Vitamins, minerals, potency and male body

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In the selection of products in the Shop, the price, the look, the notice based on the taste preferences, durability. Especially the buyers are advanced interested in, whether it is in the composition of the preservatives, dyes and other chemistry. Most do not pay attention to the content in foods of vitamins and minerals, but also the people that make up their menus on the basis of the needs of the organism in useful substances to find the very hard to. To overestimate their role, the viability is difficult.Value in the life of a man

The word Vitamin derives from the Latin term that referred to in the translation of "substance of life". Vitamins are substances that the normal functioning of the human body.

The health of the men depends on the entry in his body of nutrients, and in greater numbers than in the body of the woman. This is due to the fact that men are taller than women, have more muscle mass, you can lead a more active lifestyle, you lose more calories.

Nutrients for the metabolism, synthesis of hormones (including sexual), the functioning of the Central nervous system, the strength of the muscles and the bones, from the body of free radicals and decomposition products, cardiovascular System. So, vitamins B, C and E are necessary for the supply of men's energy, strengthening the immune system, increase the efficiency, development of the intelligence, resilience to emotional stimuli, to improve the potency.

Lack of vitamins and sex life

Insufficient amounts of vitamins in the body called Beriberi, its influence on the sexuality of the men is manifested in the following:

  1. The work of the internal organs deteriorate, resulting in an erection.
  2. The work of the cardiovascular System and the blood circulation in the genitals, is getting worse.
  3. Reduces the level of sex hormones, resulting in decreased Libido.
  4. Impairment in the sexual sphere, increases the craving for alcohol and cigarettes, and interferes to a larger extent, the absorption of vitamins and disadvantageous for the erection.
  5. Reduces the mobility of the sperm.
  6. Reduced the saturation of the body with energy and stamina.
  7. Reduces the body's resistance to various diseases.
  8. A muscle weakness, deterioration of erection develops.
  9. A deficiency of Vitamin E can reduce a decrease in female genital mutilation to stop sperm production and sexual activity.

Vitamins and minerals for the improvement of potency

There is no less or more for the body the essential nutrients, each of them represents its operation, but for the male potency effective the vitamins A, B, C, D, E, minerals zinc, selenium, chromium and Magnesium.


Vitamin A (Retinol) is fat-soluble (digestible combined with fats). To raise men from the age of fourteen years, requires 1 mg of Retinol per day for the renewal of the cells, slowing the aging, the formation of sex hormones, and mucus secretion. A large number of Retinol in the liver of halibut, cod, beef, pork, chicken, egg yolks, Butter, sour cream, cheese, lamb liver, spinach, peppers, red Crescent peppers, wine, sheets, Yam, carrots, herbs, squash, zucchini, and apricots.

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) is water-soluble, it provides the body with energy, neutralizing state of fatigue, improves the conductivity of the signals of the Central nervous system, for potency in men, the act promotes the happiness hormone Serotonin. Of the day its up to about 2 mg. Thiamine men with yeast, peanuts, buckwheat, meaty by-products, sprouted wheat, bran, oatmeal, peas, beans, peanuts, liver, poultry, lamb, sunflower seeds, potatoes, black bread, rice, herbs, barley, eggs, cottage cheese.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) promotes the conversion of carbohydrates and fats into energy, the development of strong muscles, improves the function of the genitourinary system. Riboflavin is contained in yeast, liver, kidney, almonds, meat, eggs, fish, cheese, mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, soybeans, lentils, beans, peas, dairy products, buckwheat, whole-grain products, bread, Butter. The daily requirement for men is older than 14 years 2 mg.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) improves blood flow to the sex organs, and the body needs in an amount of 20 mg per day. Products, the by eating, you saturate the body nicotinamide: yeast, cereals, bran, liver, peanuts, cod, chicken, Turkey, salmon, veal, lamb, peaches, beef tongue, almonds, beef, wholemeal flour, apricots, potatoes, and others.

Vitamin a

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) is involved in the formation of hormones and the function of the Central nervous system, contained in almost all foods, but disintegrates during the cooking and freezing of food. Is required in an amount of 5 mg per day.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) in the body needs in an amount of 2 mg per day. It is the transmission of nerve stimulating pulses, answering for the thrill of orgasm, but also fatigue. It is located in the pine nuts, beans, walnuts, sea buckthorn, tuna, mackerel, liver, sardines, horseradish, avellanae sunt, garlic, shells, millet, Bulgarian pepper, the chicken.

B9 (folic acid) in men, is responsible for the production of Serotonin, the feeling of Lust, Libido, and this must come in the organism in an amount of 0.4 mg per day. Inside with a bird of the liver, yeast, calf liver, orange juice, spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, soy beans, sunflower seeds.

B12 (Cyanocobalamin) comes to the inside, with animal proteins, which increase is necessary for the sexual arousal, the number of sperm. The need for men is 3 micrograms per day.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a water-soluble, it needs the male body in an amount of 90 mg per day. It provides the body with energy, increases durability, and improves the conductivity of nerve impulses, and an erection is necessary for the happiness hormones Serotonin and endorphins, rejuvenates. When cooking food up to 90 % askorbinki lost.

