As the beer affect the effectiveness?

People in the field of medicine, and again, you talk about the dangers of beer for men. Is there mention of education in the course of time, alcohol dependence, in the case of frequent consumption of a man, a beer, the last one has a very negative impact on the potency. The statistics asserts, that the beer tube alcohol dependence, compared to vodka, made much faster.


In the course of time, not only the physical, but also mental health, deteriorates the fatigue and deterioration of the self-assessment. But Fans of this drink is sure that he is not only not harmful, but will also bring significant benefits.

Let's see how the beer affects the potency and the condition of the organism as a whole, and which processes in the body occur with prolonged and regular use.

The composition of the beer

For starters, let's talk about the components that make up this frothy drink in an easy to read table:

The name of the components List and characteristics
VitaminsMalt used for the preparation of the drink, offers the availability of B-vitamins, folic acid and derivatives thereof – folates.
Plant fibers Person per day should be 30 grams of fiber of which 1/3 is represented soluble fraction. The consumption of a limited amount of beer is in the location, 17% of the required soluble plant fibers, which help lower cholesterol and prevent constipation.
Trace elements In the drink by malt contains more than 30 trace elements in one litre of almost 50% of the people the necessary daily dose of Magnesium, phosphorus in an amount of from 40%, 20% potassium and a little Calcium. It should be remembered that the beverage brewed in containers made of metal alloys. Therefore, in it contain a little copper or zinc. Even brewer's yeast is a source of iron, copper, zinc, molybdenum, selenium and chromium. In the composition of the beer is received, and silicon – the Element required by the body for the production of collagen, which is found in the composition of the tissue.
Ethanol Such substances are to be found in all alcoholic beverages and when consumed in large quantities, have a negative impact on health. Studies have shown that Ethanol in small quantities, prevents, in some cases, damage to the vascular system of the brain, the development of coronary heart disease and Diabetes, promotes the development of good cholesterol.
Maltodextrin In the drink contain a considerable amount of nutrients . They are complex carbohydrates, the time of fission is not large enough. Accordingly, the release of glucose, prevents the development of hypoglycemia.
Hops This component distinguishes beer from other alcohol. About the beneficial properties of hops is its inflammation of the tell-inflammatory and bactericidal effect. Antibiotic resistance for acid in the composition of the plant polyphenols, natural antioxidants that protect the body against free radicals. Also, the antioxidants in the beverage, aging, and the development of cardiovascular diseases

So substances that the ingredients of the beer, for the most part are useful and necessary for the body. Disputes caused calorie content of beer is in the location of the weight in a negative lover of the drink affect.

However, if you carefully check the label on the bottle, you will notice that 200 ml of drink contains only 90 calories. In alcohol-free beer in similar quantities to only 34 calories. In all of the, in men, miss drink, you need a beer belly. In this case, it's not about calories, or the above-mentioned substances, and the female hormones of vegetable origin negative impact on the hormonal background of the organism.

Estrogens and male body

Despite the fact that estrogens are the female hormones that the ovaries produced in a male body, are also present, but in smaller quantities. The preparation of these hormones in the case of the representatives of the stronger sex, the testicles are dealing together with the cortex of the adrenal glands. But for the most part, the production of estrogen in men, it is a conversion of the molecules of testosterone. If you consider useful, whether the beer is in regards to the presence of estrogens, they should start with the list of their positive qualities for men:

  • You are able to assist in the permissible limits of cholesterol;
  • in connection with testosterone for enhanced muscle growth;
  • support the sustainable condition of the nervous system;
  • in the case of an insufficient number of estrogen, neither women nor men are not immune to the lowering of the Libido.

Depending on the Mature of the man in the natural hormonal changes of the balance sheet. The level of the hormone testosterone gradually decreases, while with age in men an increase of estrogen is. In the case of an insufficient number of testosterone, the deposits of excess fat start, which is especially dangerous in the area of the abdomen. It is precisely in this area of testosterone converted into estrogen, increasing the amount of it comes to the deterioration of health in General.

Excess estrogen is fraught with the advent of depression and Stress, develop gynecomastia, erectile dysfunction, the production of testosterone suppressed, the deposition of fat on the female type.

The level of estrogen can also increase, not only by age, but also because of the life style, due to incorrectly sized food, if the menu products, many of these substances contain.

