Increase the potency in men after 60: methods

Closer to forty men it complaints in connection with violation of the hormonal levels of the body, the negative impact on the physical shape and mental balance

the increase of a potentiality to 60

As a result – the first setbacks on the sexual Front, and the older a man is, the more likely it is mistakes will happen. Therefore, the increase in the potency in men after 60 – very important and responsible task for the medicine in particular and society in General.

Factors of the reduction in the male Libido

The recovery of potency after 60 years of age, must the reason is because in this age, in the case of strong sex disastrous starts, his most important hormone testosterone, in abundance, gives the men a feeling of power and superiority. The reduction in the body of the person to lose starts gradually the interest in Sex. Notes on the most important factors, whose presence in human life immediately brings him to the point of no return to normal life, including sex:

  • Use of drugs destroys brain cells and interferes with the circulation of the blood.
  • Alcohol abuse — sets a cross on a normal life in any age, and potency in the case of a strong commitment to the "green snake" suffers in the first place.
  • Nicotine dependence in humans, which shoots directly through the vessels, approaching inexorably to the collapse of the sexual life.
  • Nervous Stress in which all the people, the extremely negative impact on the potency.
  • Rejection of physical activity and laziness are the main satellites impotence, as the blood stagnates in the lower half of the body.
  • The constant fatigue has a negative impact on the production of testosterone. Total – drowsiness, lethargy, transforming it into "vegetables".
  • The great enemies of men in relation to their sexual durability, the products are rich in great content of cholesterol. You complement immediately and the extra pounds too much sugar in the blood.
  • Cardiovascular diseases, sexually transmitted infections, problems with the thyroid gland – these factors also accused in the reduction of Libido.

Methods for the return to the intimate life

For the return to a happy sex, a whole series of conditions of life required to meet the fruitful effect on the organism of the man:

  • The use of pharmacotherapy. This method is very effective, but very time-consuming. He immediately masculinity increases, regardless of the sexual attraction to a Partner, and in the ' 70s, the improve erection can vessels due to the increase in the blood and the direction of the strong inflow of blood into the Penis. This injection may not make for the strengthening of male potency is more than 3 injections per week. The use of data-injection says, if the Patient is injury to the brain activity, and increased sugar content in the body. This Tool is able to erection only in the most desperate situations, by severe diseases.
  • Possibility of the use of special tablets. The method, which is used to a direct impact on the potency, no effect on other functions of the human organism. The use of drugs in the Form of pills sexual intercourse unforgettable sensations that fill the sensations and emotional background. The advantage of the use of tablets for the restoration of sexual activity is different, the way you always order, harm to the body of their absorption determined.
  • Right program for the restoration of potency to eat and well-built with the help of special exercises. Clearly the focus can bring on a healthy way of life and a waiver of many of your habits are quite positive effect, the last always and not only in the short term, to ensure that medications. In order to buy back the coveted potency with the help of natural movement and healthy food, you need to be psychologically ready to ensure that you need for your eyes time and all the success is not guaranteed, to wait so that the effect of "here and now" of the method chosen, the recovery of the potency.
  • Of course, some patients to specialists for medical Intervention. The doctors clearly describe how to improve the potency in the 60s with the Operation directly on the body. So that the man could enjoy life and feel young and in the 70 years and older, the blood vessels of the Penis are subjected to special cleaning, according to the blood supply begins to improve noticeably, the lost erection. Of course, before the Operation a thorough investigation is carried out, but in most cases, the effect of operations gives the elderly a chance to live, without restrictions on the sexual Front.

The gifts of nature for power

In the presence of sexual disorders the use of stimulants, as well as the methods of treatment of the disease recommended:

  • Known in the society as a provoking agent, to help the excitation of sexual desire, breathing life in the sexual. Worth mentioning is the effect of the excitation on the use of funds for the improvement of blood circulation, then improve the erectile dysfunction of the man. If the recovery of sexual function was made more difficult by a variety of factors, the use of stimulants is a high probability that you bring a positive effect on the Sex.
  • Pumpkin seeds can improve as an effective method, and their Fans, known as the Sex-life. The motschepolowaja System of the people be improved under the influence of seed significantly because you will come to the aid in the treatment of Prostatitis. Your application helps in the early stages of the disease, in connection with the treatment of a normal sexual activity.
  • It is no secret that the nervous system is susceptible to Stress, which affects the sexual function. With this St. John's wort impact on the peace of mind and the lifting of the nervousness to help productive, what an immediate effect on the erection.

Minerals and trace elements for the strengthening of the human body

Vitamins for potency

The consumption of food with a content of mineral elements, as an additional incentive for the return to a fulfilling sex life can be an answer to the question of how to improve the potency in 60 years:

  • Zinc Element in the situation, the positive effect on the decline in the sexual performance of the people, to produce testosterone. The content of zinc in large amounts can be found in berries, for example raspberries and strawberries, so to increase the sexual performance is really the way cause as well.
  • Iron – a valuable source for the quality of the Sex and the excitability. Search, you should in the liver, beef, fish and seafood.
  • Phosphorus – an Element, without sinking, the male force in the shortest time begins. To avoid the negative Trends special attention to the fish deserves.
  • Potassium affects the sexual activity and desire. For the constant cheerfulness, the dried apricots to eat, sea Kale, and soy.
  • Protein – gives an impulse to the process of production of sperm in the body. He can be a helper in the number of repetitions of the sexual acts. Chicken, meat, cottage cheese will help to stay in shape.

Gymnastics to improve blood flow to the genitals

The maximum of physical load, after 70 years, it is very questionable, but there are a number of basic exercises, the effect of which is obliged, lost sexual performance:

  • Squats — help restore elasticity to the muscles and accelerate the blood circulation in the small pelvis.
  • The rotation of the hips in different directions is at least 50 times a guarantee of good mood and helps improve the condition of the reproductive organs.
  • Stretch by tilting of the fuselage has a positive influence on the condition of the spine and of the Penis.

Many people, faced with age-related problems with erection, to fight early to stop for the law, the true sex life until old age. The recovery of potency after 60 years, is accessible to all, for it is only necessary, very carefully, the health to choose healthy foods, monitor, take high quality drugs and regularly Tests, for the control of the genitourinary system. The implementation of these recommendations will guarantee of male power for the coming years.