Exercises to increase the potency at home

Good potency is a sign of male power, reflected directly on the feeling of confidence in themselves and, as a consequence, of life, to have success. But not every modern man to be satisfied with his intimate health and sexual opportunities, because a bad environment and other harmful factors bring about changes in the biological processes of the human organism. In this case, the wonderful exercises, the potency increase.

Who exercises shows, to increase the potency

The increase of a potentiality

It is no exaggeration to say that the exercises to increase potency are not style out of place in the Arsenal of men of all ages and life. A series of exercises in the most common problems helps:

  • Impotence and other diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • decreased sex drive (Libido);
  • premature ejaculation;
  • low stamina during Sex.

The often-mentioned problems, circulatory disturbances, the result of lack of exercise, and the constant sitting at the Computer caused. Under such conditions, any physical activity is a significant help.

If you have problems with potency is due to the constant Stress and nervous exhaustion, and here the physical movement is very useful. During and immediately after the fashion of physical activity in the body rates of actively producing infamous hormone Serotonin, helps deal with Stress and elimination of its consequences.

IMPORTANT! If you continue to have problems with potency were the result of taking certain medications, exercises can be ineffective. In this case, it is better to discuss with your doctor.


Contraindications for the execution of the exercises are:

  • urogenital infection in the acute stage;
  • SARS and other conditions, accompanied by fever, and fever;
  • cancer tumours.

With caution the exercises and men suffering from severe cardiovascular diseases. In this case, increase the load must be very smooth.

Rules and particularities in the execution of complex of exercises for the improvement of potency

The Problem

The most important muscle, and the action of autogenic Training, – pubococcygeus (LK). It is responsible for the effectiveness and masculine intimate health. If this muscle is strong and well trained, the problem with the prostate, and urination does not occur, and the orgasms are more intense. In addition, this muscle, the organs in the correct Position of the pelvis support, without their omission. This sexy muscle actively involved in the processes of production of male hormones in the body.

Before you start Training, you need to this muscle. You can feel the pubic-coccygeal muscle, the easiest way to urination. The man has two fingers on the area between the testicles and the back passage, and for three to five seconds, interrupts the process of water tension of the muscles of the sexual health. Under the fingers of the tense muscle is clearly felt.

Another way to feel the pubic-coccygeal muscle slightly, the shaking, the erection of the sexual member. In this Moment, the man felt, from the heart muscle.

Highlights Training of the PC muscle:

  • the essence of the training of the muscles is the alternate tension and relaxation;
  • the exercises can both sit in, but for maximum efficiency, the execution, standing or lying down;
  • the muscle better and faster to be strengthened, to make some of the exercises must stop at full-exhale and breath;
  • breathe in the execution of the exercises is done through the nose, exhale through the mouth;
  • you increase the load gradually;
  • it should engage only on an empty stomach, after at least two hours after taking it.

The liberation of the lung of oxygen and breathing during the execution of some exercises are necessary for a better enrichment of the body easily digestible oxygen. In the Moment of delay of breathing in the Phase of full exhalation in the body strengthens the carbon dioxide during the subsequent inhalation by active oxygen is accumulated. That is, the more carbon dioxide in the body, the more it receives oxygen. Such an exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen strengthens the PC muscle in times faster.

IMPORTANT! In the days of the exercise need to drink plenty of clean fresh water (up to 2.5 liters).

While the exercises themselves, not drinking water, drink, exercise should be immediately after the end of the Home. Wait for the sense, a half-hour to meet before you created a thirst in order to avoid unnecessary strain on the heart.

Complex restorative exercises

The complex for increase of a potentiality consists of two parts – restorative exercises and Training the pubococcygeus muscle. Strengthening exercises are designed to establish the whole process of blood circulation in the body and increase the muscle tone and endurance. Also strengthening exercises well heated body. The complex bend consists of knee, rotation pool, running on the spot, mimicking run, as well as exercises under the title of "arch".



Familiar of the whole exercise in this complex is a bit different. The legs need a little point, a little socked feet loosen to the outside of the load to the joints on the knee. While the knee-straining bend the muscles of the buttocks and back, transfer the weight, as she wanted to sit on a chair. In the bottom Position for two to three seconds and then slowly return to starting position must remain. It is an approach of 15-30 knees enough to bend.

The Rotation of the pelvis

Simple exercise from the education program, improves the blood circulation in the pelvic organs. The legs spread apart shoulder width, hands on his belt. You will pool of 30-40 Spins in each direction.

Running or walking on the spot

If it is possible to walk in the Park or Jogging, it is perfect! But if this is not possible, you have to use an Alternative to walking or Jogging on the spot. The legs are raised high, such as when walking, the thigh was parallel to the ground, and so very easy to simulate a normal leisurely walk. During the exercise the hands to make active movement. Go to the site for five to seven minutes will be sufficient.

IMPORTANT! If desired, and sufficient neighbors to replace this exercise can be jumps with the jump rope.

Improved arch or bridge

The man lays down on the floor on your back with legs bent and hands outstretched to the sides (at an angle of 45 degrees to the body). You need to rip from the ground and lift the hips, his hand resting faces and heels in the ground and as hard as possible, her ass cheeks squeezed. Stay in this Position for a few seconds and then return to the starting position. With each workout in the afternoon, retention time of the thigh at the highest point of need, for 10-15 seconds, gradually it up to two minutes. For training enough to exercise three to five times.

