Since the increase in the size of the Penis at home techniques

In spite of the existing standards and indicators, what is the size of the Penis many men should be dissatisfied still with their parameters. Doctors attribute this to the inability of the use of the authority and inferior Sex, the discontent of women, sex, and stereotypes. There are many ways on how to enlarge his Penis.

how to enlarge his Penis

Apparently, only the Operation is guaranteed to increase the length and thickness of the Penis, but is practiced today, many Alternative techniques, which also help, a ramp, a few extra inches in the home. The main thing, to analyze it, how problematic the Situation is, is it worth it at all, to do something, then you select the best possibilities.

Whether the Penis at home?

The first thing to know men, to increase sexual organ, without the use of artificial materials and surgical interventions. Medical specialists offer a variety of alternative methods that operate according to the following principle:

  • Stretching of the corpora cavernosa and corpus cavernosum tissues of Phallus, responsible for the size of the organ during erection;
  • Reinforcement of the blood flow, which also guarantees a strong erection;
  • increased potency, erection and the Libido to increase the sexual activity of men in General.

Thus it is necessary to bear in mind that the size of the Penis only rarely plays a role in the sexual life of a man and his reproductive health. But if the dimensions cause psychological discomfort, caused by a complex, self-doubt and isolation to the Problem need to solve, otherwise it can lead to psychogenic impotence.

Important! The impressive indicators in accordance with the increase in the member's only promise different methods of operative interference. Conservative methods do not result in more growth in the 2-4 cm

Special exercises for penis enlargement

The most important way how you can change the length and diameter of the Penis to increase it is an exercise, which make the cells and tissues of the body more elastic and stretchy. Also exercises to improve the local blood circulation, and, as is well known, from the flood of blood to the Penis depends on its size during erection.

Methodology Jelqing

In order to increase right sexual organ of man, with the result that it remains for a long time, it is worth checking some of the techniques, exercises. The most popular and renowned doctors is an old technique Jelqing, which the Africans and Indians enjoyed. The principle of the exercises reminded massaged milking.

The exercises need to% into the ground of the erection of not more than 60-75 full strength. Adopted two exercises:

  1. First, the corpus cavernosum of the organ to warm up something to make them elastic and pliable. Take the preheated salt, wrap them in a cloth bag by the sexual Organ. To stimulate the body, the lubricant grease, a little, to make the base of the Ring, the one with the fingers. This Ring will move up to the glans, according to which the exercise 40 times.
  2. Organ according to the same principle, the entire palm is ready now to bend at the base. First, you need to for 10 seconds and keep Penis at the root, but that he was over the entire length with the palm of the Hand. More tightly clutching, but without the pain and discomfort, the Penis must be delayed to the right, to the left, upwards and downwards.

For the beginning of 30-40 repetitions of the two exercises is enough, but with time their number can be from 200 to. It is important that the technique is practiced regularly for a long time, a minimum of 1 month and longer.



To increase your Penis, you need to regularly is a simple exercise, which is to say its expansion. For this Organ is also important to warm up, to the hurt cells and tissues. It is very important that the organ was in a relaxed state, otherwise erections to stretch that particular body.

First, the organ for the head, then pull to the front. In the stretched state for about 15 seconds, after the impact of these weaknesses and the authority to give a little rest. According to the same principle, the Phallus stretch in the right and left side, repeat the exercise in a circle. The exercise will be correct if there is no pain.

Ceiling Suspension Cargo

Increase the size of the Phallus at home without drugs and doctors to be able to mount with the help of other methods – loads. But we must understand that it is enough of a traumatic method that requires attention and moderation. Its essence consists in the enlargement of certain body and ligaments of the Penis with the help of the weight.

Do the exercise in the following way:

  • Sex organs warm with the help of gentle Massage;
  • to fasten around the head a band-aid, with the help of the member of the top is attached;
  • on a cord small weights hung;
  • in such a Position 25 minutes will have to endure for the beginning.

During the exercises is important, the head of the Penis do not feel numbness and pain, otherwise you may injure the Organ. For the beginning of the load pick-up minimal, and the gradual increase in the amount, and the duration of the exercises.

The use of the equipment

If the exercises include the cumulative effect over time, for the fast, but the unique effect male the advantages of special devices and tools. Of course, body do not grow help but enjoy the new sensations of increased parameters Phallus guarantee.


There are many essays, which not only adds to the Penis thickness and length, but also help maintain the erection and thus increase the quality of sexual intercourse is on the rise. The essays can be kind of closed and open, closed-are better suited for increasing the length of the Phallus.

Well, if the nozzle is made of an elastic and flexible Material, for example made of Latex or silicone. The maximum increase in the length of the Phallus is + 10 cm, in average, the same manufacturers + offer 3-6 see essay anything other reduces the sensitivity of the Penis, thus prolonging the sexual act, the solution of a problem of premature ejaculation.


This device looks like a pump, its principle of operation guarantees a increased potency, erection and improvement of the quality of sexual life of the man in addition to the increase in the size of the institution. But the main thing is that the pump helps men to achieve an erection and of erectile dysfunction by the vacuum, which causes blood to come to the particular body.

Apply the vacuum pump must be made in the following manner:

  • A member of cream, then sprayed into the cylinder of the device;
  • from the cylinder air pressure on the Organ pumped, whereby;
  • Pressure enhances the blood circulation, thereby increasing the length and thickness of the Penis;
  • the built-in pressure gauge regulates the pressure on a body;
  • you use the pump before intercourse.

