Folk remedies for improving potency in men after 60 years

In adulthood, the representatives of the stronger sex, the desire to have the same active sex life, as in youth. Decreased Libido for her is always painful. Therefore, the potency is in men at 60 years and the rise of natural remedies, medicines and other products – a current topic.

There are many examples, where in this age and even older, men were the fathers. But for that you need very little:

Potency in 60 years
  1. To lead a healthy life style.
  2. Diet and eat properly.
  3. Give up bad habits.
  4. Sport and physical culture.
  5. In order to monitor the health and, in particular, for the work of the genitourinary system.
  6. Support sexual function at a high level with the help of traditional medicine.

Characteristics of the functioning of the reproductive organs, 60-year-old men

In contrast to women in whom reproductive System age-related limitations experience, the representatives of the stronger sex for much longer, the need in intimate relationships, and able to be parents and to the seventies.

On the other hand, the potency in men in 60 years, is still not what it was 20 to 30 and even 40 years. The work of the sex glands quenched, for the suggestion requires more time, but a desire is not enough, the erection came, an additional Stimulation of the erogenous zones. The major symptoms are:

  • not enough for the intercourse of strong agitation;
  • premature ejaculation (ejaculation);
  • a weak orgasm, or its full absence;
  • longer rest periods between sexual intercourse;
  • Reduction in the number and mobility of sperm;
  • Reduction in size of the testes and the loss of their elasticity;
  • a noticeable, significant sagging scrotum.

Problems with potency occur at different ages and for different reasons. Some of this is already happening in 30 or 40 years, and in the other, and in 80 such a man of power, that your boy to be envied. It must not be forgotten that the most important role in this case, the testosterone also plays. In the case of reduction of sexual function deterioration, but any representative of the stronger sex the speed of the sex hormone in the blood is individual.

Factors of deterioration of the potency

There are many reasons that lead to sexual disorders in men older than 60 years:

  1. Overweight and as a result, delay in the body fat testosterone.
  2. The weakening of the endocrine glands, have a negative impact on the development of the sex hormone.
  3. The wrong diet.
  4. Metabolic disorders in the body.
  5. Bad Habits: Alcohol, Nicotine, Drugs.
  6. The deterioration of the blood vessels.
  7. Diabetes mellitus.
  8. Fatigue.
  9. Stress, Depression, and other psychological causes.
  10. Insomnia.
  11. The low mobility, leads to disruption of blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis.
  12. Diseases of the kidney and of the urogenital system.
  13. Sexually transmitted infections, and much more.

If you know the exact cause for the decline in Libido, you will always find a way to eliminate quickly and efficiently with the help of various resources and Sex again, their sharpness, strength.

Ways to improve the

Healthy Food

Recovery of sexual function representative of the stronger sex the middle ages, you can almost always. The main thing – the desire and the compliance with all recommendations, data doctor.

In most cases, the improvement of potency in men after the age of 60 does not include the use in a therapy is any procedure measures the effects on the body, but with the whole complex of effective methods:

  • A change of diet: the inclusion in the diet, a greater number of useful products, and abstinence from food, the negative effects not only on sexual activity, but also on health in General.
  • The elimination of excess weight, refraining from Smoking, alcohol, drugs.
  • Enough sleep, no Stress.
  • Active sports.
  • Regular Sex.
  • The use of drugs.
  • The treatment of folk medicine.

The compliance what to produce of all this legislation, and consultation with experts, the say on what to focus on, to more time, and the way in which the implementation of the combating impotence, can rapidly and effectively to the manhood.

The statistics shows that the complex treatment is much better and more effective than, for example, reception of some medicines, either diet or exercise.

Proper nutrition

To repair or enhance the sexual function in old age, a therapy has to do not with drugs but with a change of food intake. It should be possible to reduce the consumption of food, the cholesterol, have a negative impact on the work of the cardiovascular System, and as a consequence, on the potency.

Compliance with the diet, the basis of trace elements and vitamins, and no proteins with carbohydrates, form increases the erection. Therefore, men should regularly there are the following products:

  1. Green vegetables from the cruciferous family (cauliflower and green cabbage, broccoli, turnip, radish, Brussels sprouts, and Chinese cabbage, Kohlrabi, and others).
  2. All kinds of fruit, berries.
  3. Legumes.
  4. Grain.
  5. Cheese.
  6. Sour-Milk Products.
  7. All kinds of nuts, along with the addition of honey and dried fruits.
  8. Fatty Sea Fish.
  9. Fresh juices, green tea.

