At what age potency is reduced in men

Problems with the male force need not arise in the case of the representatives of the stronger sex, who are younger than 50 years. In recent times, these statistics will be becoming less and less relevant and the problems with male health arises much earlier. Is called a reaction of the organism to a variety of physical and psychological factors, the man himself wears in his everyday life.

The main cause for the decline of the erections of physical, psychological problems, or their combination with each other. Problems with potency can not be ignored, even older men, because they, too, need to lead an active sex life. To know in which age of potency, reduced men, the representatives of the stronger sex will be able to take certain preventive measures to keep your health for years to come.

the decline in erection

Up to what age a normal potency

Potency up to what age may not be lower at man this Information is very important. The statistics the doctors said that the gradual extinction begins, the male strength already at the age of 50, but if you try some of the preventive measures, the male force will remain stable much longer. Yet statistical data on the international medical studies say about the following:

  • in 10% of men thirty-year-old sometimes there are minor setbacks in the bed;
  • after 40 years, 50% of the male population have problems with erection;
  • Men younger than thirty years old, rarely confronted with the unpleasant problems of the weakening of the health of men;
  • after 50 years, almost every representative of the stronger sex, faced punches with a periodic return;
  • at the age of 60 or 65 years of age sexual function falls almost to zero, was not observed-like erection.

Male potency and age representative of the stronger sex can be considered to be connected to each other. If a man leads a healthy life, the him you can a long and productive sex life, and, otherwise, you have to very often, and regularly visit doctors.

If a man want to treat yourself, to do the absolutely. Sometimes, in order to correct the Situation, the representatives of the stronger sex, many medications have to take and decided even surgery. Therefore the man is not worth your health to run, but in the case of the rare sexual failures begin to sound the Alarm.

Why decreases the effectiveness in young men. The most important triggering factors

Problems with male health in the last time very rejuvenated. This is directly due to the fact that the representatives of the stronger sex work a lot, wrong way of life, no regular sexual partner. The main causes of the thirty do not meet year old man can be his wife in bed, the following factors:

Problems in the bed
  • Alcohol abuse and Smoking;
  • Representatives of the stronger sex leads a sedentary way of life that stagnant processes provokes in the pelvic area;
  • frequent abstinence from sexual intercourse with a Partner;
  • Heart problems and Diabetes mellitus;
  • frequent stressful situations, nervous breakdowns, and regular fatigue;
  • various physical injuries are present, especially in the genital area.

These factors are a very serious Problem for many men and will not give you the opportunity to lead an active sex life. And it is here also that the quality of the sperm sired allows a child. Erection is very weak, and a full-fledged sexual contact is virtually impossible. This Problem can occur because the hormones are disturbed. To accurately determine the cause of problems with potency man is at home not able to give him essential to check the body completely in a medical center.

What to do when the young man fell potency

Worth mentioning is the fact that older men are part of this Problem is fairly quiet, but the young people want to solve it as quickly as possible. In this case, after the handover of all analysis and expert investigation, can offer to the doctors the man the following solutions for the Problem:

  • drug treatment and correction of hormone levels with the help of tablets;
  • the Massage of the prostate and other physiotherapeutic procedures;
  • the right diet and the exclusion of bad habits;
  • Execution of special exercise to jams;
  • a series of injections to improve the male condition;
  • the elimination of psychological factors, the emergence of such a problem;
  • How to troubleshoot a problem by a surgical procedure.

The last measure will be only in critical situations, and in most cases, all of the conservatives eliminated. Male potency is recovering very quickly through the use of tablets, but to abuse them is not necessary, better to start to live a healthy life style, get rid of psychological Stress and everything slowly returned to normal.

Problems with potency

What to do if the potency disappears in men older than 50

Each man must clearly understand what is in his life, sooner or later the time comes when his manly strength begins to fade. The decrease in potency after 50 years is the Norm for the body. To decrease the effectiveness started before the time, man must regularly effective preventive measures, among which it is worth noting practice value:

  • lead an active and healthy lifestyle;
  • stay away from different types of stressful situations;
  • not to overwork your body too;
  • very carefully to your heart, to monitor the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • in the diet more vitamins and trace contain elements with certain foods.

If you eat 15 pieces of walnuts per day, then with the potency of everything is in order.

A very positive impact on the condition of the intimate health of the men walnuts have. If food is 15 pieces per day, with the potency of exactly everything will be fine.

If a man takes the pill, then you should not need to miss. The doctor can tell exactly how you give the medication properly, but if a man is not treated in the clinic, then he should very carefully read the instructions to find out if he can be contraindications for the medication, and what side effects it will receive. With the age of the male sexual drive decreases and it is quite normal, but it's worth it to do everything, in order for this to happen as late as possible.

What can I do, to the loss of male forces are not a Problem of young age

Problems with potency in young age are very rare, but certain damaging factors can be the quality of the health of men. It is enough to alcohol abuse, passive way of life, or a certain physical injuries. That a man could for as long as possible, to their intimate health keep, he should be prevented on a regular basis:

  • Eat more green, fresh juices, nuts with honey, and less greasy, fried foods;
  • you can try to correct completely stressful situations from your life;
  • Men of all ages regularly need to to motor activity, the potency of the factors not be disturbed as long as possible;
  • for the sake of the health of men is better to abstain, the frequent intake of strong alcohol and Smoking.

Potency is not affected, and in the thirty years of age, if the man leads an active lifestyle and has no physical injuries.

Repair male force-50 years may be due to the intake of medicines.

The maintenance of male health should not be representative only of the stronger sex, but also his closest staff. Also in the case of minor transgressions of her husband in 30 or 40 years, the woman does not have to respond to the very strong. Sometimes the psychological barriers are even more serious Problem, as a Problem in terms of physical health. Repair male force-50 years is due to the intake of drugs, and, in extreme cases, doctors the surgical procedure.

To know in which age, male potency, weakening, of the representatives of the stronger sex, expected to be in the position to morally prepare for this. The only way more serious problems can be avoided and try to keep the Situation under control. The correct way of life is extended, and the male health, so that you can before you drink alcohol or smoke a man should think, that in a few years, with the potency. If man wants to save your intimate health for years to come, then do everything possible to avoid problems.


After 50 years, the male potency begins to decrease slowly. To reach in the course of time, state an erection only when taking medication. If that happens, then the Person must immediately run to the doctor competently and try to solve the Problem. Such a state is impossible. Because the longer the man is a strong sexual health, the less interfere with other problems.

Men's Health is a very important factor for the stronger sex, and therefore it is necessary to protect him in his youth, had to live not to early adopt sex. A healthy life style, proper nutrition and moderate exercise are very useful, but Smoking and alcohol to kill the male power very quickly. This is to remind you, before you damage single-handedly to the organism.