Many representatives of the stronger sex and your companion interested, what are the means for the potency of men. To keep In fact, men's health, you need to drive the right life-style, Sport, get rid of bad habits.

On the help of popular Folk remedies that can help you to get the power permanently, and you avoid problems with it. Follow a healthy way of life is also necessary in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In addition, you should eat healthy foods.


Completely eliminate alcohol, try Smoking, avoid oily and Junk Food, fast Food. You try to enrich your diet of seafood, vegetables, fruit, raisins, nuts, figs, prunes. Do not forget about the beneficial properties of parsley and fennel, onions and garlic, various herbs and medicinal plants.

Apart from that, regularly consume medical charges, tinctures and decoctions. Remember that an overdose of anyone, even the most valuable product of nature and can lead to negative consequences. You agree, therefore, preliminary treatment of traditional methods with your doctor. This is necessary to ensure that it is corrected, recipes, advise you about the precise dosage of the product and the duration of treatment. There are still a few options how to cure impotence.


All of the popular medication against erectile dysfunction can be divided into three main categories. In the first fees, and mixtures thereof. They contain the plants and herbs are capable to increase the best solution and to increase the potency.

Collection 1. For the preparation of these drugs equip 2 tablespoons St. John's wort, mint, clover and stinging nettle (in powder form). Fold all the ingredients in a large container and pour 2 liters of boiling water. Leave the medication for a half an hour. After that, you need to collect the drain through a sieve. The course of treatment — 1 week, drink 1 Cup 3 times per day.

Collection 2. For cooking healthy salad, the truth about the magical effect, you have to deal with the roots of celery and parsnips. Both ingredients RUB on a grater and with a little linseed oil. Healers claim that if you eat 2-3 tablespoons. L. such a drug per day, the erection is much stronger.


This is a popular method for the restoration of potency as in the case of young people and those who already have more than 50 years. You need to 20 seeds-Echinops, 50 grams of the root of Echinacea, 60 grams of field. All the ingredients are thoroughly crushed and pour 1 tbsp. L. to 250 ml of alcohol. After that, let the medication within 30-60 minutes, and strain it through cheesecloth or a fine sieve. Tincture is assumed to be 10 drops (diluted in 1/3 Cup of water) half an hour before the meal.

For the second tincture of 50 grams of herb and 500 ml of vodka to prepare for. The grass for 7 days in a dry and dark place, and then carefully strain medicine and you take 15 drops (in 150 ml of warm water) 20 minutes before eating 1 time per day.

Some healers believe that even if a man fell very potency, then repair it with the help of wolf milk. You need a normal bottle of good vodka (0.75) or in the same container with alcohol. It for 7 days, you need to insist on it, 10 grams of milkweed.

Keep the medicine in a dry and dark place. The course of treatment lasts 2 weeks. A day drink 1 teaspoon of drugs (dissolved in 50 ml of water) 2 times per day. After the treatment, be sure to take a break of 1-2 weeks, after which the treatment can be repeated.



There are many decoctions and tinctures with natural herbs, which restore potency and sex drive. For the preparation of a simple, but effective medicines you need, sage (dry leaves). Well they are crushing the product, then pour 1 tbsp. L 300 ml of boiling water. You can medication a half-hour, then for a drink or a drain. Per day you drink 1 Cup of broth.

Not less useful in the case of impotence hawthorn. You only need 3 tbsp. L. berry plants and half a Liter of boiling water. Let medication infuse for 40 minutes, after which you can start, take 100 ml of a half-hour before meals. Particularly effective in the treatment of white thorn, if the disease was caused disease due to vascular.

Love withheld from juniper. You need 50 G of the bark of this plant is to pour 1 Liter of cold water and leave overnight. In the morning take the Infusion and cook on a low flame for 20 minutes. Then allow the medication to cool, strain it through cheesecloth or a fine sieve, and drink 300 ml daily (servings may).