How to increase with the help of natural remedies male potency?

Decreased Libido and erectile dysfunction are increasingly becoming a negative influence on the quality of life of our men manifest themselves at a young age. This happens under the influence of many factors, always independently of us, but Folk remedies for the improvement of potency for men help together with the change of lifestyle and certain habits to solve the Problem.

what are the factors that affect

What are the factors that affect the potency

The male force is dependent on many variables, ranging from inheritance to the working conditions. According to statistics, more than two-thirds of men are faced with the challenge of an erection, and long before the official retirement age. From such complaints, no one can be immune, therefore it is worth knowing the main reasons for their emergence.

Why drops the erection:

  • Poor quality of food;
  • Hormonal Dysfunction;
  • Bad Habits;
  • Hereditary Predisposition;
  • Duration of stress;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • The excess vinegar mass of a body;
  • Problems with circulation and blood vessels;
  • Psychological Problems.

Folk remedies for the improvement of potency in men

The used recipes are tested over the years and through the reviews in an efficient and cost-effective stimulating healing provide a means for sexual dysfunction. To apply you need to these courses, but the maximum effect is only in case of fundamental change of lifestyle, diet, and physical activity.

It must also be taken into account, because impotence is a complex Problem, not only physiological, but also psychological.

Stimulating Libido Products

The group of aphrodisiacs have been used for a very long time, not only as a home remedy to increase potency in men, but also as a Libido stimulator for women. In the case of a deterioration of sexual function, such products should enter into the diet, and replace the usual dishes. Under aphrodisiacs, a lot of spices, such as the familiar and exotic.

Which products help, the potency increase:

  • Honey is a invaluable source of important substances. A proven method of strengthening the potency of folk remedies — necessarily included in the diet of this useful product. You can replace the sugar in hot drinks, but also in therapeutic mixtures of dried fruits. One of the best recipes — honey with walnuts, helps to increase the potency. To do this, you need to eat a tablespoon of the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach. In addition, proven mixture of chopped dried apricots, lemons, raisins, and prunes, seasoned with honey. In addition to a good strengthening effect, this composition is considered to be magical for men.
  • Dates are one of the products, increases the potency. For optimal effect it is necessary to eat 10 fresh or dried dates a day.
  • Ginger root is a good blood, warming accelerates and improves the blood circulation in the pelvic organs. To cook in order to drink a means for the potency of home is enough, a teaspoon of dry ginger powder, dissolved in a glass of water. Fresh ginger is from the calculation of the grated pieces, the size of a small plum.
  • Carnation also contribute to the strengthening of potency. For this spice, you can drinks and food, and the observance of reasonable doses (carnation — very scorching wort).
  • Celery also has a positive impact on sexual function. It can be soups and salads, as well as consumed. It is noteworthy that the effect of the Libido not only for men but also for women.
  • Garlic is a good home remedy for the improvement of the potency. It can be treatment for the long-term. About a kilogram of crushed cloves pour in three-Liter glass jar and pour clean boiled water to the neck of the bottle. Store the closed jar in a cool place, periodically shaking to a uniform mixture. After two weeks, the mixture is ready. Eat, you need a tablespoon a day. The treatment is continued until the entire solution is not to drink.
  • Seafood have a stimulating effect on sexual function. To do this, you should regularly include in your diet. In addition, they contribute to the saturation of the organism with the necessary minerals and trace elements, reduces the risk of chronic diseases and problems with the heart and blood vessels.
  • Carrot juice, is available daily on an empty stomach to improve the potency in men folk medicine. In addition, the broth works carrot seeds (a teaspoon in a glass of water). The seeds, grind in a Mixer or just chewing in the mouth, washed down with the water. It is a daily habit will help the male force.
  • Parsnip is a close "relative" of carrots, is used in a similar way. You can add, dried vegetables, in the kitchen, drinking the juice, as well as the application of a decoction of the seeds. Well, the combination of vegetables works for the preparation of useful juice out of carrots, celery and parsnips.
  • Beet also contributes to strengthening the male power. Regular consumption of this vegetable has a positive effect on male health. In addition, it is a very healthy and tasty product.

Folk remedies for the strengthening of male potency is not act immediately. However, if there are no serious clinical diseases, such methods help restore masculinity without harm to health and for a long time.

Medicinal herbs for the improvement of potency

Medicinal herbs for the improvement of potency

The recipes are simple and effective, but only when used correctly. Some herbs, such as St. John's wort, are the biologically active components, which in the case of an overdose, it can result to undesirable complications. Therefore, the compliance with the recommended dosage and frequency of ingestion is necessarily.

Useful decoctions for increasing the male power:

  • Hypericum perforatum — two tablespoons, you need to brew in a glass of water. You insist, at least an hour, then strain and drink 50 ml three times per day;
  • Hop cones also brewed according to the previous recipe (the a spoonful of raw materials Cup of boiling water), a mixture of boil for five minutes, then insist and take half a Cup three times a day;
  • Calamus root, used brewed, or fresh, also contributes to the enhancement of potency in men. This can be a small piece of chewing fresh root, but the tincture in a ratio of 1:5 with alcohol. This tincture to increase the potency take 20-30 drops three times a day. The minimum rate — one month;
  • Dry leaves ljubistka also frequently used for the recovery of potency folk medicine. It uses a pinch of along with the other dishes;
  • The young nettle-dried broths instead of tea, and in a few weeks. This recipe helps to increase the potency in men aged 50 years and older;
  • Grass also thyme instead of tea. A ratio of about 100 grams per Liter of water. The mixture boiled and filtered. You use half a Cup three times per day. In addition to the stimulating effect of thyme helps to strengthen the immune system, as well as strengthen the body from the inside;
  • Parsley in fresh and dried Form to restore the potency of folk medicine. Their use as spices added to vegetables juices and soups, but also make the healing broth;
  • Dried flowers of lilac also help to increase potency in men after 60 folk medicine. To do this, you need to brew a Cup of boiling water (a teaspoon of the dry mix) and drink like a normal tea.

