Folk remedies for the improvement of potency to home

Every adult man can encounter such a Problem, such as the reduction of potency. The constant "interruptions" forced the search possibilities of the quick recovery of their ways – men are positioned in such a way that they assume, their lives a full, if weak in bed.

Folk remedies for impotence, sometimes very good effect, and improves the quality of sexual life, but we should not forget that without the elimination of the causes of erectile dysfunction, its effect will not last long. Here it is important to have a competent and comprehensive approach, including medication, physical therapy or the help of sexologists, in the case of mental health problems.

The reasons for the decline of potency

The reasons for the decline of potency

All the factors, negative-acting potency, can be divided into two groups: psychogenic and organic.


  • Fatigue and mental exhaustion in combination with high loads (a great deal of responsibility at work, emotional Stress, mental stress in connection with the study or the processing of large amounts of information);
  • Depression or sub-depressive state;
  • Post-traumatic syndrome (condition after having experienced severe life events, e.g. divorce, death of a loved one, etc.);
  • Self-doubt and increased anxiety, associated with the setbacks in private life, dissatisfaction with their appearance, penis size, etc.;
  • Hypochondria – excessive worry about your health, if a man is on his non-existent illness or greatly exaggerates existing danger and fear of loss of masculinity for ever;
  • Conflicts with the partner, to the disappearance of sexual attraction to her.


  • Endocrine disorders: hypogonadism, pituitary tumors, thyroid disorders, etc., as well as the uncontrolled intake of anabolic steroids for muscle building;
  • Vascular diseases: the reduction in the influx of arterial blood into the Penis. The reason for this is atherosclerosis, diseases of the heart and blood vessels (hypertension, CHD) is usually;
  • Neurological Disorders;
  • Toxicological Factors: Smoking, Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse;
  • Drug factors: sometimes a low potency is a side effect of the medical preparations, which for long time application;
  • Factors of inflammatory nature: acute and chronic Prostatitis, infections, sexually transmitted infections.

For these reasons, in practice, the most common psychogenic impotence nature (fatigue, Stress, lowering of mood), and the weakening of erection due to vascular diseases, Prostatitis. It is with them successfully helps against traditional medicine, because of these reasons had on men, and in the box of the folk wisdom of many effective recipes gathered, suitable for all age groups and available for use at home.


Herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction

Fatigue, depression, lack of strength natural stimulants and antidepressants: Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, Echinacea, Schisandra, Golden root, and oak bark, help the function of the nervous system to normalize. Traditional recipes based on them, have the following effect:

  • tonic;
  • anti-toxic;
  • immunomodulatory;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • normalizing function of the nervous system;
  • adaptogenic.

Like Ginseng root take

This traditional and well-known herbal product shows men of all ages. He helps restore the male power, and improve stamina in bed. Increases blood flow to the genitals, stimulates the production of testosterone, increases the attraction.

Contraindications for alcohol tinctures:

  • Alcoholism;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • Status after acute myocardial infarction.

To prepare a tincture, take 2 tbsp. L. crushed root (available in pharmacies) and a glass of 70% alcohol. Survive 7 days in a dark place. To acquire the finished tincture-brown colour. Course duration: 30 days 30 drops 3 times a day with food intake.

If a man is alcohol is contra-indicated, the composition of honey. Root (3 tablespoons) to a fine powder, mixed with 350 G of liquid honey, kept in a dark place for a week, sometimes stirring. Course duration: 30 days per 1 teaspoon 3 times daily during the meal.

How to take Rhodiola rosa

Quickly restoring potency after Stress and diseases helps Rhodiola. The contraindications to consumption of this plant are the same as in the case of Ginseng. The Infusion is: 50 G of plant material to fill a bottle of vodka. Insist 7 days, shaking. Course duration: 3 weeks 25 drops half an hour before meals 3 times a day.

Instead of the tincture to prepare so-called "men's tea": pour a teaspoon of the root half a Liter of water crushed. Boil for 10 minutes and strain. Drink a Cup twice a day, stir in the broth, a spoonful of honey.

How to take oak bark

The most valuable product contains thiamine, a stabilizing function of the nervous system, astringent and anti-inflammatory components that "make" a chronic Prostatitis. Oak bark – the best home remedies to prevent premature ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse.

A decoction of oak bark to prepare: 1 TSP of bark pour 200 ml of boiled water, 30 min. Cook in a water bath. The resulting volume in three single doses per day. The next a fresh broth. Treatment: for two weeks, then a break for the same period.

This broth is recommended for mikroklizm men in the adenoma of the prostate, common in older people.

How to take Siberian Ginseng

In the case of the lowering of sexual function, especially in connection with obesity, Diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases well help Siberian Ginseng. This is one of the safest ways to strengthen the erection by improving the blood circulation in the pelvis – this plant is effective against atherosclerotic Plaques and also improves the elasticity of blood vessels.

Drugs on the Basis of Eleutherococcus is a quick way to the strength occurs the effect of within 10 minutes. However, we should be careful with this plant in hypertension, insomnia, and increased anxiety. Side effects of this means of tachycardia, headaches and over-excited state.

How to prepare a tincture: 200 G of root pour a Liter of vodka and insist week. Take ½ teaspoon three times a day before meals. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

How to take lemon grass

Improve stamina in bed, a rapid recovery of strength, is the ability of repeated sexual acts – what is Schisandra man. Two or three dry berries of this plant are good to eat directly "before the battle". And for the regular recording useful for all the same tincture of the berries, pour vodka in a ratio of 1: 5 and insist week. Drink once a day in the morning, a teaspoon.

For those on the go, and can't do with the Infusion, it is berries recommended the tea as follows: pour in a thermos 2 cups of boiling water and 2 tablespoons of. Day. You drink after the dinner and the Breakfast have a Cup of this tea in the course of the month.

