Impotence drugs and alcohol: wishes and possibilities of the erection

The word "potency" - the notion of a collective, literally means "energy".

In term of the following aspects:

  • the presence of the Libido (Lust),
  • Offensive Erection,
  • the movement of the Penis in the vagina in the course of time, sufficient for the satisfaction of the partner,
  • Ejaculation with orgasm.
The effects of alcohol on the potency

If a limb is injured, it is about the weak potency.

The main and the most common cause of potency problems than alcohol. A glass of wine or mug of beer turn into an integral part of the evening meal. Without the spirits is not a Triumph of friendship is a gathering in the sports bar. And this bad habit we have from our ancestors, i.e., is literally at the genetic level.

But hardly anyone can deny the harmful effects of alcohol on the male health. It is noteworthy that excessive libations a negative effect on all the members of the erectile function.

With the excessive influence of alcohol on the potency of each of the third pair, where consume alcohol-containing beverages, even young people, your own health is indifferent.

But not all of them in suspicion, on the destructive action of Ethanol on the male force, because on a bottle with vodka written on it: "if you don't need vodka-friendly, the Sex!" And it is a pity, because it is the truth.

The effects of alcohol on the potency

First and foremost, alcohol is the liver function interferes with the Transformation of high-quality cells – hepatocytes in scar tissue. The liver is responsible for the testosterone levels in the blood of the man who defined male behavior, including strength and potency.

Also if you drink alcohol daily in small doses, it has an influence on the Libido of the man.

With age, the level of testosterone in the blood decreases and Ethanol exacerbates this condition. Scientists have proven that ingesting even 100 grams per day reduced the response of the nerves.

Alcoholism and potency are directly connected to each other, in addition, its regular intake is able to have a devastating effect on the qualitative and quantitative composition of the semen.

Chronic alcoholism is the cause for the infertility or the birth of disabled children.

How alcohol affects the erection

Impotence in men in many cases, associated with a narrowing of the blood vessels of the Penis. In General, you are extending the erection and narrowing during intercourse.

Alcohol alters this mechanism and the erection is either not coming, or the course of not enough time

How alcohol affects the erection

The regular absence of ejaculation after a long sexual Stimulation – the leading cause of stagnant Prostatitis with all its consequences.

Men think that Ethanol has a positive influence on the potency, as it promotes the Libido and increase the duration of the contact, due to the delay of ejaculation.

But this only applies to small doses of, say, a glass of red wine, if the concentration of alcohol in the blood is higher, the reaching of the orgasm will be possible. Nerve impulses are simply blocked and not into the brain.

The alcohol is insidious and deceptive in the first period, when the body is in good health and no chronic alcohol intoxication, the man with a weak potency a short-term improvement:

  • increased mood,
  • helps with exhaustion,
  • an erection and Libido is displayed.

After a certain time, regular Sex alcoholism is not fit, or the potency is rapidly deteriorating, and the body is require not Sex, and alcohol.

Very popular, the question is: "How much per day consume alcohol without harm to health?"

The Americans – a healthier Nation, as the Russians, the life expectancy accordingly. To discuss which recommendations of the American experts will give the consumption of alcoholic beverages, to live happy and satisfied and have more children.

Our doctors believe that there are spirits, 40 grams of pure alcohol or 100 ml, or 1 Liter of beer.

However, not all experts in narcology with such a statement. The daily consumption of alcohol addiction as a "trunk", is that the first stage of chronic alcoholism.

Classification of chronic alcoholism

  • Stage I - the development of the pathological shoots to the consumption of alcoholic beverages and the transition from occasional use to systematically
  • Stage II - development of withdrawal symptoms in the event of termination of alcohol intake
  • Stage III - the sharp decline in the persistence of alcohol and the occurrence of signs of a lesion of the internal organs

Due to the high content of natural estrogens (substances with influence of female hormones) in men, a decrease in the testosterone in the blood.

Increased concentrations of estrogens leads to a loss of the male qualities of a beer belly, increased breast cancer (gynecomastia), appears to be the changes.

If the abuse of beer moved in together, develops infertility.

In addition, the strength of the beer is a little goes and the man is to strong Drink, and here, and not in front of the potency, stay alive would.

Phases of the violation of the erectile function, depending on the amount of alcohol consumed

Doses of alcohol in the transmission of pure alcohol.

Effect of Ethanol starts after 2 minutes after entering the stomach.

40 mg - improving mood, eliminating fatigue.

60 mg - a strengthening of the Libido, emancipation.

120 mg – lack of opportunity to carry out his Plan, for physiological reasons.

500 mg of death.

A way out of this Situation

Anecdote: at a reception at the urologist, the Patient.

-What are your problems?

-If I drink, then I can't come.

-So you don't drink!

- If I don't drink I can't start!

In order not to become a hostage of this Situation, it is better you take care of the health and to solve the male problems of the civilized forms.


If you do not come out of ignorance to the diagnosis of "chronic alcoholism", by it alcohol for the improvement of the potency, then other methods to increase male power, namely:

  • Drugs
  • The pharmaceutical market offers a sufficient number of drugs for the correction of erectile dysfunction. After the consultation, the doctor, the agent, the help chooses.

  • surgical
  • You apply in severe forms of erectile dysfunction, for example, on the background of a pronounced vascular anomalies, when the emergence of an erection is impossible in principle. After the tetralogy prosthetics sexual patients life, in General, is getting better and better.

  • physiotherapy
  • There are a number of apparatus for vacuum Massage of the Penis, which create pressure on an erection. The blood circulation is improved, and even the length of the Penis is enlarged.

This pompovie drinking glasses, there are stationary and for the treatment at home.

In the stationary devices possible a one-time additional sub-stream set, and the effects of laser radiation on almost every member of the male Genital System, the to treat Prostatitis, Urethritis, premature ejaculation and other male problems.