy body and a strong immune system man accentus-obsistens, and persevering in the bed.
The influence of Soda on cock

How to take

Men tell of the various methods of the use of Soda. Here are the most popular are:

Soda Drink

Soda drink consume on an empty stomach or 1 hour before meals. In the stomach digestive processes. The reception can be tedious, but only 1 time in the week. Or courses for 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. Baking powder is used to breed in water and in milk.

  1. In a glass of boiled water at room temperature 0.5 TSP bicarbonate of soda sprinkle. You take in the morning after eating. The course is for a month. Although some believe that such standards bred enough and a small spoon.
  2. The Adaptive method includes the step of increasing the dose during the course of ways, starting with 1/2 TSP. baking soda.

Action Soda drink takes a long time. For a short time up to 3 hours for one session is sufficient, Soda sexual Organ can make it longer and thicker on the small size of 3-4 mm. And then by the flood of blood.

Local application of Soda

The local embrocation of baking powder in the Penis is the most important method. Soda-powder is applied directly on the body. The effectiveness of such a procedure is clear. Massage stimulates the blood circulation, Soda penetrates through the skin into the blood and diluted, increasing filling. For the method of the Penis steam in the bath or shower. Steaming improves the softness and slightly enlarged.

  1. A small amount of baking soda to take on the fingers and gently sex body RUB for 3-5 min scrotum process baking powder is not necessary. The method is effective in front of the intimate communication. In some reviews, an increase of a few inches to say that the presence of endurance managed for 2-3 months.
  2. RUB with vegetable oil. A thin layer of hot vegetable oil is distributed over the surface of the Penis. On the film of oil is applied, a little Soda and gently rubbed genitals massaged. The procedure can take up to drying of all components, about 4-6 min is sufficient for the evaluation of a positive result.
  3. The successful combination of components not only contributes to the increase of the sizes, and increases the sensitivity, which is also important. Pre baking powder and honey should be mixed in equal quantities. The finished mixture evenly over the member. The Massage is rubbing the slight movements.

Dietary Supplement

You eat together with pastries and dishes with the dough and Soda.

Outdoor Trays

  1. For the bathrooms are in need of a basin or other suitable container. The amount of water should be sufficient to crotch diving. The solution is the observance of the ratio of 2 tbsp. L. Soda to 2 liters of water with a temperature of 38-41°C. the duration of the session – 15 min.
  2. Local compresses are effective and simple. In a glass of warm water pour 1 teaspoon of baking powder. Carefully mix. In soda solution, dip the Penis. The duration of treatment 30 min. Can't repeat more than 1 time per day.
you use baking powder


The procedure is the same for 2 weeks-course 1 once in 2 day. You start with the cleansing enema with warm clear water, then soda water. In a glass container of 1 teaspoon of soda dissolved boiled in 200 ml of warm water. By the temperature of the water and the body must match.


For the preparation of the pad to a damp, clean cloth made of fine fabric a uniform layer of baking soda pour. Set tail and does not last longer than 20 min compress with Soda, the filling with blood the Penis is activated, he becomes more resilient. The radicals running water rinse.

The combination of Soda and clamping

If the question of the use of Soda opinions of the members of the forum-men are divided, many have mentioned about the wonderful exercises, which are executed at the same time with "Soda therapy".

Unsafe type of exercise called clamping. In the literal translation from English to clamping means "yoke". The primary purpose of the exercise – to delay by the outer wires to the outflow of blood from the Penis.

The essence of the technique:

  • Need a car or a locksmith hose clamps of the appropriate size for cóntere base of the Penis.
  • With the Training you should start with experitur not more than 5 min.
  • To move during the execution of the exercises is absolutely necessary. It is forbidden to sit or lie down, to feel even if discomfort.

Judging by the reviews, cm an increase in the Penis 2-3, if a year and a half to train every day. But the baking powder will not forget and you take sodium hydroxide solution.

It is important to note that the exercise is not harmless. For those who have problems with the blood vessels or diseases of the genitourinary system the exercise.