As for the improvement of potency in men the natural way


Sexual energy is an important part of the normal physical and mental condition of the men. In General, the basis of all deviations in the sexual area of a specific cause. It can be fixed with the help of drugs, surgery, or correction mode of life.

An important aspect to improve the potency of the diet. In the diet of the man 30 % are strictly in fat and phosphorus. Lipids – the main component in sexual hormones of a strong half of mankind. Phosphorus performs a unifying function in the process of formation of testosterone.

In addition, for the normal physical health man zinc needed. He is part of the active enzyme testosterone. Vitamin E ensures the delivery of the required amount of oxygen with calves blood to the genitals.

In addition to food, it helps to have a special System of exercises, to quickly results special medicines can. "Viagra", "Cialis", "Levitra" and other medications at the right time, sexual vigor and no self-confidence guarantee.


Topics, the questions of improvement of male potency, always in high demand. This is due to the fact that this Problem can occur in men at any age. The climax of male sexual activity falls to 16-20 years old. Between 25 and 75 years of age often erectile function due to various reasons reduced. Such a phenomenon is a normal part of the aging process of the organism. But it does not mean that this process is considered irreversible, and can not change for the better. Before you pick up a perfectly suitable method to increase the potency, you need to find out the reasons for the emergence of this disease. The main reasons for the decline of potency:

• If there is violation of hormone production in the pituitary gland and the testes, then drops the main male hormone – testosterone. This Situation occurs mainly in the presence of tumors, systemic diseases, a variety of Stress, wrong lifestyle, etc. change of direction of rotation due to the normalization of the hormone levels.
• Due to the intake of certain drugs male potency deteriorate. The funds have a dampening effect on the brain, life have a negative impact on the sex and (female hormones, anti-depressants, etc.). Deleting channels you can work in the male organism.
• Mental disorders are to serve to outsiders, often as an impulse for the emergence of such problems as erectile dysfunction. These include disorders, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, autoimmune diseases and many other diseases. The cause is extremely difficult, because currently the possibilities of modern medicine are limited.
• A psychological Problem. It is the most frequently leads to disorders in sexual. Long-term stress, depression, chronic fatigue, neurosis have a negative impact on the personal life.
• Other Causes. Man can vessels a bad blood, which leads to disruption of erectile function. Often such problems are, such as sclerosis of the connective tissue of the Penis, varicose veins, injuries pelvic and promezhnostei, chronic diseases, immune deficiency, etc.

To solve this Problem, such as low potency, you need to realize your presence. This disease knows a large number of men. It can occur at any age. However, only 10 % of men seek treatment. The other 90 % try to solve the Problem yourself. Low potency is a solvable Problem. In most cases, she is wearing a functional character.



The modern life has a dynamic character. Extremely difficult, constantly drawing attention to their health. At the first signs of the occurrence of the reduction of the potency of ways to look to improve. The more time passes, the harder it is to restore it later erectile function. If you want to improve erections, then listen to the following recommendations:

• Regular physical activity. Erectile function is in close relationship with the General condition of the body. If you are exercising regularly your body, significantly improves the cardiovascular activity. Your body is resilient, and will always be in shape.
• The right diet. The food, the a large amount of fat and carbohydrates will clog your arteries. This has a negative impact on the blood circulation. With the aim of improving the erectile function lot of fruits, vegetables, and other foods with a low fat content is recommended. A positive effect on the increase of male potency products, such as bananas, oatmeal, nuts, oysters, Chili, salmon, and many other reflected.
• The avoidance of harmful habits. Nicotine leads to a narrowing of the capillaries and veins. This in turn promotes the blood circulation disorders in the whole body.
• Use of exercises for male Organ. There is a special range of exercises that you can use to stimulate, to strengthen the flow of blood to the male Organ and the muscles that are responsible for an erection.
• The elimination of stress factors. Fear, anxiety have a negative impact on the intimacy.
• Use of additives to improve the male potency. Today in the Consumer market, many funds, the use of which gives you the opportunity to improve your erection. Mostly these medicines include in their composition herbs, vitamins, amino acids. In the Annex to these components, the blood circulation in the male body improve, what is a positive effect on potency.



Folk remedies for the improvement of potency in men is well established. Before you rely on them, you must consult the doctor. Herbs have the ability to enhance immunity, dilate blood vessels and restore the blood flow. Herbs offer the opportunity for a short period of time, increase the Libido. You look at the most popular recipes of increase of a potentiality:

• Nettle. For the preparation of the funding need, take 100 grams of chopped nettle and pour a glass of water. This Tool you need to take three times a day before meals. Components of nettle improves the metabolism and stimulate urogenital function.
• Ginseng root. You need to mix the soil tablespoons of crushed root with 30-40 grams of honey. You take the remedy 3-4 times a day a tablespoon. Ginseng root is a powerful stimulant of the male potency.
• Thyme. This medicinal plant is considered to be the most effective for the health of the man. Its main Element is zinc, which contributes to the normalization of hormone production. 100 grams of thyme need to pour 200 mg. Water. Take 2-3 times a day.
• Pink radiola. Helps to normalize the level of testosterone. The crushed root of the plant, pour water in a ratio of 1:2. The broth is prepared on the steam bath. Taking 3 times a day 100 ml.
• Hemp seeds. Seeds need to fry and take it before a meal once a day. The intake of the seeds is to restore impaired blood circulation.
• St. John's wort. 100 grams of St. John's wort water should be mixed in 300 ml. During the day, and take for 3-4 days at 50 grams. The Tool helps in recovering the blood circulation.
• Parsnips. This plant has a tonic effect on the human organism and relieves the inflammation. Mix 100 grams of herb with a Cup of boiling water and infuse for three days. You take tea three times a day.



Mens-medicines to increase male potency and help to regain a fulfilled sex life in a short period of time. Modern pharmacology offers a large number of effective and reliable tools to have a positive impact on the health of the male reproductive organs. The list of drugs is wide-ranging, so that every man will be able to easily find for themselves the most appropriate variant:

The improvement of the potency is possible in various ways. There are natural methods, natural remedies, a variety of drugs. Thanks to the simple, above-described recommendations, you can maintain your health. The final result depends only on the efforts of the men. In case of difficulties with the health need to contact a specialist.