How to improve you, to improve the potency in men the natural way

Although some women interested in prone to frigidity, also in different techniques. There are a number of methods that help with the potency. Wherein not necessarily each time the pharmacy medication.

as for the improvement of the potency


Many couples interested in how to increase the power of the men through natural means. If such a Problem is, then you simply need a set of simple rules that can help to solve it.

First of all, it is strongly recommended that a regular sex life. This rule is one of the most important. Requires strictly the activity of the sexual life monitor when the problems begin. It is very important to the reproductive organs always had a sufficient amount of training, and not only their duration, but the frequency is taken into account. Like every muscle and Organ, the reproductive System, certain loads require. The improvement of the potency depends on the constant Sex. To improve intercourse and the quality of the sperm, which is produced in the body. Quantitative parameters is also a concern.

Secondly, the increase in the potency depends on the Status of the organs of the reproductive system. Other systems in the body also affect what is absolutely necessary, not just trying to cure all ills or to control, but also the implementation of preventive measures that can help prevent the further development of a variety of diseases. Particularly important is the prevention of diseases, sexually transmitted. It's a must to the diagnosis of the doctor. Very common sexually transmitted disease develop almost asymptomatic in the early stages. But to treat in the later stages is much more difficult. Strictly necessary for the Tests to check the Status of the organism. Since most men do not adhere to this rule, then the disease can develop easily, without any difficulties and obstacles. This means that in the future not only of the organs of the reproductive system of the body, but also other systems, which is a life ability will be thrilled.

Thirdly, reduce the amount of alcohol that the person drinks if you need to improve the male potency. And then to pass better, in General, of alcoholic beverages, as they will only exacerbate the Situation. Acceptable rule concerning alcohol: the less there is, the better it is for the potency, and for the whole body. This is due to the fact that alcoholic drinks burn all the useful substances in the human body, so that in the future deteriorates not only the potency, but also weakens the immune system. This leads to all organs, including the reproductive system, can various diseases, which only worsen the Situation with the potency. Of course, some believe that a glass of champagne or wine is a good incentive to sexual activity, but if it is forget potency problems in men, something about alcoholic drinks in General. In the case of some diseases, alcoholic drinks in General contraindicated. For example, this applies to Prostatitis. In addition, no trust in its own potency to ask stimulants, to which alcohol trusted. Better to exclude from the diet.

The weight of a Person

Some of the men are interested in topics like potency increase. In this question, you need to pay attention and the weight of a Person. You should try to keep their own weight in the standard. The extra Kilos get rid of, but with this Sport, exercise and nutrition help. Very often, the cause for the weakening of potency lies precisely in the fact that a Person prone to excess weight, significantly of fat in a short time. This may lack due to the constant Stress, improper diet, and everyday life, movement and low activity.

In addition, some diseases are obesity also provoke. You must get used with the exercises in the morning. Three times a week, you must play sports for a couple of hours. Fit swim, Fitness, running and other activities. Very useful for weight loss and the health of the body classes in gyms. Then, the special exercises developed to increase the potency. They are not too hard and not take a lot of time, so that you can each morning as a Supplement to the morning exercise. In addition, helps to lose weight diet. Not short diets overdo it. You are just a negative effect on health, but not to an improvement of the Situation in the sexual. Better easy Power-mode build. Fit regular smaller meals — you can eat often, but small portions. Also, not too many restrictions. Otherwise, the emotional state deteriorated, and this reflects badly on the potency in men.

Therefore, a rule — you should try to get rid of bouts of nervousness every day. This also depends on the activity in the sexual sense. Reassure you need to your habit of worry. Particularly harmful are constantly worried of small reasons, regardless of the Person. Only the health is deteriorating. In order to be less irritable and nervous, you don't have to abstract just from the constant problems and they take more attention, but also learn to relax.

