Like mint influence on potency?

Perennial grass, green, aromatic plant, the so-called mint, has grow dozens of species predominantly cultivated on the beds, and persistent, growing wild in the forests, and together with them and among species. So this plant is in the medical industry, such as mint affects the male potency? They successfully treated the stomach disease, has a calming overexcited nerves, regulates sweating.

like mint influence on the potency

Tea with added in several small leaves of fresh bright-green mint tightens noticeably, and permanently refreshed in the summer. However, their influence on the hormones of the man and the sexual activity is forcing healers and scientists argue since ancient times and until our time.

The high content of concentrated essential oils of mint gives the distinct taste properties, especially astringency and fresh, unmistakable Aroma. Exactly such qualities, mint asked in the process of the production of cosmetic products, pharmacological and, of course, food oil fields of each city. The greatest popularity have the fragrance substances in its composition mint. What we have in the end? We just want to check and the benefit and damage to sweet grass, that is, their negative and positive features in relation to the strong floor.

Mint is different

In most cases, we use one of the many varieties of mint, namely, mint, enriching its taste and unforgettable freshest Aroma and alcohol-free and alcohol-including black and green teas, cosmetics, cigarettes, and cough. Influence of mint on the potency of men and the ways in which, if you are afraid of what they say? If you are afraid of rumors about the dangers of the extract of mint on the dignity of men, not in a hurry to abandon it.

Bought in the supermarket, a popular toothpaste and mouthwash with mint you can stay on the shelf, do not rush to throw away Gel with mint for shaving. Because all of these funds only the resulting unnatural chemical way included in the composition, the smell of mint, not directly on the plant.

Where contains tasty mint in kind? In all of familiar teas, and teas, however, is far not in each, here and there, it replaced a cheap flavors, artificially created. Essential oil of mint, there are a number of varied aromamasel, very popular in the last ten years. Packaged dry mint you can buy in any pharmacy, what is fresh, then you can land your meeting in suburban flower beds, manicured garden, and from time to time in the shelves of super markets.

Mint is different

What are the advantages of man brings mint

Phytoncides, all the necessary minerals, Vitamin complex, and a bit of Tannin - all of these contain mint. Such a composition has a positive effect on the male System. And how mint influence on potency? There are indications to reduce the mint in the location of potency thanks to its soothing properties. Yes, it soothes and relaxes, without the original physical and psychological stimulation but does not affect a detrimental effect on the potency of the stronger sex in so small amounts, like a Cup of tea or a glass of mojito. To really get the potency to drink the mint to reduce, in large quantities on a regular basis. Effect on the body the following.

Nervous system. Black or - even better - green tea with mint or alcoholic Infusion soothes, eliminates all kinds of Alarm character, significantly clarifies the thoughts, tones and increases the ability to work without causing drowsiness.

Stomach. Mint promotes the worsening of the appetite, normalization, acid, and water budget, the relief from nausea. It is, in General, increases the speed and quality of the process of digestion, prevents, quickly, all of the tendons, strong nausea, if needed.

General Effect. The peppermint has a function, forces, inflammation, it acts as a powerful antioxidant, has a positive effect on the immune system.

The phytointernisten proved proved today that the mint has a positive effect on the nervous system. And men in ancient times used and the delicious fresh herbs of mint from the garden, peppermint oil, and fragrance lamps for the solution of difficult situations, in the military, tips and offers. Ancestors intuitively used mint, notice its effects on the brain.

There is nothing better few drops of oil of peppermint for a bath with the goal of relaxation after a busy day. For each one, without exception, men, the mint is considered as a useful and aromatic, spicy grass, supports health and improves mood. In addition, it is:

  • Refreshing
  • Improves mood
  • Soothes
  • Tightens
  • Well relaxed
  • Soothes
  • Protects against radiation exposure
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves sleep and helps with insomnia
  • Effective in diseases associated with the respiratory tract
  • An excellent remedy for colds and diseases of the throat
  • Analgesic

Tea prepared from this magical green plant, the General improved, with the injured state of the system for the reproduction of important organs and, above all, the holistic state of a prone male body. Calms the nerves, mint has a light stimulating effect of the character on the ability (or lack thereof) in the sexual sense. Main thing, don't drink more (possible) couple of cups of weak concentrated beverage. This part helps the man feel light and always ready for intimacy with a woman. If you eat a lot more, the results can be nightmare for you.

The effect of mint can be and negative

The mint affects on male potency a negative? We have already found out that no. Of course, today one hears this opinion in the company of men, that the mint - women's-estrogen contains grass-analogue, is known as a useful hormone for the female body and the men - it is damage. This is why many males are not convinced, falsely, that nothing good mint, except for damage.