The result, promises the pump, actually, temporarily, therefore, use the men with erectile dysfunction and small size as an auxiliary device.

the charge for the Penis


Another effective way, to actually increase tail in the height – this is a special Massage. The correct execution is guaranteed to not only an increase in the thickness and length of the organ, but also increase the potency and sexual functions of the man. Massage you must perform as follows:

  • before the procedure, an Organ of heat need with the help of warm cloth (towel in warm water, moistened, and Packed organ);
  • Warming to repeat a few times in a row;
  • then can be used with various Stretching and other movements of the master sex organ massage.

There are many interesting techniques, how to Massage Penis, you can click the Videos on the Internet. The main thing is that the procedure causes discomfort and pain, and was also on a regular basis. This improves the local blood circulation, has a positive effect on the potency and the quality of the erection, alerting the stagnant processes.


Fast Penis increase help of special means of the local applications – a lubricant. The effect of these drugs is due to the natural components in the composition, due to the expanding tissue of the Penis. In addition, some medications can contain hormones and intended specialists are therefore better.

Lubricants are 3 types:

  1. Ointment-fast action – after the application of funds in accordance with the instructions, Penis increases to a few centimeters, are applied, you need to immediately before intercourse.
  2. Gels to increase the Phallus, drugs apply of such a plan for several months in a row, the cumulative effect to achieve.
  3. Auxiliary-ointments – the use of such means in combination with other methods, for example, in parallel with performing the exercises or using the attachments.

Application as a lubricant is absolutely safe and the best method of increasing the size of the Penis. But before application it is important that the contraindications and possible side effects.

Pills and supplements for penis enlargement

Penis grow at home, you can also with the help of drugs that may be synthetic and natural (dietary Supplement). The principle of operation of the most frequently is the accelerated blood circulation and strengthen the blood circulation in the Penis, stretches in a natural way, swelling body.

The Chinese pills today, the most common drug to increase the Phallus, is at the core of a Chinese Ginseng. This substance increases the stamina of the organism and protection functions, raises the tone of the tissues and of the skin and accelerates the flow of blood. Thanks to the course, the cumulative effect contributes to the enlargement of the organ.

Dietary supplements – are drugs plant-based and vitamins that you can apply in combination with other methods. Good nutritional supplements contain the following components:

  1. Wheat germ oil – this product contains selenium and zinc, building materials synthesis of testosterone.
  2. Vitamin E – an important substance for reproductive health, the elasticity and extensibility of the tissues of the Penis, as well as for the improvement of potency and Libido of the man.
  3. Pumpkin seeds – an indispensable Regulator of the reproductive function.

Useful components are considered to be medicinal herbs such as Ginseng, and Schizandra, Siberian Ginseng resources, and aphrodisiacs. Such means are not medicines, but are a tool to strengthen the effectiveness of the therapy at home.

the essays for a member

Folk Remedies

Traditional medicine offers an extensive list of resources and recipes to apply, optionally in combination with other penis enlargement methods. Well, various medicinal herbs, as well as Soda and bee products have been proven. Man must choose for yourself the optimal recipe and practice it strictly according to the instructions.

With the help of Soda

Despite the fact that many experts doubt whether Penis Soda, many men prove it in my example, the effectiveness of such methods. The most important prerequisite for a safe and efficient therapy – the correct application of Soda ash in accordance with the provisions of the traditional medicine.

Baking powder can be used for the adoption of the baths for the Penis, even out of her scrubs for Massage of genital organ. Irritation of the tissues leads to cell division and enlargement of the Penis, as well as to increase the elasticity of the skin. The main thing is not to overdo it with the home therapy.

The recipe with honey

Another popular method of expansion of a member – the application of honey, the method has received approval of the majority of doctors, urologists, and other doctors. To apply you need to it as follows:

  • the solution and honey, take the components to a homogeneous mass and regularly apply inside;
  • to the honey add the walnuts with a tablespoon on an empty stomach every morning;
  • honey hazelnut, walnut and rose hips, ground and the ground paste stir by eating a day for 1-2 tablespoons.

Honey is a natural aphrodisiac that is the cheapest way to influence the sexual sphere of men. Therefore, such recipes are valid in combination with other methods, and for the prevention of sexual disorders.

Food for big cock

Proper nutrition is another key to good health and the normal functioning of the sexual organs of the man. For the increase in the size of the Penis in a natural way, consume the following products should be possible:

  • Watermelon – components-berries, accelerate the blood flow, including the local blood circulation in the tissues of the Penis.
  • Protein products – this substance is responsible for the testosterone level, and the growth of muscle tissue, so the person should be regularly consumed eggs, meat and milk.
  • Nuts – the source of all male vitamins and substances that the synthesis of testosterone.
  • Seafood – natural aphrodisiacs, as well as the sources of zinc, which testosterone levels and sexual ability of men.
  • The greens – especially spinach, celery, parsley, the also increase testosterone and strengthen the health in General.

Good stimulant of sexual functions as plant oils, herbal teas, as well as dark chocolate, berries, vegetables and fruit in fresh Form.


Herbs for a member

In fact, the increase in the size of the Penis at home without surgery doctors – it is not a myth but a reality and a consequence of hard work. Man to pick up complex techniques, from those which have been described above, according to which, regularly, all the recommendations, follow the diet and life style. Don't expect quick and impressive results, as the profits can be more than 3-4 cm to the available parameters, only plastic surgery, but non-conservative methods.