The influence of St. John's wort on the potency: benefits and harms for men, contraindications

The influence of St. John's wort on the potency is due to the content in the grass of nutrients beneficial to increase the Libido. Respectively, the highest efficiency of the plant show that when erectile dysfunction was caused by chronic fatigue and Stress.


To understand, what is the use of St. John's wort for men is to explore enough of its composition.

St. John's wort for the potency

Main ingredients:

  • Flavonoids – important is the fact that the restoration of normal traffic, as a vasodilatory effect, as well as wound healing-inflammatory and inflammation;
  • Ascorbic acid alleviates the inflammatory process;
  • kvarcetin – a Flavonoid that helps to neutralize the inflammation, to remove puffiness, stimulates blood circulation and has an antioxidant effect.

Apart from that, St. John's wort contains more useful elements that the grass is a wonderful remedy for the liberation of many diseases, including and is for potentiality increase. These tannins, vitamins P and PP, nikotinova, essential oil, choline.

Zinc – is another important component, has a positive impact on the potency and Magnesium supports the proper function of the cardiovascular System. In addition to this, in the composition of St. John's wort, there are such elements as calcium, potassium, iron, and manganese.

Benefits and harms St. John's wort for men

To determine the knowledge about the composition of light, as St. John's wort affects the potency (with positive and negative sides). We consider consider this issue in more Detail.

What is useful?

The rich chemical composition of St. John's wort healing gives him at the end of properties, thanks to which with his help it is possible to substantially improve the condition of the body as a whole and all its systems in particular.

The perfect tool for dealing with pathologies of the cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory and digestive system, as well as the organs of the blood formation.

St. John's wort, as already mentioned, has remarkable anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, sosudorasshiratmi properties.

Herb St. John's wort for the potency is good because it promotes the activation of the glands with internal secretion, resulting in the synthesis of the hormone testosterone. And thanks to the ability of the plant to promote the work of the blood-forming system, lasting appears erections. These properties sufficient to name St. John's wort is the perfect assistant for the recovery of erectile function of the man.


Perfectly, if it is wrong. Therefore, you should some very important points – they help you to avoid mistakes.

So, harm of St. John's wort for the male body is as follows:

  • increased excitability and a premature termination of sexual intercourse – that is, in the case of prolonged use of the plant (rate of more than 20 days);
  • the active growth of hair, increased secretion of the sebaceous glands – such a development is possible, if excessive use of infusions and decoctions. This can alopecia in the development of oily seborrhea and subsequent, furunculosis and acne.

Use St. John's wort for the potency, it should be remembered that everything is good in moderation.

Whether Contraindications?

Another point that you need to know before you use medicinal plant – contraindications St John's wort men. It can not be used when ulcers stomach and duodenal ulcers, severe pathologies in the work of the cardiovascular System and, if you are allergic to one or more substances in the composition. Ideally, the possibility, before consulting the doctor, who will tell you whether or not this folk remedy would be.

As St. John's wort affects the potency and erections?

In ancient times, considered the plant is famous as the strongest aphrodisiac. We analyze their main useful property for the representatives of the stronger sex.

St. John's wort

Useful Features

St. John's wort for men impact on the potency has a direct, largely through the properties of an aphrodisiac. Tension, and increase in sexual desire. Also, the plant increased good sensitivity and promotes an erection. All of this is possible thanks to the improvement in blood circulation and normalization of the nervous system. Not to mention the positive impact on the production of androgens.

Deteriorated or improved?

As already mentioned, St. John's wort is an opposite effect, if it is longer than a certain period of time and in an amount of more than normal. The dosage is recommended, because the excessive acceptance of the plant on the basis of sensory overload, which, in some cases much worse, than no erection.

Recipes and applications Features

Once you have found out, it affects St. John's wort on the potency, and as this happens, it's time to learn the ways of taking the drug-herb in the fight with this disease than the lack of an erection, or a significant deterioration.

Used the plant in various forms is used on the Basis of tinctures, decoctions, teas, and extracts. In General, all means are good, the main thing is that they are cooked on the base of St. John's wort.

Perhaps the external application. For this purpose, use the essential oil and alcoholic tincture. Which can increase the Libido is not inferior to the above-mentioned compound inside.

From the specifics of the application, there are such moments:

  • to reduce and not to increase, the duration of the treatment;
  • not out and not allow the volume of grass in dependence of the specified dosage;
  • Eat before meals, about an hour and a half;
  • no risks in the presence of the contraindications and do not take St. John's wort, if there is even the suspicion of the presence of add.


Perhaps the easiest way to use the plants. The medicinal properties of the herb St. John's wort for men may not thrive less well. You need 10 G of the herb with boiling water and leave for 30 minutes. After this time, the drink strain and drink. It is recommended that medical tea 50 ml three times per day for 2 weeks.

If desired in the tea, you can add, lemon, rosehip, thyme, ginger or honey, in order to improve it and even healthier for the body and tasty.


But the tea made of St. John's wort for men – not just a good recipe. You can also prepare the Infusion in water or alcohol. In the first case, you will need a tablespoon of dried herbs, pour a glass of boiling water, cool, strain and drink as tea, i.e., 3 times per day for 14 days.

For the production of tinctures on alcohol required 0.1 kg of ground dried St. John's wort, pour 0.5 liters of vodka, capacity close liquid and let stand for 1-1,5 weeks. The Infusion of St. John's wort accepted for men 30-40 drops for two weeks, then it is important to take a break (minimum 30 days), after which the course may be repeated, if there is such a need.


It is believed that is in this Form that St. John's wort is less effective if you use it with tea or tinctures. It is recommended, as a preventive measure, and not when the Problem already exists. In addition, the broth may not store more than a day, in connection with the cook immediately a lot of sense.

For the preparation you will need a large tablespoon of raw pour a glass of water, put the container in a fire, wait until the boiling point and keep on low heat for a quarter of an hour. After a small broth to cool, strain and take three times a day for 2 weeks.

How much St. John's wort need to drink to cure potency?

All of the above recipes say that the plant must take place within 14 days, the Form in which it is used. This period of time use, St. John's wort to help improve erection really benefit and not harm.

The reviews of men and doctors

Perhaps the best way to ensure the effectiveness of the various agents, it is with the reviews, where people write their opinion about one or the other treatment methods. If desired, you can study and what the doctors think about of the chosen therapy.

What the representatives of the stronger sex say?

Men subscribe to literally every good word in said address St. John's wort, as this herb helps not only to establish your sex life, but also to improve the General state of health.

Those that are already tried and tested St. John's wort as a means to increase the potency, do not advise to do this, and other men faced with this Problem in the bed.

The opinion of the medical staff

Doctors are more than adequately all the problems in the functioning of the human organism, and not always agree with the treatment by means of traditional medicine (especially big cities).

But if the Problem with erection is frequent Stress and fatigue, doctors confirm that St. John's wort really help sexual well-being of the man.

Now, you know how useful St. John's wort for men, how to cook it properly and consume, you can for the immediate restoration of male power (don't forget to pre-arm yourself with patience, as immediate effect, if you "Granny" recipes pointless).