This acid is located in the rear of the rose (and in the dry it is almost 3 times more), Bulgarian sweet pepper, sea buckthorn, black currants, herbs, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, Kiwi, cauliflower, papaya, strawberries and strawberries, oranges, horseradish, Kohlrabi, Grapefruit, lemons, tangerines, beef liver, gooseberries, radishes, and radicula, quince, potatoes, chicken liver, potatoes, raspberries, pineapple and other products.

Vitamin D stimulates the activity of the muscles, increases blood circulation, promotes the synthesis of testosterone. It adipem-solutum substance enters the body with the fish and the liver of animals, egg yolk, Butter, curd, cheese, sour cream, cream, milk, mushrooms. The male body needs 10 micrograms of substance per day.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol) fat soluble, it is responsible for sexual activity, production of sex hormones, the supply of blood to the genital area, reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Are included in all types of vegetable oils, nuts, soy, peanuts, buckwheat, wheat, rye, whole-grain products and rye bread, beans, rose hips, oatmeal, peas, Butter, eggs, plums and other products. Man needs 10 mg of Tocopherol per day.

Vitamin B


A very important trace element for men is zinc used for the production of sperm, male sex hormones, the functioning of the prostate gland, the digestibility of the Vitamin e In the Norm is the consumption of for men is 15 mg per day. Included in seafood, nuts and seeds, cocoa, meat, chocolate, legumes, milk products, cereals, fish, green bean, corn, raspberries, broccoli, potatoes, beets, and others.

Selenium concentrates in the testicles, seed funicles, and other internal organs of the man. He is involved in the production of testosterone, increases the potency, for enhancing the reproductive abilities of men. In the standard fuel consumption is roughly 100 micrograms per day. Presence of selenium in the liver of animals and birds, octopuses, eggs, corn, rice, beans, barley, lentils, pistachios, wheat, peas and other products.

The activity of sperm increases also Magnesium and manganese, and chromium improves endurance.

Magnesium is an important Element of the macro, it has to be taken boys up to 18 years in number of 410 mg, men up to 30 years — in an amount of 400 mg, older than 30 years, 420 mg per day. Provide the body with Magnesium can of beans with the help of wheat bran, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, tree nuts, peanuts, spinach,.

Manganese contained in tea, coffee, rose hips, spices, grains, seafood, nuts, man needs about 5 mg of the trace element.

Needs, men in chromium — 50 mg per day — can be satisfied with barley by the introduction of the diet of tuna fish, liver, beets, fish and seafood.

The use of vitamins for potency

To before you start food and vitamin complex, analysis on the content of vitamins, then it will be possible to determine exactly the need for them. You are also paying attention to contraindications, and side effects of your recording.

If all fit

the use of vitamins

For the intake of medicines there are contraindications:

  • Increased Blood Pressure.
  • Cardiovascular Diseases.
  • Heart defects.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Duodenal ulcer.
  • Ulcer of the stomach.
  • Vitamin E not use in the case of the presence of cardiosclerosis and myocardial infarction.

Side effects

By taking medications such side effects may occur:

  • Increased Fatigue.
  • Headache.
  • Pain in the stomach.
  • Dizziness.
  • An Allergy.
  • Insomnia.
  • Irritability.
  • Diarrhea.
  • The ugrewaja rash.
  • Dizziness.
  • Nausea.
  • Photophobia.
  • Hypervitaminosis — a very dangerous condition, this is true for the fat-soluble vitamins because the excess of water-soluble excreted with the urine. Gastritis, Bleeding, Kidney Stones, Failure, Thrombosis Of Renal.

Not only vitamins: physical activity, exercise therapy, psychotherapy

Improving the quality of sexual life is also possible:

  • Rejection of bad habits — alcohol, cigarettes, drugs.
  • To come avoiding Stress and hurry.
  • A Good Night's Sleep.
  • Sports.
  • Weight control.
  • Rejection of unhealthy food, which affects the synthesis of testosterone.

Moderate (not strenuous) physical exercise with small weights to raise testosterone levels, improve blood flow to the genitals.


Also benefit from physiotherapy. Recommended exercise:

  1. Rotation of the pelvis.
  2. Step on the spot with high raised knees.
  3. The tension of the gluteal muscles.
  4. The rise of the pelvis from the supine position.
  5. Cycling in the supine position.
  6. Voltage Pubic Hair Muscles.

An important point for an erection is a state of mind:

  1. Self-confidence to develop.
  2. Do not concentrate on the random errors.
  3. Women should not joke about men's problems.
  4. Turn off the thoughts for a different profession.
  5. In special cases, perhaps you should therapist a psychologist or sexual.

Sexual life affects the health of man and intertwined closely with him, also has an impact on the mental state. To life if the man suffers from a disease and problems during Sex, to rethink style and diet, in particular, to the menu to diversify healthy food, rich in vitamins.