Potency in 50 years

A man of any age wants to be the best, especially when it comes to sex, and so, if the potency after 50 years, is becoming weaker, many become depressed, turn into itself, for a waiver of intimacy. According to statistics, more than 60% of men are faced with this Problem.


In reality this number is much more, only many are reluctant to see a doctor. But if the time is a cause for the decline of potency, erection good guideline for the coming years.

Reasons for the deterioration of

Male potency is very slim mechanism, the quality of the work depends on many factors. Hormones, psychological factors, General health have a direct influence on the quality of sexual life. And if at a young age the body is powerful enough to deal with the difficulties and problems with the potency of practically does not occur, the older the are, the more animals man frequent erection problems and the quality of sexual intercourse.

Critically decreased production of the hormone testosterone, which is a direct influence on sexual activity. His level does not drop immediately to anywhere from 30 years, the production of the hormone is reduced slightly, and the potency remains normal, then at the age of 50 years, the majority of men, the first signs of Androgen deficiency appear. If it is established with an appeal to the Person and not the right treatment, recovery of potency in men, will take much longer.

Chronic Disease. The Penis acts as an indicator of the health of the man, some Problem with the health directly affects the quality of sexual life. On the potency of the cardio-vascular influence diseases. Bad work of the heart muscle leads to a deterioration of blood flow to the Penis, an erection. Vasoconstriction due to cholesterol Plaques obstruct the normal blood flow to the Penis.

In addition, with increasing age, the elasticity of the vessels is reduced, and the vessels of the Penis consists of many small blood, and therefore, there is a weak potency;an indicator for increased blood sugar level causes hormonal System, leading to a disturbance of the metabolic processes and the deterioration of the work of the prostate gland. In men from 50 years, people with Diabetes and very low testosterone levels; obesity, fat men, weak potency; diseases of the genitourinary system, chronic Prostatitis.

The potency in men was not normal without physical activity. Sedentary work is also the reason for the decline in potency is, as it leads to blood congestion in the pelvic area, to a deterioration of the blood supply to the Penis. The abuse of alcohol and cigarettes, is also the reason for the decline of potency after 50 years. A small quantity of spirits to be even an aphrodisiac of odd, but prolonged use would undoubtedly erection weak.

Long-term stress, trouble at work and in the family, lead to a reduction of Libido, reduction in the number of sexual acts, and this leads to a Stagnation of blood.

Given all of these reasons, it is not surprising that the question "How to increase the potency after 50 years" is relevant to the majority of men under fifty years of jubilee. But we should not try to fight the Problem, under the guidance of experts, you can fix get the most effective treatment and the cause.


Restoration of potency

Modern medicine does not stand still, and in today's time, many drugs will increase to potency, but many of them don't fix the cause, but without this effect the restoration of the temporarily. The right medication can only be a doctor, so how many funds have a large number of contraindications.

To achieve improvement in the potency of folk medicine, the application of a rule effective in less deterioration of potency in an early stage.


To improve the potency of different forms of medicines:

  • Tablets are the most popular drugs are the reinforcement of the potency;
  • Injections, lead to the fastest Penis back to normal, and reliable, but requires caution in the application because of the risk of damage to the Penis, and the slipping painful erections;
  • Local gels, ointments, entered directly into the urethra before intercourse, as least medications erections popular.

Apart from the inconvenience of use and low effectiveness, for many men, they cause pain in the groin and the testicles, in women, and burning in the vagina. The advantage of the virtual absence of contraindications.

In the composition of the drugs can be as synthetic and natural active ingredients boost the blood flow in the Penis. These drugs should be taken with caution in men with high blood pressure; triggering NO synthesis, thus, smooth muscle relaxes, resulting in improved blood circulation.

These medicines do not cause any increase in blood pressure, so that you are better suited for men over 50 years.

Alpha-adrenoreceptor antagonists, improve circulation and increase the Libido. Hormonal drugs that increase the levels of testosterone are only be prescribed by a doctor, if you greatly reduced Norma hormone.

Lately, nutritional supplements, and homeopathic remedies that can help, advertised improve your potency, but to achieve the desired effect requires long-term use, and the efficiency is relatively low. Therefore, these medications are better suited to the maintaining of men's health in the standard.

Folk Remedies

In medicine there are many recipes that will help to improve the potency after 50 years. These options passed the Test of time, they have less side effects and contraindications.

The most popular are the drugs on the Basis of the Ginseng root. You improve not only your erection but also for the improvement of the sexual sensations. Supplements with Ginseng, you can buy in the pharmacy or cook for themselves. Prepare a tincture at home need 20 G of Ginseng root, and 300 ml of alcohol. The root is in the dark for 2 weeks and take 20 drops within 14 days before the food and after 10 days break repeat the course.

The potency fenugreek is proven to increase seed of 20 G of seeds pour a glass of warm milk and drink once per day. You can try to restore the sexual potency of the onion-broth. 3 onions, pour 500 ml boiling water, to insist 24 hours. Decoction drink 3 times a day before meals.

To improve sometimes in order to potency in 50 years time, enough we to our life style and diet. In the diet of a man of 50 years of products, contains large amounts of Vitamin E, C, B, zinc, selenium. Should you smoke, try drinks drink less alcohol. Man in fifty, it is recommended to spend more time outdoors, to play sports.