Such as the return of potency man at home?

Signs of a decline in erection does not mean complete impotence, but also a Symptom is alarming men. Normal potency can be different – with the absence of severe concomitant diseases get well without drugs. In the opposite cases, medication is, sometimes you have to go to therapeutic course in the hospital.

Why spoil potency?


The sexual weakness occurs under the influence of a variety of reasons. This could be somatic, psychological and social.

The former include:

  • The resulting childhood trauma in connection with the intimate side of life;
  • The generated fear or negative attitude towards women;
  • Knotted Phobias;
  • Signs of Depression or anxiety;
  • "Boring," intimate act;
  • Systematic effects of Stress.

To bring the organic conditions of various disorders of organs and systems of the body. Among Them:

  • Disturbance of the functionality of the blood vessels, caused by heart disease, surgery, atherosclerosis, hypertension, Diabetes mellitus, excess sugar and cholesterol in the blood, and obesity;
  • The defeat of the organs of the urinary system inflammations and tumours of the prostate, pathological processes of the urinary bladder, urethra, Genital, genital infections;
  • Androgenic deficiency, caused by the dysfunction of the endocrine system;
  • Injury of the nerve conduction study of the pathologies of the Central nervous system;
  • Ongoing drug therapy.

Social factors, the decrease in potency, is this:

  • Susceptibility to the harmful habits;
  • The work sitting in one place for long periods of time;
  • Susceptibility to effects of toxic substances in the framework of the professional activity;
  • Chronic fatigue after the birth of the baby.

As a power back home?

Ways potency man alone, a whole lot. However, prior to the start of the treatment, you must lie to visit Andro, the reasons. Any medication or home remedy has its mechanism of action.

Testosterone levels increase in the pathologies of the vessels pointless as drink and drugs for the normalization of blood flow in the event of injury of the nerve centers.

Medicines and drugs

Remedy for impotence can be divided into pharmacies, medicines and food supplements based on natural ingredients. The first, according to several characteristics. Division according to the method of use:

  • Solutions for introduction directly into the urethra;
  • Cavernosal injections in the body;
  • Tablets and capsules for oral administration;
  • Gels, ointments, creams for topical application.

Gradation Mechanism Of Action:

  • Prostaglandin analogues;
  • Testosterone Supplements;
  • FDÈ5 inhibitors;
  • Activators of NO synthase.

The first group of drugs is used for the introduction into the urethra. Active ingredients the influx of arterial blood, and brakes O venous, which helps to quickly achieve an erection and hold it for approximately one hour.

Hormonal drugs are only valid in the case of a deficiency of testosterone. Available in the Form of liquids for injection or tablets. The interference in the hormonal System can lead to unpredictable consequences, therefore, such treatment only under medical supervision.

Selective Serotonin tablets for the symptomatic treatment. The basic principle of operation is the normalization of the blood flow in sexual Organ, which guarantees a strong erection. Depending on the selected active substance, excitation occurs within 15 minutes or an hour, and lasts up to half a day.

These drugs do not affect the reasons for the decrease in potency, therefore, their inclusion is necessary for the achievement of the not influenced in an erect state in a given Situation, but the therapeutic effect of the drug. A significant number of side-effects and contraindications requires prior consultation with the doctor.

The latter type of medium has a relaxing effect on the smooth muscles, that a full-fledged bloodstream. In most cases, the homeopathic remedy will be to receive without any restrictions.

Natural Supplements – A Substitute Pharmacy Drugs. Components dietary supplements have an organic origin and have a beneficial effect not only on sexual function, but also on the General condition of the man.

Folk Remedies


Again, the potency of folk medicine, the healers recommend the following methods to use:

  • Phytotherapy;
  • Aromatherapy;
  • Consumption of foods with a high content of nutrients.

The most effective recipes:

  • Ginger-Decoction. A whole dried root powder crushed. Pour in a pan, add 500 ml of boiling water. Cook on the smallest fire for 30 minutes. Cool to warm condition and replace the drink tea. Permitted add lemon juice a few drops or a lemon slice;
  • Herbal tea. Prepare a mixture of fenugreek seeds and the root of the calamus root, taken in equal parts, and yarrow, the you 2-times more. 15 G collection insist on 200 ml of hot water. Infusion is ready in an hour. Take a glass 3 times per day;
  • Tincture of ginseng root. 20 G of raw minced meat and put in a glass jar. Add 350 ml of alcohol. In the darkness and cool of the 3 day. Add as much water as full of the tincture. Waiting for 70 hours. Strain and drink 5 drops before lunch or dinner;
  • Mix with honey and dried fruit. To combine In equal parts prunes and walnut kernels. Grind in a blender. In a bowl, pour add the liquid honey, and the finished mass. Eat a spoonful as a Dessert;
  • Mumijo. A piece of 3 G dissolved in 200 ml of pure water. The resulting solution drink 45 ml once a day;
  • Chamomile infusion for baths. You cook the Tool from the ratio of tablespoons of inflorescences to 250 ml of boiling water. Add in the tub with water of a temperature of 36 degrees. The duration of the procedure – 15 minutes;
  • To take essential oils for a bath. In warm water you should add 10 drops of selected essences, diluted in a tablespoon of honey or cream. Aphrodisiac effect of Ylang-Ylang, sandalwood.

Tips and Tricks

Enhance the therapeutic effect, the effect of drugs and potency back home, you can with a few recommendations. You need to start to play sports. Enough to exercise for 30 minutes to improve sexual function.

The high results indicate:

  • Morning exercise, consisting of a specially developed training program;
  • Swim – it is for the Massage of the genitals;
  • Yoga enables the normal state of the soul, strengthens the muscles;
  • Run – provides the functionality of the prostate.

Another way Massage. 3 types of lifts:

  • Effect on the prostate;
  • The testicle and Penis massage;
  • Erotic Massage.

The last Option – the perfect solution for the strengthening of relations in a couple, the adding of spices in the intimacy, fashion for the woman your husband will help strengthen the erectile function.

Smoking, spirits and change of diet also contributes to the improvement of sexual performance. Important food, the Vitamin consume-complex, zinc, selenium. From fast Food, greasy and fried without.

In addition, in the case of low potency, doctors strongly advise:

  • They treat the Problem as a disease, the healing, but not as a collapse of the whole life;
  • Be open with your Partner – to-second fight with the disease much easier;
  • Daily chart correct, in bed tucked up to 12 o'clock, to give sleep to 8 hours.

The treatment in the hospital


Therapy in the hospital is necessary, if the domestic options don't work. This approach is very rare in today's realities.

In this case, hospitals with a comprehensive treatment offer, including the use of several techniques:

  • Shock wave therapy;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Massage;
  • Psychotherapy;
  • Taking medications;
  • Vacuum Effect.

In extreme cases, surgical Intervention. Perhaps a reconstructive operations on vessels of the sex organs or prosthetic Penis.


The deterioration of erectile function, to avoid simple – for this you need some simple recommendations:

  • Body control weight – obesity is one of the risk factors;
  • Cigarettes eliminate Smoking negatively affects the blood circulation and promotes penetration into the body of toxic Cadmium;
  • Of liquor, only red wine in an amount of several glasses per month drink to help, in this case alcohol, on the contrary, to strengthen the potency;
  • In the diet, the principles of the HLS follow;
  • They control blood pressure and cholesterol levels;
  • Sports or gymnastics every morning;
  • Highlight on sleep and recovery time.

Diseases of the internal organs must also have a negative influence on the male force, therefore, regular preventive examinations are held 1 time per year. It indicates a potential disease at an early stage and quickly done with him.