Overview of the Chinese balls for the potency and the description of their magical actions

Men pay a lot of attention to his strength and energy in bed. Impotence is a bad dream of a strong half of mankind. So many medium has been invented, effective, and not very, the influence on the potency. Among them, the Chinese balls for the potency.


The composition of the balls for the power

Means for potency in the beads invented in China. The great advantage of absolute natural composition. The natural composition guarantees the safety, because the drug has no side effects.

In Chinese balls, consisting of the following components:

  1. Saffron - an excellent plant extract contributes to the improvement of the blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis.
  2. Cistanche tubulosa - the Chinese way of antioxidants.
  3. Dogwood - strengthening effect.
  4. Ligustrum - allows you to restore energy and vitality to the body. Struggles with depression.
  5. Cuscuta has a positive effect on the work of the urinary system.
  6. Astragalus - strengthens the potency.
  7. CASSIA - is responsible for the blood circulation in the small capillaries.

It is important to note that the Chinese balls for the potency there are several types. This, in General, the composition of which is similar, as is the plot, but there are differences.


Each drug has a number of contraindications, this also applies to any Chinese balls. This is the most important contraindications to kidney and liver failure, and also the tendency to nervous disorders, age to 18 years, heart defects, incompatibility of the drug through the body, including allergic reaction occurs.

However, it should be understood that the composition of the drug is safe, and all the reactions of the body are only the individual properties.

Areas of application

Is applied to the drug after consulting your doctor.

To help balls perfect for the following symptoms:

  1. Weak and unstable erection.
  2. Lack of sexual desire and reduced Libido.
  3. Premature ejaculation.
  4. The poor activity of the sperm.
  5. Malformations and injuries of the Penis.
  6. This drug with regular use, contribute to the increase of the Penis.

You can buy Chinese balls on special Websites on the Internet. In the pharmacy do not be sold - it is mainly the cheap and ineffective counterfeits. Therefore, it is desirable to buy the drug on the official Website of the manufacturer.

Balls for the power

How to take the drug

For maximum effect, it is necessary to take a course of this Tool. Male potency pills have no side effects, so you can take it without fear, but still on the advice of the doctor.

In General, the drug is included in the scope of delivery manual, which will be described in detail, how and in what quantity, the means to increase the potency be taken. For one-time use of a Ball for a half an hour before the planned sexual intercourse. To prevent need to drink after a ball in three days within two months.

The price of the Chinese drug depends on the type of bulbs, but also from the manufacturer-company.

Those who buy this drug, are satisfied. Feedback to the magic tool, in the majority positive. Traditions of the East help, stay active, regardless of age.


Impotence is not necessarily an indicator of age. Erection problems due to Stress can come in 30 years. Therefore, to support the body herbal drugs, their composition is based on the secrets of the Tibetan medicine.