A series of exercises to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle


This Training consists of alternating tension and relaxation of the sexual muscles. In addition to the development of the strength and the Tonus of the muscles and the improvement of the potency, the suggested exercises, which are regularly carried out:

  • stimulate the release of male hormones in the blood;
  • the elimination of premature ejaculation;
  • A real estate pleasant sensations during orgasm;
  • to improve the quality of sperm and sperm motility, increases the likelihood of a successful conception;
  • oxygen enrich the organs of the small pelvis;
  • develop immunity against urogenital infections;
  • protects against impotence and other abnormalities in the urogenital system;
  • are an excellent prevention of cancer of the prostate and the organs of the small pelvis.

Training and strengthening of the PC muscle must begin with the simple exercises, increasing the load gradually. So, in the first two to three days at each water delay of a few seconds to let the jet of urine, by the tension of the corresponding muscles. The muscles of the thighs, buttocks, abdomen it is advisable not to strain, although it is in the first time. The compression and tension of the muscles during each and every hike in the toilet, after three-four times. Then you can go to a full-fledged exercises.

IMPORTANT! Too zealous in the execution of the exercises is not necessary. An excessive number of repetitions or excessive compression may lead to overtraining the PC muscle, and problems with blood circulation.

ExerciseThe technique of executionThe number of repetitions and the approach
WarmupTo perform lying down, standing or sitting. Fast muscle compress and decompress PC, count from 1 to 60. Shrink and loosen the muscles need to have time, within a second. This means, an approach of 60 contractions of the muscles takes exactly one Minute. Then 20 Seconds Of RestThree sets of 60 compressions. The recovery between sets 20 seconds
FlashingTo perform lying down, standing or sitting. You breathe in through the nose vigorously exhale through the mouth, the breath, shrinkage of the PC muscle along with the anterior muscles. Remain in this state for ten seconds, then relax for ten seconds, breathe and repeat the exercise from the beginningDo three sets of ten repetitions. Rest between sets one Minute
ElevatorExercise can be performed lying, standing, sitting. You must from 1 to 8. On account "a" PC muscle easy to shrink and keep in this Position for five seconds, on the account "two" – something more compact and hold five seconds to hold to the account of the "three" – even more and also. On the account of the "eight" of the PC muscle must be compressed to the maximum. Keep in this state for 10 seconds, the movement with the Elevator begin to bottom: seven – a little bit of echo muscle and hold for five seconds, to stay six – a little bit of the tension in the muscle and five seconds, until "a", when the muscle is completely relaxed. You breathe quietly, without delayTwo sets of five repetitions. The recovery between sets is a minute or two
StairsWill be standing, or sitting. The technique of execution is the same as in the exercise, "elevator", but on the floors remain for five seconds do not need, nor do you hold the muscle in position, the maximum voltage for 10 seconds. You breathe quietly, without delayRepeat the exercise ten times in a row without a break

Exercises to increase potency daily for at least a month. In the future, lessons can reduce up to two-three per week.

Integrated approach: renunciation of bad habits, a proper diet, regular Sex

Difficult to maintain potency at a high level, when connected to the daily Stress, alcohol abuse, excessive Smoking, or even taking simple and not very drugs. Therefore, all the teeth on edge, the next reminder of this necessity is not, despite the fact that the Council on the necessity of the rejection of bad habits have been more is superfluous. It is sufficient to note that:

  • Smoking causes periodic spasm of the blood vessels, impedes the circulation and nutrition in the tissues of the male sex organs;
  • Alcohol consumption over time leads to a decrease in sexual desire by suppressing the production of testosterone, but also to a significant deterioration in the quality (and, by the way, taste) of sperm;
  • even the "light" drugs – a direct path to hormonal disturbances and thus to erectile dysfunction.

If a man is serious, then, must establish and diet, waiver of fast-Food products, richly flavoured with a variety of chemicals. Also, this partial replacement of dietary vegetables and fruit quickly leads to positive changes on the part of the body, including the improvement of the sexual functions.

But there are some proven products that have a positive impact on potency. Among Them:

  • Coffee (not more than three cups per day);
  • Walnuts and hazelnuts;
  • Seafood;
  • Eggs-chicken and quail;
  • Honey;
  • lean meat and fish;
  • Ginger root;
  • Celery;
  • Carrots;
  • Bananas;
  • Dates;
  • Bran, rye bread and bran.

Thanks to the large number of trace elements and vitamins in these products, you already earn the honor of aphrodisiacs, the excitement and the power. Daily intake of these products in the diet pronounced the effect of physical exertion even more.

To strengthen manhood's help and the wisdom of folk medicine. One of the most effective recipes – decoction of the root of the chicory. There is no magic. The positive effect of the pay a visit to the Mediterranean on the male sexual sphere, is explained by the high content of vitamins A, B, and C, valuable vegetable fatty acids and trace elements.

The recipe is simple: one tablespoon dried minced root pour a glass of hot water and cook on low heat for five to seven minutes. Cooled broth strain and take a tablespoon twice a day for an hour before meals. Price – To- Week.

IMPORTANT! The use of this prescription is prohibited, the tendency to allergic reactions.

In addition to exercise and diet also important to have a regular sex life, in the should not be, such as long pauses and an exhausting sexual Marathons. Moderation is good here.

Regular exercise, especially in combination with the consumption of healthy food and with the care of your health, will not only improve potency and prevent all the diseases of organs of small pelvis, but also to actively and successfully in the private and other areas of life for years to come.