Herbal, and potency: the most important effects and possibilities of application of

Famous doctors of antiquity in his writings on the treatment of potency herbs more than 1000 species have been described, the improvement of the potency.

Means to strengthen potency

On the basis of these herbs, many modern drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and improving the quality of sexual life.


For thousands of years in Eastern medicine thought of what herbs increase the effectiveness of Ginseng as a remedy for impotence. This plant has a pronounced tonic effect, stimulating and stimulating sexual activity. It is in powder, solutions, and tinctures, tablets and capsules.

For the development of the desired effect of a single recording is not enough, you need a multi-day course of treatment. But the young people for the improvement of erection can accept it, and once, about 6-8 hours before sexual intimacy.

Ginseng is not so much improved by the erection, how much it increases its duration. But we should not forget to turf that this plant should not be used in the case of hangover syndrome, how it can heart.

Tree Cola

This natural stimulant known in African countries, such as grass to increase the potency. It is sold in the Form of powder and tablets. It is a pretty powerful means, therefore, we recommend in General for older men with pretty serious injuries the potency.

This plant should be consumed 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse. The uncontrolled intake can lead to a lengthy and painful erections. Men suffer from high blood pressure or cardiovascular insufficiency, it is better not drugs eat this plant.


Rhodiola rosea, the root of gold, is a grassy perennial plant. From their roots and rhizomes extract on 40% alcohol. This plant is several hundred years in the folk medicine of Altai as a means of increased sex drive and known as the grass, impact on potency.

In addition, Rhodiola reduces fatigue and increases efficiency. The extract should be 5-10 drops half an hour before meals three times a day for two weeks


From the root levzei, alcohol extract made, has a pronounced stimulating effect. This plant already in the ancient times used for the improvement of the potency, even at very older men.

Like many other herbs for male potency, Leuzea has a General tonic effect and reduces physical and mental tension. Extract need, take 20-30 drops three times a day.


Tree Yohimbe is growing on the African continent. Its bark has long been known for its potency in stimulating properties. This herbal product is a self-described in various myths. In the European countries with the time they started with the production of the drug from the bark of Yohimbe, yohimbine.

The substance of the plant, not only the vitality, but also increase the production of male sex hormones, exerts a beneficial effect on the sexual power of the man. Like many similar medications, yohimbine is not recommended for use in congestive heart failure.


Oplopanax is growing a plant of the family Araliaceae, in the far East. In effect, tincture of rhizomes and roots zamanihi tincture of Ginseng is approaching. Means, it is necessary, in an amount of 30-40 drops, 30 minutes before eating 2-3 times a day. This plant is not only for the Stimulation of the sexual energy, but also as a General tonic, but, nevertheless, it is more than known as the grass improves the potency.


From these therapeutic herbs for potency, in the far East occurring, emit Alkaloid securinine. Application it is used in impotence, which arises on the basis of the Neuro-mental disorders, also known as effective means. The solution sekurinina is usually time to 20-30 drops 3 of the day. Can also be in the Form of tablets.

The Manchurian Aralia

Based on the Manchurian Aralia prepare alcohol tincture in 70% alcohol. This remedy has a positive effect on sexual function due to its General tonic actions. Tincture of Aralia 30 drops are taken three times a day. There is also a drug saparal, making from the roots of the plants. It is a powder, very soluble in water.

Moreover, tablets, which are assigned produced in 1 piece, 1-3 times per day. The course of treatment should be at least two weeks.

The above mentioned plants are by far not a complete list of natural remedies, righting and improving potency. At first it may seem that they are harmless and can independently be used. But that's not quite right. Prior to use, each of the plants should consult a doctor, because in the case of certain diseases should be taken, these or those funds, as it may cause exacerbation or aggravate the disease.

Also do not use herbs to increase the potency over time, as in this case, can occur negative side effects. This is due to the accumulation of pollutants in the body, in the plant. In addition, the doctor will diseases in the light of the accompanying to get those medicinal plants, which not only increase the potency, but also reduce the symptoms of other diseases.