You can be sure, it's all too much. For men absolutely sure, tea with mint, and including a daily Supplement, only a few leaves of the plant in the salad drink. Not damage and oil burner, filled with five drops of oil of mint, grilled, before the long-awaited reunion chose the chosen. The cause of dosage.

To cause at least some loss of male sexual power, you must drink a concentrated drink made from mint Liter, and use only natural fresh or dry mint, and tea from the bag. Must in salads tuft of mint daily, but in this Form it is unlikely that you will be tasty, not bitter, and usually edible.

As always, mint, no doubt, is useful for every man, as harmful. They cheer when it is necessary, tightens and improves the General condition, normalizes perspiration better expensive ointments and sure. The most important measure. This is true for every medical miracle plants, or finished medicines.

Avoid Abuse

Be careful, if you drink too much strong tea prepared from mint alone, it is annually allowed and set standard is significantly more than is allowed, it will contain some of the disorders in the sexual scope of delivery. Unfortunately, this will inevitably lead to sexual impotence, reduction of testosterone, weakening of erection.

By the penetration in the male body a high dosage in the beautiful fabrics of the plant is exerted harmful effect on healthy once potency. Meanwhile, the normalized consumption of mint works exceptionally well. Men should not deny yourself in a tasty and fragrant, hot or cold Cup of tea with delicious green mint.

These recipes are 100% potency increase

Recipes for potency

We have already found out how to mint influence on the potency of men in its purest Form. How does the mint in combination with the matching your other herbs? Exclusively positive! The right combinations and fees for the improvement of potency in men.

1. The effective means for the potency can cook of clover growing on every lawn, and the weed stinging nettle, of the Almighty, St. John's wort and fine mint. Infusion of these herbs involves the use of 5 teaspoon of each herb and 1 Liter of boiling water. A decoction of 15-20 minutes. Only 200-250 ml several times a day will help you to achieve significant results.

2. Only 2 pinches of mint, a rosemary-and four - bean herb can help increase sexual drive and energy to add. Herbs need to grind, mix, and pour in boiling water. Mixture infused. It is recommended that sugar or honey, jam to taste.

3. 100 grams of Oregano, as much as St. John's wort and mint to the boiling water. Tea of the three herbs improves mood and improves the condition.

4. The simplest recipe involves the use of 10 teaspoons of peppermint, and a quart of boiling water. All poured into a thermos and insist to half an hour. Strain healing elixir, it can be used twice daily 250 ml. It is about a half a Cup of.

5. Prepare a refreshing berry-mint Cocktail. To do this, take the ice cream, berry syrup and fresh mint. You have to solve 30 G of syrup in a glass of cooled boiled water and add 100-150 G of vanilla or chocolate ice cream. All of this should be thoroughly complement the whisk to the Mixer, and the obtained composition to successfully sprig of mint.

Interesting Information

The mint has long been called the elixir of life grass and the durability of their positive properties are always highly appreciated. Lotion mint from the juice treats a variety of diseases, including the skin. In the case of a number of diseases effectively decoction of mint and tea helped.

  • Before the beginning of our era, the usage by the people was fixed to mint. Testimony of the Board with the cuneiform writing of the Assyrians, the availability within the Egyptian tombs, writings in the gospel of Matthew are
  • Did you know that there is a goddess by the name of Minthe, the name is mint?
  • In old Russian families the bathroom is the application of peppermint with medical treatments,
  • The milk does not go sour, if it is in mint

The most popular 3 types of mint:

  1. Pepper. Did you know that it is not independent, the resulting plant in nature? It is an artificial hybrid of garden and water-mint. Very much Menthol in a such mint. Its high content allows the use of peppermint in medicine technology. A large number of diseases can be resolved by it, such as rheumatism, allergies, diseases of the respiratory tract.

  2. A meadow or field. Related mint called wild, because they do not need attention. Variety in the areas of Russia grows Wild in India, Asia and Nepal.

  3. Fragrans. Most popular variety in the kitchen. Characteristic strong flavor is what makes this mint irreplaceable in likerovodochnih of the products and the gastronomy.

Melissa and potency

Similar to mint, grass Melissa. It is very reminiscent of the mint to the impact. Mint and potency in men can a good relationship in compliance with the measures, what is the matter with Melissa? This plant can help in the fight to get rid of insomnia, Dermatitis, Herpes, inflammation of the mouth, dandruff, oedema, and headache. Melissa, like mint, calms the nerves, helps to get rid of vomiting and nausea. Damage balm exaggerated excessively. Phytoandrogens lemon balm has no negative influence. Tea with lemon balm is effective in pain in the heart, in General, in the case of violations of the heart rhythm, chronic fatigue.

The taste of lemon balm is a little different than the taste of mint to replace, therefore, important periodically, mint, lemon balm, brew tea, or a salad cutting. This herb is an excellent seasoning for fish and meat and will not bring the body of the man no harm