How to fix potency at home: methods and recipes

Problems with potency are increasingly. Their appearance is due to the physical and mental strain, wrong diet, sedentary life. Erectile dysfunction on the background of organic pathology, or the resulting psychological trauma. Therefore, the restoration of potency in men is to be integrated is: the change of lifestyle and treatment of opportunistic diseases, including the people's medicine.

If possible, treatment of potency at home?

As the return of the potency of man? Before we start the treatment, the causes of the problems and the main symptoms:

Problems with potency
  1. In the absence of erections. No spontaneous erections in the morning – is an alarming Symptom of the Progression of the disease.
  2. In the case of sexual weakness. The lack of hardness of the Penis during intercourse, speaking of vascular, hormonal or neurogenic disorders.
  3. In the case of premature ejaculation. Ejaculation at the beginning of sexual intercourse or in front of him – unfavorable prognostic Symptom. It is often connected with organic diseases.

Often weak erection in men young and middle age, hypovitaminosis, chronic fatigue, Stress or psychological injury signals. How to fix erectile dysfunction, increase Libido in men, should take place regularly screening proctologist to lead a healthy life style, the basics of the right diet. The restoration of potency in men of 50 years is performed, and at home.

Techniques for the restoration of male power at home

The recovery of potency to home, a series of measures, including the means for the potency without side effects:

  • Reduction exercises;
  • exercise strengthens the body;
  • the right diet, the inclusion in the ration of food, to increase the potency;
  • Massage;
  • the people's recipes.

How to repair power in the home with food?

Vitamin deficiency leads to different types of diseases, including male impotence. Therefore, the priority of the event, the recovery of potency, normalization of nutrition and the saturation of the organism with the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

Vitamins for the health of the man

Vitamins are essential for the normal functioning of the organs and systems, including the male sexual organs.


Most of the men's health fit:

  • Vitamin A – improves Libido, improves the elasticity of blood vessels;
  • Vitamin B1 reduces Stress, normalizes sleep, improves the activity of the brain;
  • Vitamin B3 improves the cerebral blood circulation, normalizes muscle tone, is involved in the synthesis of Serotonin;
  • Vitamin B9 – increases the efficiency, the General tone of the body, promotes the normalization of the erection;
  • Ascorbic acid – antioxidant, is involved in the synthesis of dopamine, strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
  • Tocopherol normalizes the endocrine System and the production of sex hormones and stimulates the spermatogenesis.

In the time of severe lack of vitamins and IMR men Multivitamin is recommended. In the rest of the time, adequately balanced diet.

What foods are good for men?

The diet is the prevention of many chronic diseases, and is sometimes used as the main method of treatment.

There are a number of healthy foods that you can quickly restore potency at home to recover due to the content of aphrodisiacs, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids:

  1. Lean red meat of beef and lamb; rabbit, Turkey, chicken. You better cook a few and eat, with herbs and vegetables.
  2. Fish, especially sea, – a storehouse of useful trace elements, Omega-3 fatty acids.
  3. Seafood Natural Aphrodisiacs. With the aim of improving potency in men in the diet of mussels, squid, shrimp.
  4. Nuts contain Tocopherol, B-vitamins, trace elements. It is one of the most useful products for men that are in the recipes of traditional medicine. Enough to 50 grams a day, you can use the mixture of nuts.
  5. Vegetables and fruits. It is advisable that you in their raw form. They support the health of the body, keep you in standard water-electrolyte Balance.
  6. Chicken eggs – source of Protein. On the day you eat 1-2 boiled eggs.

The best drugs, regenerating potency

Many men take care of, as the potency quickly back home. In order to reach the status of erections, you should be less than an hour before the sexual intercourse the use of drugs. The most effective drugs in case of a loss of male power – PDE-5 inhibitors. Take 30-60 minutes before intercourse.


This group includes the long-acting medication effects last up to 1.5 days, and short-acting – 4 hours. Use medication only after consulting with the doctor.

Treatment of potency of these drugs is not assigned in the case of diseases of the cardiovascular system (hypertension, congestive heart failure, severe, etc.).

Local Drugs

The local agent, the potency and not the side effect, gels and ointments are plant-based.

You increase get an erection without System effects.

Physical Recovery

There are 2 effective exercises, the male power:

Exercise Number 1:

  1. Starting position: feet shoulder width apart. It is advisable to do this in the Nude, or just underwear.
  2. Member raise to the level of the expected erection.
  3. The power of thoughts, try to feel tried to get an erection, and sensations that occur normally during this process. In the exercises erotic fantasies involved. The first time lasting erection can not occur. With regular implementation the result will appear in 2 weeks.

Exercise Number 2:

  1. Before the water in the toilet you will dilute the legs on the width of the shoulders.
  2. Bladder emptying and to urinate at the end of the process, to continue the attempt. In the area of the anterior abdominal wall and the perineum, the voltage should be felt. On the day of the exercise a few times in the course of a month.

Regeneration massage

This procedure is a safe and effective method to restore potency. Applies massage of the whole body, and manually set the effects on the sex organs, the prostate.

Such procedures are in the clinic of a specialist. There are special homemade prostate massage devices.


How to repair potency folk medicine?

Restoring potency folk medicine includes the treatment home recipes, herbal medicine, and medical baths.

Medical Spas

Sitz baths improve the blood circulation in the area of the small pelvis and the sexual organs. You can replace this process in the shower with hot water directed to the area of the groin. Duration Of 5 Minutes. The Course Is 2-3 Weeks.

Bathroom with Shilajit. In a hot bath 10 gr. . The Duration Of Treatment 30 Minutes. Course Of 3 Weeks.

Effectively, the lamp lights up, you add in the bath with sea salt.

Recipes with Aloe

Aloe is known for its healing properties, it is used in problems with the male power:

  • The Recipe №1. 100 ml of Aloe juice, freshly pressed juice of five lemons, 400 gr. Honey and 400 gr. Walnuts. All of the components in a Mixer until a homogeneous mass. Take 1 Tbsp. L. 3 times a day before meals.
  • The Recipe №2. Nutty blend of 100 gr., Apricots 50 gr., Dates 50 gr., 100 gr. Honey and 100 ml of Aloe juice. Stir until smooth or grind in a blender. Take 1 tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach.

Healing tinctures and decoctions

Treatment potency herbs contains tinctures and decoctions. They contain vitamins, trace elements and other organic substances. The plants have a tonic effect on the body, improves the function of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Regular use reduces Stress, increases efficiency, improves the Libido.

Also use:

  • The Recipe №1. Tincture Of Eleutherococcus. Take half a teaspoon a half hour before meals 3 times a day.
  • The Recipe №2. Tincture of calamus ordinary. The root of the plant is crushed. Tablespoon of the root poured a Cup of boiling water and infuse for 6-8 hours. Further, it is filtered and takes 3 times a day for half an hour before the meal, 2 tbsp. L.
  • The Recipe №3. Ginseng Tincture. The plant infused vodka in a ratio of 1:10 in a dark place. Take 20 drops 3 times a day before meals.


Mumijo is a substance similar to resin. It has a tonic effect on the body. Components included in the composition, normalize the reproductive organs of the man of spermatogenesis. It contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and essential oils. Mumijo drink and take tablets. It is diluted and it is with all sorts of juices, and honey. Effectively, the combination with the juice of blueberries and water. The course of treatment is 4-5 weeks.


The improvement of potency in house conditions without the use of drugs – a realistic task. The sooner actions are taken, the more efficient the result is. In the case of a severe degree of erectile dysfunction should be investigated by a specialist. Tinctures, local agents and medicines require a consultation with a doctor before you apply it.