Contraindications for the use of Schisandra: high blood pressure, heart rhythm disorders.

How do you take Echinacea

This plant is used for the cleaning of the blood and the liver, the lifting of the immunity, improvement of the potency. Good for those whose body due to poor habits and unhealthy diet helps.

Echinacea tincture is prepared as follows: vegetable raw materials are crushed, pour into a bottle, poured vodka 1 to 4, 10 days infused. Take 5 ml three times a day with food. The course of treatment is Echinacea – 2 months. So is the time to drink, because this plant acts to gently and gradually.

Decoction: 1 Tbsp. L. pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist half an hour. Drink a Cup a day after dinner with a spoonful of honey.

Important! A big Plus of this plant is that among the contraindications for the reception of high blood pressure no, no, that interferes with the use of many natural stimulants.


Products of animal and mineral origin

The increase in the potency of folk medicine not only includes recipes that are plant-based components. In the fight against impotence folk wisdom, and apply other means:

  • Natural honey and bee products;
  • Badger Fat.

Bee products

The easiest way to improve the quality of your erections at home – regularly a mixture of honey with walnuts. Food is a delicious medicine, 20 G three times a day. A means, this is not for fast-acting, but it is possible, without limitation to the combination with other.

There is a folk recipe with honey, helps to temporarily increase to increase the Penis and its hyperemia: mix the crushed seeds of nettles with honey in the ratio 1 to 2, and then smear this mixture Penis. He provides a sharp wave of blood and an increase in the organ in a volume. After 5-10 minutes means you must rinse with warm water.

Effective aphrodisiac homogenates saxove resedit.It contains a large number of biologically active substances, the quality of the sperm, the restoration of normal work of the prostate, stimulates the production of androgens. This product is highly recommended for all men after 40 years, especially those who get in this age, a child.

Homogenates, as Trutnev, milk, drink it over the course of the month (twice per day) between meals. Dose – 3 years it is recommended, in Parallel with the vitamins A and E in capsules.

For those who will help poor circulation, Depression, decrease in Libido and Royal jelly. It is a good means to relieve fatigue and Libido awaken. Dose of 0.5 G twice per day not less than one month.

Badger Fat

Unsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E in this product to increase blood vessels elasticity and permeability of blood. In addition, badger fat has a bactericidal effect, therefore, applies in the treatment of Prostatitis, Pyelonephritis. It is believed that the fat badger cures impotence, even in older men, helps with infertility, Hypo -, and low sperm count. Perfect with bee products, you can parallel this.

The goal of this product, you apply a teaspoon three times a day before meals. In specialized stores you can sometimes find a oil capsules (up to 6 pieces at a time). With Prostatitis, adenoma, weak erection it is recommended, in addition, you RUB the fat in the area between the scrotum and the Anus in the night.

Important! A contraindication to this compound inside, the pancreatitis, cholecystitis, diseases of the liver. For external use contraindications apart from hypersensitivity, no.


Physiological methods of increase of a potentiality

In the folk medicine for the treatment of impotence be used, and techniques of physiological character, and you can and you must with the use of natural plant and animal products. All of these methods are at home, require no complicated and expensive equipment. You are watching more

Mustard used as ambulance

It is a fast-acting method to produce the desired result for 30-40 minutes. At once we will notice that the mustard help only if there are no severe neurological and endocrine disorders. This method is not suitable for people with Angina pectoris, CHD.

Essential oils of mustard to stimulate the reflex zones, the increase of the feet, the blood circulation and accelerate the metabolism. To achieve a rapid effect, it is necessary to soak 2 granum themselves dicetis emplastrum in warm water (45° – marked at this temperature for a maximum of mustard oil). Then lightly squeezed mustard applied to the feet for 10-15 minutes. From the top you can tighten the socks.

To enhance the effect, we recommend a two-granum add dicetis emplastrum on the cross leg and Roll up with a towel.

Mat Kuznetsova

A effective Home method, based on the action of the needles on the feet and other parts of the human body. The application of this senticosus floor Mat is recommended in the complex treatment of chronic Prostatitis and adenoma of the prostate.

Applications with this massage device on the area of the loins, the feet and toes have a stimulating effect, increases the sexual activity. For this on the Mat by the back, or with bare feet. Time of the procedure – after 10 minutes, twice a day (morning and evening) half an hour before meals or 1-15 hours.

After a couple of reflexotherapeutic procedures clearly noticeable effect: increased excitability, erections appears faster and lasts longer, enhances the brightness of orgasm.

In the case of Prostatitis, we recommend the following method:

  1. Drink bladder plenty of fluid for the filling of the urinary;
  2. You take the applicator is small, with green needles and press down to the dam, as you can tolerate;
  3. Start with water, continue to hold the applicator, up to the complete emptying of the bladder.

It is recommended that such procedures a day for 20 days.

The contrasting water procedures

The impact of extreme temperatures can also improve the quality of erection by strengthening the capillary blood flow in the pelvic area. In addition, this technique is the autonomic nervous system is trained, thus solving the Problem, such as premature ejaculation. If you need to quickly lift to reach the Penis and Stand erections, contrasting processes will need to arrange immediately before intercourse.

For sitz baths two use depth pool with a hot (+38° to 40°) and cold (+20°) water. In you alternate 20 seconds. In each of the pools at least have to sit three times. The procedure ends with cold water, afterwards carefully rubbing dry with a towel.

Useful and common showers with the temperature difference of 10-15°, it is recommended not to do in a day (after you go within an hour outside). Stimuli make the end of a shower for the increase of a potentiality: within 2-3 minutes, the dam water (25°) cooling from the watering can soul. The scrotum covering the palm of the hand, so that the water flow seemed. For visible effect you need at least 15 days to expiration.