As for the improvement of the potency with the help of Spray


For the improvement of the erection of the men use all kinds of techniques. In addition to the popular tablets and capsules popular Sprays. Each drug has its specific composition and specific properties. In order to make the right choice, you should acquire yourself with each component and only after exclusion of contraindications to a specific Spray.

How to use and what are the benefits of Spray

In order to get the effect, enough drops of spray on the male tail. A few medium castrated only on the body of the Penis, avoiding the head. In addition, some of the drops to distribute evenly, until they are completely absorbed, while others can be used as lubrikanta. For this reason, before you apply a Spray, you should carefully examine the blurb. The effect usually occurs within a few minutes.

With the use of condoms should ensure that the composition of the drug allows for its use in conjunction with contraceptives.

Each Spray for potency has a number of advantages. First and foremost, it is the simplicity of the application. For the reinforcement of the erection enough to take a few clicks to spray and evenly distribute the drops over the skin of the Penis. It takes a few seconds of time, and the effect occurs after 8-14 minutes. In addition, a large part of the drugs for men has a pleasant taste and Aroma, which brings in the sexual life of particular sensations. In addition, in some cases, do not have to wait until the medium is absorbed, which allows the use of the Spray, not only to improve erection, but also as a lubrikanta.

In contrast to other forms of drugs, in the use of the Sprays is not forbidden to drink alcohol

However, the main advantages result from the characteristics of the Form of the publication. In view of the fact that the drops are applied to the skin of the Penis, significantly reduced the list of contraindications. The active components are absorbed directly into the tissues of the member and have an effect. In doing so, you will not be through the stomach, the liver or the kidneys. This displays in connection with these institutions, not more restriction on the use of these funds for the improvement of the erection. In addition, the effect is not change of alcohol or fatty foods.

The same is true for the side effects. Sprays nausea, dizziness, increase in pressure will cause. This allows the use of such means to prolong sexual intercourse, and the strengthening of erection in almost all men.

But, nevertheless, there are some limitations. Spray for the establishment are not allowed in the following situations:

• Condition after a heart attack;
• polostnyje operations in the last 6 months;
• psihonevrologicheskije deviations;
• Injury to the Penis;
• Deformation of the member.

In other words, the restriction on the application of any agent for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is the presence of States, the prohibition of sexual arousal.

Before one is this or that means for the prolongation of erection and Libido enhancement, it is important to rule out serious discrepancies, due to the visit of the doctor.