The influence of the beer on the potency of the man, it is in the case of frequent consumption of a negative impact on the appearance of the Person. Common characteristics of men are womanish. In the list of unwanted dishes, increase estrogen levels to drop, soy, in the delivery of numerous products such as milk and meat as well as Desserts, legumes, including beans, beans, and peas.

Estrogen levels increased against the background of the abuse of coffee. And finally, you should be one of the most important representatives of the alcohol – beer, as an important influence on the male body, and in particular the male potency estrogen by inhibiting the hormones in the organisms stronger sex, are the reason why sexual dysfunction is formed.

  • the deposition of fat on the sides, and hips;
  • extended pelvic area;
  • the proliferation of breast glands occurs;
  • sometimes there is an increase in the tonality of the voice;
  • reduces the size of the Penis.
Effects of alcohol on the potency in men

For the global changes enough to eat every day, about one and a half liters of beer. Scientists have carried out experiments in which animals are involved. The essence of the experiment consisted in the feeding of plants, the composition of belonged to Phyto-estrogens.

In the result, the test persons had lost of problems with the health of animals, the ability to reproduce. On the Basis of this experience, you can.of influence of the beer to the power going out is unlikely that it will be positive, such as the ability for the production of offspring

We will talk about how the abuse of beer affects the potency. The emergence and the development of male characteristics is not without testosterone – this hormone is not only for men, the most important, but also with ease be transformed into a Phyto-estrogen, which, under certain conditions. In this Transformation the return lock. Just testosterone has a fundamental impact on the erection. Many representatives of the stronger sex in reducing the levels of a hormone are prone to depression, renunciation of sexual contacts.

The beer and the potency is inconsistent, if the drink is in large quantities. The production of testosterone occurs in the testes, the atrophy under the influence of the prepared alcohol-containing beverage in the course of time. Another side effect of abuse of alcohol – malfunction of the liver, a result of what the production of enzymes testosterone is.

The regular consumption of beer is bound to pose problems with control of ejaculation and erection. Beer problems with impotence, when the tide of blood to a sexual authority is not sufficient:

  • Testosterone is in a depressed condition worsens the quality of the ejaculate.
  • The sperm are less mobile.
  • An orgasm is difficult because of the constant use of the beer gradually, the subcortical structure of the brain is damaged.
  • The beer has a negative effect on the urogenital system, including kidneys, which also reduces the level of potency.
  • If the fertilization succeeds, a high risk arises for the birth of children with a variety of deficiencies – both physical and mentally.

After the use of alcohol male reproductive system is stabilized for a period of less than a month. This alcohol is during this whole time continues to have a negative influence on the sperm cells, and all of this leads to a reduction in the speed of change in the structure of the sperm and the ejaculate.

Important! Updated cum with three-month intervals, and if a child is conceived, at least in this period, waived the taking of an alcoholic beverage should be.

And another point in the cut, how will this affect the beer on the male body. Rarely, the drink this drink in itself, a load to go to him a variety of Snacks, fats, and spicy meat dishes and sausage with sausage, fried foods. This menu is reduced no impact on the level of cholesterol, which is a negative point and clogging of the blood vessels, which can also the potency.

The use of beer

Positive moments in the consumption of beer

Taking into account all changes in the work of the organs and systems in the use of beer legitimate excitement and doubts arise, because they will refuse a delicious drink, the men are not ready. Swedish scientists decided to a positive mood in the crowd, proving and documented to justify the fact that the beer can serve and the positive factors of influence on the Libido factor. However, in order to achieve a similar effect, you need to have two rules:

  • Do not exceed the daily normality of the drink – the maximum amount shall be, for men more than a Pint.
  • Another important point – the quality of the drink and its variety. Oh, but the modern beer is brewed using beer-powder, that is to say, the product is knowingly not natural. For this reason, and its use is very questionable.

It is proved that often the cause of health problems is the consumption of beer dark varieties. However, in the initial phase, and in the case of small quantities of beer to the health of kidneys due to the fact that it is a natural diuretic. Also, the receipt of limited quantities of beer, tones the heart and blood vessels, strengthens the walls of the organs, improves the appetite and the metabolism, prevents the formation of blood clots, normalizes the intestinal flora and form renal stones.