Enlargement of the Penis: when is surgery?

The size of the Penis and the ability to increase it is an often-discussed topic, male, from which the most complex are born. At all times men concerned about this Problem. They resorted to the help of the aesculapian snake and the medicine men, the maimed men.

how to enlarge his Penis

Even with the early childhood and in adolescence to young curious to observe how the thickness and length of the Penis. Penis for every representative of the stronger States is this male pride, and one of the most important parts of the body. But many men tend to underestimate their friend, when you consider that he should be more than impressive size. Add fuel to the fire, and partner, carelessly made on the size of the Penis, and Express your wishes in terms of length.

In addition, man is becoming more and more complex surrounds, the black stripes through the whole of his love life. Studies show that the majority of the representatives Express doubt about their sexual abilities, citing the modest dimensions of the member.

How to correct the Situation and make a lack of dignity?

A little bit of history

Study of the history of humanity, with culture, Tradition and national customs, clear attention to the question of the size of your manhood. In the 16th century, the concern in this question was reflected in the works of the most famous scientists.

So, an Italian doctor, who was the first to described the structure of the fallopian tubes in women, is of great importance and penis extension. He is a very widespread opinion that the length of the Penis is of great importance for the future of men. So, since the childhood parents stones were the young small pebble under the foreskin, in the hope that this will help the tail delay in the length. But such methods, nothing as contagious, and infection not.

A quiet member, or the Penis beyond erection: what is the standard?

The length of the Penis in the flaccid state is, on average, 12 cm, and their thickness is between 2.5-3 cm If you consider that the average power is a relative concept, and can say with certainty about the Norm of 5 to 15 cm.

Consider the times when the member can dramatically short:

  • The adoption of a cold shower
  • Fatigue
  • Hypothermia
  • Mental and chronic diseases
  • Post-Period

Penis during erection

The excited state of the Penis characteristic of his lengthening and thickening. Thus, the length up to an average of 15 cm and a thickness up to 5 cm. it is worth noting that 90% of the men during erection in addition, 3-5 cm, so a member can take up to 18 cm in length. However, events and sexy giants that grow to 23-26 inches! The largest male Organ, which are described in the medical literature, reaches 30 cm in length.

The most common myths about the enlargement of the Penis

Myth 1. The larger the Penis, the more sexually active

This myth remains only a myth, because there is a direct dependence between the size of sexual attraction and activity. On the first Plan here is a purely genetic trait, the level of hormones in the body, the health and safety of the puberty.

Myth 2. Makers of large Penis great lover

Of course, this is just another mistake. The presence of a large manhood is not always a proof of the craftsmanship in intimate games. A small sex organ of the woman can bring, where a greater source of enjoyment under normal use. In addition, an increase in the Penis during erection bad that also plays an important role in minutes of Sex.

Myth 3. Penis size to "calculate" the size of the hands, feet, or nose

Again, the statement does not correspond to the reality. There is neither a part of the body, which would suggest that the size of the Penis. The connection between the size of the body and the sexual organs of the human body by scientists is not proven.

The shape of the Penis

Popularly, it is assumed that the male sexual would have to certainly be just. In fact, perfectly straight shape of the Penis is very rare. For some men, the sexual Organ can be bent to a thickening in the middle part, the other at the end, and third - the Form of saber.


A large part of the men, the Problem of the normal exercise of its authority with adolescence. Against the background of this Option to a bunch of complex and uncertainty in your own body. But this Feature is quite common and quite comparable with other individual characteristics, such as facial features.

Often photo men's magazines or erotic Videos to force representatives of a strong reason to think that this Demonstration is an ideal and role model. But bear in mind that for such images, or stories, people will see the model with the given data, including in intimate areas. In addition to photos, hundreds of specialists in the area of Photoshop work, etc.

Enlargement of the Penis: when is surgery?

In its deliberations, the experts in most cases, non-physiological defects and psychological state. Often the correct ordinary conversation the male mind can turn in the right direction and get rid of own complexes. But, unfortunately, there are also direct statements on the enlargement of the Penis.

  1. Medical: the syndrome of small Penis, epispadias, hypospadias, cavernous fibrosis, the effects of trauma
  2. Functionality: the syndrome of the aging man (decrease in the elasticity of the subcutaneous fat layer, etc.), hidden or membranous Penis.
  3. Aesthetic: belief in the presence of something of a physical defect formed

Something like a small Penis is that of a collective. The phenomenon occurs when a congenital endocrinological pathology, when the processes of the production of testosterone, but also idiopathic hypoplasia of the Penis. About the small Penis talk, if its length in the stretched state is not greater than 2 cm.

Each case requires systematic investigations to clarify the reasons that led to the under-development of the sex organs in men. The enlargement of the Penis occurs only in cases where the Patient complains about the inability to the sexual intercourse, but if it is not a Problem, and that the operation is Optional.

Such a phobia, is characteristic of most of the men who come to visit to a specialist. A critical attitude to many parts of the body, especially the Penis, pushes you to such operations, such as the enlargement of the Penis, is fairly common.

