Smoking affects the potency of the man?

What is the impact of Smoking on potency, little white, and Teens, beginners sex life, and an experienced man. Perhaps this fact is even more abstains smokers of the increase in the daily dose, as the possibility of cancer of the stomach or heart attack. And this is understandable, because the reproductive function of the man is not only important for the maintenance of normal marital relations, but also for the planning of a complete family with healthy children.

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Why is Smoking harmful to the potency

Harmful tobacco substance nicotine has a direct effect on the functions of the Penis, so why for the normalization of sexual life of, as a smoker, you should quit the habit? Potency and Libido is the first, on what Smoking does in men.

At the beginning of the development of nicotine dependence effect lose have on the blood vessels their elasticity, elasticity, and tone, will be thinner and weaker. Also on the walls of atherosclerotic form of erotic Plaques that prevents normal blood circulation in the vital areas. The blood vessels of the Penis in this case is no exception and also lose their elasticity and density of passive Smoking. You are responsible for the filling of the corpora cavernosa of the Penis with blood for the maintenance of the full-fledged erection. The worse the circulation in this area, the weaker erections or missing.

There is still a connection of Smoking with the suppression of the sexual function. Not getting enough power together with blood, the endocrine System of humans begins with the work of the emergency operation that has a strong impact on the production of sex hormones. The less testosterone will be thrown in the bloodstream, the less man is attracted, it weakens the sexual desire (Libido).

The statistics also points to the fact, how often impotence Smoking. According to the figures, which is about 120 thousand men of middle and advanced age (30-50 years) suffer from this serious disease. To explain 15% of the respondents self-aware, sexual problems arose against the background of a long Smoking. Signal about the sexual problems can serve the purpose of a temporary loss of erection or impotence.

Scientists have proved that the absence or weakness of erection is the first sign of development of diseases of the circulatory System, until the stroke or heart attack. In turn, hypertensive crisis, and pathology of the heart, accelerate the development of impotence, creating a vicious circle.

Erectile dysfunction is an important physiological Problem, caused by the active men, complex, and psychological uncertainties. It is primarily affects the intimate relationships with the woman, and reduces the opportunities to understand, which is why disintegrate many modern families. Man certain age should always do not understand what a mix of potency and Smoking.

What is the impact of tobacco smoke on the production of testosterone

Effect of Smoking on potency


After the formation of atherosclerotic Plaques and the vessels no longer have to solve the blood to flow properly to the organs producing sex hormones. The production of testosterone is reduced in the first place, that the impact on the male body in the various way.

First and foremost, the low concentration of the hormone leads to a decrease in desire (Libido), so that the man feels physically and the need for a regular and a fulfilling private life.

The lack of attempt sexual relations, as well as the weakness of the blood vessels in the sum lead to the development of sexual dysfunction and impotence. Scientists have found that the smoking of a pack per day increases the risk of developing the disease by 60%. This makes one think that Smoking and impotence are terms to be related, and in most cases, be in a "set".

Low production of testosterone also affects the motility and quality of sperm. That is, the ability to reproduce Smoking men reduced, and to not fertilize as the statistics show, disappointing pay — 75% of heavy smokers will be able to. Unfortunately, modern young man doesn't think about the consequences of Smoking for his future family simply ignored and the statistical information. But after the first 5 years of constant Smoking it detects the first problem with the quality of the sperm. If it can recover the time to say goodbye to the bad habit, the body is able to, for a few months and give a man the pleasures of intimacy.

Effect of Smoking on the male body: the myths of Smoking

In spite of the aid workers, the prepared information and science research, young men and Mature men of learning continue to resist, the influence of tobacco on the potency.

Many point to the fact that Smoking for years, but the quality of the intimate life is not affected. Doctors refute this myth, because the process of the weakening of potency and the deterioration of the quality of the sperm is quite long and often accompanied by characteristic symptoms. Particularly self-conscious man ignored temporary intimate setbacks, the depreciation on the nerves, trouble at work, poor nutrition or physical stress in the gym. Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction can come quite suddenly and in full, some processes are irreversible for smokers.

Another myth from the tire-Smoking men after the abandonment of tobacco intimate life is not set. First of all, Smoking "in old age" is not the only factor, the influence on an erection. Alcohol consumption-regular Stress at work, diseases of the cardiovascular and of the endocrine system, eating disorders and lack of sleep can also lead to sexual dysfunction. Secondly, in addition to the physiological impotence, the psychological occurs, this can't go on after the disappearance of the harmful factors. Fear of failure, psychological Stress, and other complexes can.pressure on the man even after the abandonment of tobacco, which requires a correction for sexologist and psychotherapist

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Many patients do not understand how the Smoking influence on blood pressure and Smoking as harmful to men, patients with high blood pressure. Smokers believe that nicotine facilitates the condition at elevated pressure (this is associated with spasm of blood vessels). Unfortunately, the doctors discovered the relationships of hypertension smoker and its potency. The increase in pressure and the subsequent Smoking of the blood flow is chaotic, which is very dangerous for the small vessels of the Penis. You begin to contract actively, without cavernous body with blood, and this process takes a minimum of 7-8 hours. If you suffer from hypertension, but do not want to give up Smoking, try to get a last cigarette for 6-8 hours prior to intimacy, which will help you to maintain an erection and reduce the risk of developing impotence.

The myth of smokers, the reduction in sexual energy after Smoking menthol cigarettes. The doctors examined and demonstrated the negative effects of Smoking on potency of men, regardless of the type of cigarettes the concentration of nicotine and aromatic substances. Among smokers this effect are of the opinion that such a component such as Menthol is reinforced, but it is not so. On the contrary, scientists have found out that natural herbal component leads to the blood vessels in tone and restores the normal blood circulation, which in turn improves the sexual activity. Also Menthol calms the nervous system, rids the body of Stress and muscle cramps, which reduces failure Chance intimate "". To look at the reasons for intimate issues, the nicotine, tobacco technician of the M. and other harmful compounds, and not in natural aromatic additives (if truly natural). And if it's about the effect of herbs on masculinity, so it is not recommended to prune in the main output of cigarettes Oregano. This plant really has a negative effect on the erection.

Nicotine and potency associated with each other, so that the first problems of a sexual nature, you arrange with the frequency and duration of Smoking. And remember that the restoration of the sexual functions. The sooner you give up cigarettes, the greater the likelihood of a full recovery (even if it is a question of impotence).