How to enlarge Penis size and realistic, it is

So is arranged, that the human being is always happy with what he has. Girls, as the owner of magnificent forms, is constantly trying to lose weight endless fad diets, grueling workout.

Or with curls, she always used flat irons to straighten it. Unhappy with his appearance not only of the fairer half of society. It also affects men.


Perhaps the most common Problem of the representatives of the strong half of the society — the small size of the Penis. The second most common Problem is power. As you know, these two topics are linked. Therefore, the question in the vastness of the World Wide Web: "how to enlarge Penis?" quite often. The well-known saying "In the Soviet Union there was no Sex," not testified about his actual absence, otherwise we would be now with you. Probably, it testifies to the inexperience of the company in such topics. Up to the present day, when in the schools and planned instruction in sex education, then this is often just plans. As to the question of how to present this Material correctly.

The adaptation of foreign literature and textbooks in us is causing a shock, since they are too open-hearted. Although that actually, in this shameful, or terrible. If this topic was compulsory to study, probably little would the people who are dissatisfied with their appearance. Needless to say, that together with the modern technologies and the development of the World Wide Web, the humanity in the truest sense of the word "subvertit" in the flow of information. And even if self-conscious people sometimes get lost in the abundance of the material, what you don't apply, then on those for you.

On the Internet there is a lot of information, sometimes not reliable. To check if this is not possible. So many people until the end of the life, on the initially incorrect information. And as a result, young people no longer ask for advice at your older colleagues, just enter the question into a search engine, and immediately know what their ancestors were able to imagine in the course of time. And here are and many like a lot of exaggerated information to fall in the trap is not only not true.

And this, in turn, has a negative impact not only on the sexual life, but also on the relationship to yourself. In the case of many, who's seen enough Video to read, or not entirely correct information, is developing the complex. Because what is shown, sometimes not with real numbers converges. Therefore, men want to know how to enlarge Penis. Many, and perhaps with lessons in biology, it is known that a member body, consisting entirely of fibres of the Corpus Cavernosum. When filling with blood there is an increase of these substances in size.

And how much of the Organ is increased in size, thickness, and circumference (circumference), that's a whole other question. It is strange. Here, the result will be different, and sometimes significantly. According to the statistics, more than 70% of the male owners of members, which during erection in length and more than 15% of men — the owner of the organ that grows in the width. Anticipate what the Penis during arousal, based on the thickness or length in the non-excited state is almost impossible.

During the measurements of the Penis, it is important to take into account some of the nuances. A member was full of excitement, the temperature should be of a level at about 22. Length measured at the backrest of the penis, from the pubic bone to the head. Between the body and the Penis the right angle should be maintained. Measure the circumference tape measure. The size of the Penis — a hot topic is more for men. In the last hundred years, studies carried out, whose objective is the determination of the standards of the member. Similar studies conducted in different countries. It was found that the length and the width of the genetic predisposition.

Penis size

Normal Penis Size

  1. If the size of the Penis in the length of eight centimetres — this is the so-called "micro penis". According to the statistics, the representatives of the strong half of society would be with 1%.
  2. The smallest member is a body, reaches a length of 8-12 cm. Such a body has two percent of the male population of the planet.
  3. Normally a tail, whose length is 12 cm, this size is doped with 55% of men.
  4. Penis, the larger than fifteen centimeters — about the average.
  5. Representatives of a strong half of society, their sex, body length is 20 cm, are the owners of the imposing Penis.

If you belong to the people not to resist and measure your body, but eventually they were dissatisfied with the result, here is a little Material about the impressive size.

  • The larger the size of the Penis is, the greater the amount of blood, which to him ebbs must. The only way you can bring the organ into a consistent state.
  • Everyone, even a little bit of discharge, it can negatively affect the erection, and thus on the quality of the sex
  • The formation of the body ends about 18 years. After that, all changes in its width or length is not more than a visual deception.
  • Reduction of the penis can be due to overweight. On average, all five pounds "steal" centimeters Penis. Again, all changes of visual, in fact, the organ remained unchanged.
  • Remove the Penis (not visual effect). And the reduction in the level of androgens is qualified in the rule. For example, bodybuilders, the drug that provoked the disruption of the hormonal balance, mostly all confronted with such a Problem, such as reducing the Penis, in General, and in the case of the erection.
  • Also the reduction the Penis due to incorrect and failed operations to its extension. The debt is either low professionalism of the surgeon or physiological properties.

The depth of the Vagina not everyone thinks, but rather the majority of people are not aware of, and for the first time, the entry into a sexual relationship, only know a size. In the middle of the depth of the Vagina is 10 cm. This suggests that for normal Sex Penis size of 15 centimeters is sufficient. Tissues of the Vagina are elastic, they allow the adaptation to a certain length and width.

You partner can supply with any time is always more fun. The constant change of sexual partners is not welcome, because this affects the sensitivity and is not good for the representatives of the weak half of the society. In any case, size matters. And this refers not only to the length of the Penis but also its thickness. But with accuracy not say, how people fit with each other, without checking, in fact. In addition, we should not forget that Sex — the art of understanding, and not only the width, length and depth.