Different methods: operations for lengthening and increasing the thickness of the Penis

Nowadays, there are such a wide range of plastic surgery and various techniques for the correction of the various parts of the body. You can narrow down the shape of the breast, hips and belly to reduce with the help of liposuction and even Vagina. There are methods of penis enlargement? To view the entire available Arsenal.

Enlargement of the Penis with the help of Massage

There are many Massage techniques for the correction of the Form of the Penis. The most common is the Massage. Its essence consists in the fulfilment of special Massage movements, pull the hands of a member in the course of 30-60 minutes. In times of technical progress, this technology has been in special devices.

You wear the device daily for 3 to 12 hours per day for at least a year and a half. During such a Massage the pelletizing. The advertising says that with this device, one can enlarge Penis to 7 cm per year But in practice, it turned out that only 2 cm Although it is also a very good result.

Enlargement of the Penis with the help of drugs

Belongs to this technique, the intravenous introduction of fillers based on hyaluronic acid. This procedure the head of the Penis shows, who disproportionately small. By the introduction of these drugs, the crown can be increased to 30 %. However, the effect of this method for about a year. So much time is required to the absorption of hyaluronic acid.

Surgical method of penis enlargement

To increase head surgically better. There are methods if using a special Matrix, the between the head and the special bodies. But this technique is very dangerous and can lead to necrosis, and, as a consequence, the loss of the head. Who's hiding the Penis, as it were, in the depths of the grease due to the short superficial fascia lead to the removal of fat tissue and by separation of the bands.

Procedures to increase the

With the help of an injection under the skin of the Penis from the fat cells of the patients can achieve the increase of the thickness of the Penis. This process is called Lipofilling.Modification of such an Operation - initiation of Penis in the organic Matrix with the cells of the connective tissue of the patient, or the introduction of a flap, removed from the rectus abdominis muscle.

Special Surgery Penis Extension

Special Operation to increase the Penis by cutting of the supporting ligaments. The procedure allows for the enlargement of the Penis up to 3-5 cm, There are several methods of performing this Operation. Depending on the type of access they can come in several variants:

1. The Implantation of the prosthesis, together with cross-sections of the Tunica albuginea is cut.

The method prostheses in the room in a given space, cross section, and execution with the aim of extension and enlargement of the Penis

2. Implantation, together with the mobilization of the legs, Penis

Positive the effect can be increased is achieved by moving the maximization of raising the Central part of the corpora cavernosa and their appeal, and fix the a special place.

3. Separates the Operation

The methodology provides for a complete decoupling of the organ in all of the individual parts disassembled. Separately cavernous in the whole body hanging length of a particular member of the body and the head. At the same time, the full mobilization of the blood vessels and nerves. Implantation of pieces of cartilage of the patient, or synthetic prosthesis is between the ends of the spongy body and head.

Enlargement of the Penis, the elasticity and elongation of a particular body, urethra, as well as vessels and nerves.

The surgeon cuts a supportive bunch, the liberation of the Penis. After this Manipulation, the hidden part of the Penis with an Extender that was mentioned above. Recovery period after such surgery lasts about 5 weeks.

More Details about the Operation of the enlargement and thickening member, you can read:Different methods of penis extension

The Implantation is usually the men who endured surgical interventions in the area of the rectum, the urinary bladder and the prostate. There are a large number of prostheses. Most of them reasonable - hose boot with variable rigidity. Penis enlargement will not be made with normal erection such operations.

The preparation for the Operation

It should be noted that before the Operation the patients undergo a mandatory medical examination, determines the maximum erection. It's kind of the hidden potential of the elongation of the Penis. Ultrasound will detect possible invisible defects of the corpora cavernosa, the Tunica albuginea and the blood supply. Anesthesia is often local. The Patient is in the hospital for about 1 day.

Enlargement of the Penis: errors, complications, and dangers

Every surgical procedure carries a different negative impact in the future. And the process of enlargement of the Penis is not free from the risk of the development of specific complications and side effects.

As you know, plastic surgery has two objectives: to excellent esthetic, functional results and satisfaction of the patients followed the result of the Operation. Adverse hurdle - the development of post-operative complications and the low evaluation of the results by the patient. Effective enlargement of the Penis and the lack of negative reactions depends on the following factors:

  • Enough experience and skill of the surgeon
  • Realistic expectations of the patient
  • The application of modern techniques
  • Compliance with all instructions of the doctor in the post-operative Phase

One of the main undesirable results penis enlargement surgically is the expectation of the patients no one miracle from the hands of the specialists, receive and ultimately to disappointment from the real result. In time, as the results of the Intervention by the surgeon very well, to the patients, the changes seem to be sufficiently indicative.

Finally, I would like to remind you that the Penis is a unique part of the body of the man who fulfils 3 functions:

  • Software Intercourse
  • Excretory function
  • Reproductive (reproduction)
big Penis

Sex organ of a man, and when between him and fulfilling sex life-size, it is necessary to improve your tool and complex to get rid of. So, dissatisfied, unhappy, and embittered men is much less, and also women.