A negative impact on the recovery of potency after 60 years of following products:

  • Pork;
  • Sausages;
  • Butter;
  • Smetana;
  • Cream;
  • Chicken eggs;
  • salty dishes;
  • carbonated beverages;
  • Alcohol;
  • black tea, strong coffee.

To strengthen without the proper, well-balanced, healthy diet, the Libido is almost impossible.


An important part of adjuvant therapy for, the representatives of the stronger sex in the age of 60 the body culture. A moderate strain on a positive effect on health, leading to a decrease of cholesterol in the blood, the elimination of the extra pounds, strengthening the erection.


In this age, should be the preferred occupations, not requiring a large expense. The most effective and acceptable are:

  1. Yoga Kundalini, through the men sexual energy, strengthens the desire. The main thing is not to overdo it in the beginning. The load should be moderate and step increase.
  2. Aerobics to promote the process of normalization of blood circulation in the whole body, including the genital area.
  3. Exercises to promote strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles, stop urination in the case of a hike in the toilet, as well as the alternating tension and relaxation of the muscles after 40-50 times a approach in a sitting Position or upright. Such exercises should be repeated three times a day.

Good stimulants improving male power are:

  • Early sports;
  • race walking;
  • swimming.

But it simple exercises should stress, activities with moderate, during which you will certainly need to check pulse, blood pressure, monitor the health and your own sensations. Excessive load does not bring absolutely any advantage. To reduce rather the contrary, only a poorer General condition and the sexual function.

Regular Sex Life

A large role in maintaining a high level of erections in adulthood play a regular intimate relationship. Long, long breaks between the lessons of love representatives of the stronger sex after 60 years is contraindicated. At your age, Sex not less than once per week.

The woman, in turn, must help the Partner in every way, just as a desire, and fantasies of a sexual nature is not sufficient for a strong sexual arousal. Skillful Manipulation of tenderness and affection strengthen the erection. Do not hide their shortcomings and remain silent in such a Situation, only worsen the Situation. Looking for reasons for the decline of potency and fight, eliminate all the possibilities.


The struggle with erectile dysfunction and reduced Libido is practically not possible without drugs. However, the use of a specialist should be arranged to avoid the consequences and adverse reactions of the body to certain drugs.

In such situations, doctors generally prescribe drugs:

  1. The blood vessels to expand, which lead to the normalizes metabolism, improves the production of enzymes, hormones.
  2. Where there are minerals, vitamins, bioactive components for the Stimulation of the metabolic processes.
  3. Improving the function of the endocrine system.
  4. Inhibition of Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5), which immediately prior to the beginning of an intimate relationship. For older men, the recommended dose is 5 mg two times less than for the younger, and taking not more than once per day.
  5. Hormonal agents (pills, creams, gels, patches, etc.), the normalization of the sexual activity.
  6. Antidepressants.

Possible and also the use of other drugs. It all depends on the reason for the decline in sexual function, health condition of the patient, the presence of his particular disease. The treatment for every doctor selects individually.

To therapy mostly at home. Men need to understand that the medications have contraindications, and their wrong application can lead to complications, the negative consequences, the difficulty of the treatment. Therefore, you must strictly adhere to the recommendation, data specialist.

The treatment of folk medicine

Special attention in the recovery of sexual function in men doctors at the people's medicine – drugs plant-based, and not synthetic products. Of course, their effect is slower, but the effect is much better and longer.

In almost any this kind of drug is extracts in the Form of tinctures, plants, you can buy in the pharmacy, the already ready-to-use.

The most popular folk medicine to increase Libido:

  • The alcohol tincture of Ginseng, promotes the normalization of metabolism, the hormonal background, men feel a surge of strength, energy, and desire in relation to women, they are more resilient.
  • Seed sowing of hemp, that can increase the testosterone in the blood, and the number of germ cells (sperm).
  • The seeds of the European asparagus and Dodder, to fight impotence and improve arousal in older people.
  • Perga – not revised Pollen, energy-giving, vitality, stamina, representatives of the stronger sex. With their help, you can have Sex extended.
  • Decoction of Dubrovnik ordinary, the effect of which is to strengthen the erection within an hour after ingestion and struggling with impotence.
  • Alcoholate of a beam from the male musk deer – product, stimulates the reproductive system. To feel effect after its use very quickly.

To enhance or restore the potency of the following food:

  1. The Walnuts.
  2. Dried fruits, especially prunes.
  3. Med.
  4. Garlic.
  5. Luk.

To strengthen the effect, you can mix, figs, prunes, poppy seeds, walnuts and sesame seeds through the meat grinder. This mixture, take a day to a tablespoon three times a day.

Only the complex treatment, the avoidance of harmful habits and observance of all recommendations of doctors men get older than 60 years of restoration of an erection and to feel safe in bed.