Similar emotional swings burn the whole energy of the body, so the sexual activity, nothing remains. In order to combat the nervousness, you need to often go for a walk in the fresh air, sports, a Hobby for the soul, to swim, pleasant home work, make a pleasant shopping, travel and much more. And make sure to get enough sleep. Good sleep will not only relax the body and gain strength, may he increase the potency. Recreation plays a very important role. To sleep at least 6 hours per day. Although in the ideal case, of course, it should be 8 hours.


The increase in potency can be achieved with the help of specifically for this exercise. Physiotherapy uses a pubic hair of your muscle groups. These muscles have an effect on an erection, the quality, duration, and severity. The better the muscles in these areas are developed, the better the erection is. Once a day is helpful in such gymnastics.

The first exercise reminded how necessary it is to hold the stone. Have to get up and put the hands on the hips, with your knees bend. Further, you should try even more to bend, while at the same time tensing and relaxing muscles of the buttocks. It is not permitted to stretch the legs. Imagine what is between the legs of a stone.

Potency in men

One more exercise, to strengthen the potency, as follows: to be equal, and the hands down. Now you should try lifting the legs as high as possible. Best to touch the knee to the belly. The step is equal to the big show.

Male power zoom can be bridge with the help of the movement, the so-called. The man must lie on his back. The knees should be in the bent state. The hands are in the vicinity of the body. In this task, you should try to get as high as possible, lifting the pelvis, and then return to the starting position.

You increase the potency, you can with the help of another exercises. Must be in the supine position, relaxed on the back to do with the hands, the legs raised a little. You make circular motions on the Cycling. Sometimes you can do the acceleration.

Proper nutrition

Before thinking about how to improve the potency with the help of pharmaceutical drugs, you can simply try this Problem with the help of certain foods. For example, all know that seafood is not a strong aphrodisiac, so the sexual intercourse man can offer to the meat of the stomach will feel the heavy and fish, or seafood. Their main component is selenium and zinc. It is these trace elements are responsible for the improvement of the erection. Moreover, it turns out that the improvement in the testosterone-helps production, fatty fish.

Increase potency help, a variety of spices and seasonings. For example, you can use cinnamon to various dishes, vanilla, Curry, and much more. The most common ingredient for the improvement of erection as parsley, which a lot of men know. Exactly this product stabilizes the hormonal balance. The active ingredients in the parsley and reduce the production of female hormones, which in turn leads to an increase in the production of testosterone. Also, the parsley is the best preventive remedy for Prostatitis. Onions and garlic also need to add to different dishes. They improve blood circulation, increase the intensity of production of testosterone (which in their composition also contain selenium) and are natural antibiotics, so that the onion and the garlic — a good prevention of various diseases, including the organs and the urogenital system.

Very useful is the chocolate.

It is a well-known aphrodisiac. But chocolate should cocoa is less than 65%. Chocolate not only improves mood, but also conducive to the strengthening of potency. Particularly useful chocolate with nuts. The best almonds, walnuts or pistachios.

The food should not be saturated before the sexual intercourse. Products should be easy — fish, salads, vegetables and fruit. Fit and fermented foods. About medicinal plants, the help, the Problem of potency, the dandelion, anise, St. John's wort, thyme, tarragon, lemon grass. Very useful to eat honey, especially melted on the steam bath. By the way, honey can be used and how applications on the sexual organ.

The psychological factor

The question of potency is very important for many men. Problems in the sexual sense sometimes take the people in front of nervousness, irritability, or, conversely, apathy. Not to despair and to resort immediately to drugs. First and foremost, you need to find out the causes of such state of the body. Maybe the Problem is psychological, or there are problems with the health of the various organs. In any case, you must first heal the body.

Maybe the Problem is the erection, even with the recovery. To improve when the question of how potency, is remained, so one can take recourse to other methods. It is very important to follow the diet. There are a variety of products aphrodisiacs, which didn't help with the intercourse, so that chemical drugs don't need. You also need to play sports and meet her special exercises every day. In addition, folk medicine also a number of recipes that will help you with the solution to the male problem.