Herbs are not the only Folk remedies for the potency of men of quick action.

In addition, you can with physiological methods, the improvement of blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis. There is a shower, a relaxing bath and special exercises.

It has long been known method, such as the strengthening of the potency in men folk medicine in 60 years. It is proved that to establish the regular version of "birch", as well as the stimulation of the groin area rich in contrast, the action helps the blood circulation and increase potency even in old age.

The healing tinctures for potency

Raising the potency of fast folk medicine, is possible with the use of special mixtures. Drink such compositions, it is recommended directly in front of the Sex.

Recipes of medicinal tinctures for potency:

  1. 300 G of dry red wine, 200 grams honey, 100 grams of crushed Aloe, coriander and parsley seeds. You are the mixture for about two weeks in the refrigerator. Use 50 ml directly before Sex.
  2. Prunes, raisins and dried apricots (all the ingredients must take a tablespoon), chop and mix with a little cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. All pour red wine (0.5 liters), add 50 grams of sugar and cook on low heat for at least an hour. Take 50 grams before sexual intercourse. The Tool contributes to the improvement of the blood circulation in the Penis and increases the desire.
  3. A kind of "mulled wine" from the dry wine and spices also contributes to the increased potency folk medicine. For this purpose, the clove, peppermint, cinnamon and clove. The mixture is well-heated, and after cooling, add to taste a little honey. Mulled wine mix with honey is strictly prohibited, because in this case the bee product is harmful for use.
  4. Ginseng tincture promotes the potency, and normalizes the blood circulation. It is best bought in the pharmacy, because when you purchase "with the hands" is the probability of fraud.

Possible contraindications to taking these tinctures are diseases of the diseases of the stomach and the liver, as well as some endocrine, Diabetes mellitus, for example. In such cases, it is better to have a other natural remedies for the enhancement of the potency.

Features of the application of natural remedies for potentiality increase

Prior to the application of the means described, one should consult a doctor to rule out health problems as the main negative factor of influence on the potency. Often suffering from sexual dysfunction men with diseases of the prostate gland and functional disorders of the thyroid gland.

To cope with such pathologies are not self, therefore it is advisable to use a comprehensive approach in the treatment, the use of drugs and natural remedies to improve the potency.

Also, such methods have several important properties:

  1. Folk remedies for the improvement of the potency does not work as fast as some of the official drugs, so you need to Tune in to a lengthy treatment. Most of these recipes begin to "work" only a week or two after the daily administration, and for a full recovery, there may be some months or even years
  2. Products used, in order to increase the effectiveness, you should regularly include in the diet, to replace other, unhealthy foods. Only in this mode, you are an effective complement, intensify Libido and skills. In the case of serious violations of the erectile function, only those methods are not sufficient.
  3. Along with the folk medicine to improve potency in men used, and physiological methods. This also includes the Massage of bioactive points of the body, and acupuncture, and psychological effect (hypnosis).

To increase since some of the features of the application of natural remedies for men the effectiveness, you can expect an improvement in the sexual function and long-term effect. If the described methods did not improve the Situation, it is advisable to contact a specialist for the coordination of medicines and the course of the physiological treatment.

Prevention of sexual dysfunction of men

Prevention of sexual dysfunction of men

You protect yourself from possible problems in the genital area is quite difficult. Together with the use of natural remedies potency for men, you also need to check radical your lifestyle, by the stimulating cause. Only a holistic approach can be an efficient solution in the long run.

How can you prevent impotence:

  • Give up bad habits. Alcohol consumption and Smoking provoked circulatory problems, worsen the blood circulation and have a negative effect on the potency;
  • To avoid the Stress. The Problem of impotence is often the logical nature of the psychological, and not physiological. No, not cope with the effective home remedies for potency, if the man constantly in stressful situations;
  • Establish a full-fledged diet. On the production of the hormone testosterone protein influenced food, so that their lack in the diet has a negative effect on the male force. Moreover, you must limit your carbohydrate intake, and harmful additives. By the way, the normalization of weight also contributes to the increase of potency;
  • Regularly check your body, to treat chronic diseases. Men are in this respect much more irresponsible, than to treat the women, so many diseases you have diagnosed at more severe stages, it is difficult;
  • An active lifestyle promotes the increase of male power. There will be Training in the gym can exercises, and also the love of Hiking — you only. The main requirement — in moderation, active recreation, and the preservation of the physical Form;
  • A full recovery also contributes to the improvement of sexual life. Therefore, it is desirable to sleeping well, and the free time to spend with loved ones and favorite pastime. Of course, it is impossible to complete the additional tasks and effort to get rid of, but if you look at the time on pleasant things, all aspects of life are easier to access.

Folk remedies for the enhancement of potency in men are very much in demand because they are safe and very effective. In addition to these methods are many and varied so everyone can decide for themselves in choosing the optimal means and ways. To restore proven methods to restore potency folk medicine home and use patterns are in our article.