Herbs to increase potency in men - the list of the most effective charges, tinctures and teas

What can be sadder than the emergence of problems in the bed! You can solve the problems of sexual dysfunction at any age herbal help to increase the potency in men, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. What plant helps in the treatment of impotence, how they act, methods of application in detail in the overview of the recipes, and resources of the traditional medicine offered.

Herbs to increase potency in men

What herbs promote male potency

Even the doctors say, the effectiveness of the use of herbal teas and decoctions for the elimination of erectile dysfunction. Only advise you to do this is the causes of impotence after the founding, in complex with the methods of the appointed doctor. The treatment of the grsern the increase of a potentiality at men is the accessibility, helps in solving many problems. Recipes are easily doable, but the effect required:

  • do not self-medicate;
  • you can purchase the herbs only in pharmacies;
  • To refuse alcohol;
  • be treated for a long time;
  • to eat right.

Herbs for male power work in different ways on the body. This should be in the choice of means for the restoration of potency in men. Popular herbal teas, liqueurs are made from plants:

  • hiems nasturcium – adds the number of sperm, serves to increase the potency;
  • Nettle – drive increased sex, extended sexual intercourse;
  • the herb St. John's wort – strengthens the Libido, and liberating sensuality, helps with impotence caused by Stress;
  • Dubrovnik has a tonic effect, improves erections.

Herbs to increase potency in men in the composition of the formulations have a therapeutic effect:

  • Fennel – stimulates the blood circulation in the Penis, helps in erection restoration;
  • Ginger promotes the production of testosterone, improves the functioning of the gonads;
  • Aloe – activates the blood circulation in the reproductive Organ, increasing sexual arousal;
  • Rhodiola rosea – helps with lengthening of sexual intercourse, increase in Libido.


Garden plants, contains the nutrients in the roots and leaves. The numerous vitamins in the juice of parsley support vessels, the clamping force of the blood, stimulate the adrenal glands, which is important for increasing the potency in men. The components of the herbs increase the blood circulation in the organs of the urogenital system, inhibit estrogen, the effect of the female hormone, thereby increasing the potency. They support the health of men, promote the strengthening of the erection. Should be considered contraindicated for use:

  • Exacerbation of diseases of the kidneys, the urinary bladder;
  • Nephritis;
  • Urolithiasis.

Parsley when adding to food enhances the potency, acts as a powerful aphrodisiac. Useful to prepare the Infusion of the seeds of the plant. You take it every day, 50 ml for 15 minutes before eating, 3 times per day. According to the recipe is to:

  • grind the seeds in a powder;
  • in the evening take a teaspoon of the stock;
  • Pour boiling water – 200 ml;
  • wrap;
  • there until morning;
  • drain.
Herbs to increase the potency in men, hawthorn

Ivan-tea for potency

Since ancient times to increase male power used, and fireweed. The grass for the increase of potency is rich in vitamins, carotenoids, bioflavonoids, iron, copper, boron. Infusions and decoctions help:

  • fight with prostate adenoma;
  • eliminates inflammation of the urogenital system;
  • establish mental state as the cause of impotence in men;
  • the balance of the hormones normalize;
  • to keep up testosterone level;
  • the promotion of erections;
  • increased blood flow in the Penis.

Ivan-to drink tea for the improvement of potency, brewing the dried leaves with boiling water, such as welding. It is important to take into account contraindications thrombosis, problems with blood clotting. It is useful to make a decoction from the root, digged in the early autumn. Drink a glass before Breakfast and before bedtime for two weeks. For this recipe you will need:

  • You can grind the root;
  • take 2 tablespoons of raw materials;
  • add a half a Liter of water;
  • Cook For 20 Minutes;
  • cool;
  • drain.

Hawthorn for the power

For use, the plants should be handled with care. Prolonged use of the decrease in blood pressure, bradycardia caused. Nutrients in Hawthorn added man of energy, to restore the potency. Decoctions and infusions of the leaves, use berries helps:

  • Male Libido enhancement;
  • Strengthening of erection;
  • Activation of blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis;
  • Strengthening of the nervous system.

For increase of a potentiality you can drink 50 ml of broth from the fruit before a meal. For the preparation of a spoonful of berries with boiling water – you will need 1.5 cups, boil for 30 minutes. Effective buckthorn tincture-and-white, made from the dried flowers. Take a quarter Cup 3 times per day. According to the recipe is to:

  • take a spoonful of crushed flowers;
  • with boiling water, 250 ml pour–;
  • survival in a water bath for 15 minutes;
  • for one hour at room temperature;
  • drain.


Herbs to increase potency in men thyme

In the recipes of Chinese medicine, this plant is a special place. The Ginseng root has a strong effect on the entire body of the people. The plant contains substances that counteract impotence. As the result of the application:

  • improves the blood supply to the Penis;
  • the strengthening of the erection occurs;
  • increased sex drive;
  • improves the semen quality;
  • activates the mobility of the sperm;
  • Stress, provoking weak potency;
  • deals with the impact on sexual activity diseases.

The plant has contraindications – infection, inflammation, bleeding. It is not excluded, the occurrence of side effects. Not to hurt, you need to carefully take alcohol tincture of Ginseng. For the preparation pour a glass of alcohol with a concentration of 70% and 20 grams of dried root, insist 7 days. Take 30 minutes before meals, three times a 20 drops. You can cook the therapeutic composition according to the recipe:

  • take 700 G of honey;
  • add 25 G of ginseng root, crushed;
  • for 10 days;
  • take 2 months a teaspoon;
  • half an hour before meals, three times per day.


