Erectile dysfunction can occur in men and in elderly, and in young years. 52% of the number of sexual disorder is, in most cases, people between the ages of 40-70 years. To understand how for the treatment of male impotence, the physician should be the cause of the disease. According to the statistics, in 80% of cases, the causes of erectile dysfunction organic nature (if the Patient has cardiovascular, endocrine and other diseases). In 20% of cases of male impotence develops because of psychogenic disorders.

In the following, the most effective methods and means for the treatment of impotence in men.



The rational organization of the daily Routine is a simple, but effective method for prevention of impotence. Under the "rational mode of the day" is to be understood the optimal alternation of work and rest. If work time and private time is calculated correctly, so all of the body's systems of procedure, are functioning properly. Women whose husbands have impotence at an early stage, it is important to pay special attention to the organization of healthy sleep spouse, because without it impossible to have a good rest of the brain, nervous system and muscles. In the case of chronic lack of sleep in men's health is undermined and exhausted the nervous system, which, in turn, leads to a weakening of potency. Sleep duration is individual for each person, on average, the number is 8-9 hours of the day, in bed, better go to 12 PM in the night. Perfect recipe for the prevention of impotence are Hiking in the fresh air. Also prior to the appointment of special medicines will be worth a try grueling to give up work to start in order to avoid a regular sex life, or long abstinence and frequent sexual contacts.


Regular physical activity both in the gym and at home helps the man to strengthen the immune system and to support muscles in a tone. Every loving wife to her husband can provide a common, a series of simple exercises impotence.

  1. Hiking with high elevans knee. The original Position: standing, back straight, arms down. Legs rise to cuddle my knees to the belly.
  2. Squats. The original Position: standing, back straight, hands on the belt, the legs slightly bent in the knees. The man must bend to make light of the knee, straining the muscles of the buttocks. The legs are bent as possible.
  3. Running on the spot. Starting position: standing, back straight, knees bent. The man begins to run on the site. It work just the heels of the socks should not be detached from the floor, the knees move in a fast pace.
  4. Tension and relaxation intimate muscles. The original Position: every Position. You have to alternately tighten and relax the muscle between the testicles and Anus. During training, strengthen intimate muscles, of the for potency in men.

    Vacuum therapy is one of the most in-demand procedure allows for it, the men get rid of impotence (ED). This method is effective in more than 90% of the cases, the recovery of potency. Vacuum therapy as a safe agent for the treatment of ED, as an Alternative to the surgical procedure (Implantation of the implants) and the approval of drugs. During treatment around the Penis creates a vacuum, which causes the natural tide of blood into the Penis.



    For the treatment of impotence in men following surgical methods.

    Revascularization of the Penis. The cure of male impotence may be one of the methods of microsurgical revascularization of the Penis. The most common treatment – surgery, Michal-2. The surgeon creates an anastomosis between the epigastric artery and dorsal artery of the Penis. Also to combat impotence Operation Virag 5 applies, at the time of the happening alii anastomosin perficiebant inferior epigastric artery and deep dorsal vein.

    Venous Surgery. This method treats impotence in lesions veno occlusive mechanism of the Penis. The surgical treatment is of several types:

    • spongiosis,
    • ligation the legs of the Penis,
    • endovascular embolization of vein of the Penis,
    • ligation and resection corporis and emissarnyh veins.

Venous surgery is often used in combination with conventional treatments, and medication.

Endofalloprotezirovanie. These surgical treatment as the most effective. It allows you to get rid of impotence in 90% of all cases. The treatment helps to restore the rigidity of the Penis which, in turn, the Implantation of implants inside cavernous Tel.


The folk medicine knows many recipes of impotence: drugs and the means on the Basis of herbs, fruit and vegetables. The fruits of the Kiwi are useful for men, because they contain a lot of Vitamin C and potassium is a natural Supplement for building muscle of the body. Efficient Folk remedy to combat impotence as walnuts and pine nuts. In the treatment of the juice out of celery, alcohol tincture of Ginseng, and much more. If you decide to treat sexual disorder with the help of the methods and recipes to make with your doctor.