Influence on the potency of hemorrhoid

has hemorrhoids the potency

The emergence of hemorrhoids is quite common in men of middle age . The last time this Problem also occurs with the younger representatives of the stronger sex. The pathogenesis of this disease is in the impact of the following factors:

  • A lack of exercise;
  • excessive physical stress;
  • lifting heavy weights;
  • frequent constipation;
  • a wrong diet;
  • hormonal disorder;
  • mechanical damage to the Anus.

A large part of the listed reasons for the development of hemorrhoids is in the lives of young and older men. Work or leisure pastime on the Computer, load in the gym, eating oily and Junk Food — for some such phenomena is normal. Upon the occurrence of hemorrhoids, the question is: does hemorrhoids on the potency?

Hemorrhoids and potency

How are these two terms and can hemorrhoids interfere with the normal function of the reproductive organs? Experts claim that the course of this disease rectum no impact on sexual function. But it concerns only the direct impact on the potency of hemorrhoids. Considering the question more deeply, so you can keep track of the negative impact of the pathology on sex life.

The first Phase of the hemorrhoids does not draw the special attention of men, and caused no complaints. In the early stages of the disease, no interference on the part of the sexual function. If the inflammation escalates and nodes are formed, the man begins to feel pain in the perineum, which is a serious concern. In this Phase, problems are of a psychological nature. The constant pain, bleeding from the Anus, a strong feeling of discomfort as in the sitting and in the standing Position — all this is not bypassed only longing, and drives the Depression. The man is anxious not just a Problem of hemorrhoids and he has no desire for Sex. And if you of this page, the question is whether hemorrhoids on the potency, one can say with certainty: this disease destroys the intimate relationship.

Hemorrhoids and sexual life

During intercourse the man the muscles of the groin and the perineum is tight, especially on his final round during ejaculation. If the sexual partner suffers from hemorrhoids, then active actions do not bring him joy, but rather cause pain. Unpleasant sensations are reflected immediately on the mental Constitution. Erection disappears, sometimes completely disappears and the man begins to be unsafe. In consequence, it is a complex develops, the background is eliminated completely and want to have Sex. Fear of failure and repetition fix full vision, and it threatens with serious mental disorders. It can be concluded that hemorrhoids a cause of a decrease in potency, but only as a psychological factor.

Also the potency of the due to hemorrhoids can weaken in a result of diseases of the genitourinary system. For example, the problems of sexual character, it was due to Prostatitis, arisen, which, in turn, is due to hemorrhoids. It turns out that the original factor of the negative impact of pathology of the rectum. Reduced potency may be a Symptom and other diseases, which develop on the background of hemorrhoids.

Preventive Measures

To avoid interference of a sexual nature, which must be due to the formation of hemorrhoids, take drastic measures to fix this problem. When you recognize the first sign of hemorrhoids, need a proctologist to be treated apply. Try factors, pathogenesis exclude: move more, watch your diet, to avoid significant physical exertion. Also, it is important to remain calm and trust in yourself. Every disease can be cured, if you be idle and in a timely manner with the help of specialists!