This herb contains tannins, vitamins, bitter substances, flavonoids, organic acids that assist in the plant, the health of the men. Zinc affects the gain of potency. Medicines in the Form of herbal teas:

  • promotes the prevention of Prostatitis;
  • increase Libido, helps;
  • activates the mobility of the sperm.

Application in the recipes of this herb for the potency must arrange with your doctor for contraindications. These include stomach ulcers, diseases of the thyroid, liver, kidney, atrial fibrillation. You can cook the whole serving of the drink per day. Recipe:

  • Liter thermos;
  • fill collect with the spoon Oregano, mint and thyme;
  • pour in boiling water;
  • leave overnight;
  • in the morning pour off the water.

Lemon grass

The home of this plant – in the far East. Its application in the recipes, tightens, rejuvenates the body, eliminates the effects of Stress, challenging impotence. The use of lemon grass, which is rich in biologically active substances:

  • stimulating the production of sperm occurs;
  • Stops premature ejaculation;
  • increases Libido;
  • the strengthening of the potency begins.

Not the plant in the case of high blood pressure, insomnia, heart problems recommended. The dried ripe to be a powerful aphrodisiac berries – 5 pieces you can chew before intercourse, to increase its duration. For the preparation of Tonic and a spoon of fruit, a Liter of cooking, pour, incubated in boiling water and 12 hours. You can make a tincture:

  • take 10 G of seeds of Schisandra;
  • add 50 ml of vodka;
  • for 2 weeks;
  • drain;
  • you drink 30 drops before meals, three times a day.

Calamus Swamp

Herbs to increase potency in men broth

Testing and useful herbs for men, we can not ignore, this medicinal plant. Calamus swamp contains camphor, ascorbic acid, tannins, rubber. In recipes the plant is a tonic and Toni has a bullish effect. Men's Kalmus useful:

  • the gradual activation of the potency;
  • Stimulation of the production of seminal fluid.

For the treatment of impotence, to chew the dried root or tincture can. With caution you should use the grass in the presence of Gastritis with high acidity, peptic ulcer in aggravation. You can make a tincture to the drink with the spoon before eating. For the preparation:

  • take 100 G of root;
  • Grind;
  • Pour a Liter of vodka;
  • insist 2 weeks in a dark place;
  • drain.

Recipes of traditional medicine

There are proven methods of using plants to increase the sexual potency of the man. Herbal tinctures and decoctions, increase Libido, enhance erections. Popular collection includes nettle, St. John's wort, peppermint. For this recipe you will need:

  • take a spoonful of herbs;
  • Pour two cups of boiling water;
  • for half an hour;
  • filter;
  • drink throughout the day.

Increase the Libido, impotence treat herbal teas. Two tablespoons of dried Dubrovnik brewed in a glass of boiled water, hour incubated. Drink 50 grams three times per day. Effective Recipe:

  • take a glass of seeds of anethum;
  • add 2 tablespoons of Valerian root;
  • mix with two cups of honey;
  • you put in two-Liter thermos;
  • refill to the top with boiling water;
  • resist day;
  • take a spoonful of the mixture for a half an hour before meals.

Of the tincture, the potency

Herbs to increase Libido, increase the duration of sexual intercourse, in the production of tinctures. You can prepare for it, without the use of alcohol. The aqueous tincture can. You can take plants with a spoon, chop, pour boiling water – 1 Liter. Resist composition of the 2 hours, take 50 ml 4 times per day. In the mix:

  • Immortelle;
  • St. John's wort;
  • Calendula;
  • Valerian root.

With caution should liquors are used which, on the basis of alcohol. Abuse, instead of the increasing the potency, it can be counterproductive.

You can make a tincture on the basis of port wine. Required:

  • you take 5 tablespoons of the seeds of the nettle;
  • Pour the half Liter of wine;
  • Cook For 5 Minutes;
  • cool;
  • drain;
  • drink 50 ml per night, on a spoon before eating.


Herbal teas occupy a worthy place in the Arsenal of the means of helping in solving sexual problems. With your help the Libido, increase the duration of sexual intercourse, increases the of erection increased. Broths can be prepared in a water bath. Herbs for the rapid increase in the potency in men – a mixture of parsley and coriander. You pour a glass of boiling water soak on the water bath for half an hour, drink 100 ml before meals. Similarly prepared, and catches the Sud, where the main component – tablespoon of hops.

You can improve men's sexual health, if you the collection of FR take regularly to increase the potency. The preparation consisted in Liter thermos, drink four times during the day. For the preparation you need to collect herbs. You sleep in the thermos, add the boiling water, a half-hour. For a mixture must take 5 teaspoons:

  • Nettle;
  • Mint;
  • Clover.


Men suffering from erectile dysfunction, useful to drink tea from the collection of herbs and plants. In the case of the reduction of the potency of the drink recommend from the roots of Rhodiola rosea. For the preparation you will need:

  • take a teaspoon of powder of the rhizome;
  • Pour boiling water – 200 ml;
  • You Can Cook For 15 Minutes;
  • withstand a half-hour;
  • add a spoon of honey, a slice of lemon;
  • a few leaves of mint;
  • Water dilute and drink.

In the case of reducing the Libido be useful in a glass in the morning and in the evening eat drink herb rue. For the preparation you will need a glass of boiling water teaspoon of dry herbs. Recommend drinking tea with honey and lemon. A delicious and healthy drink to increase the potency offered from ginger:

  • piece of the root is pulverized, about 2 cm;
  • Pour the boiling water – 250 ml;
  • warm for 10 minutes;
  • Tea ready.