Assessment of means for the potency of men with the description: drugs and reviews

The importance of Vitamin D on the function of the male reproductive system is enormous. The receptors of this vitamin in the testes, the seminiferous tubules, the prostate gland in men. Vitamin D is associated with a reduced testosterone production, with impaired parameters of the semen of the decrease in the total number of sperm, percentage of sperm with normal morphology and the decrease in the mobility levels. Therefore, the regular intake of Vitamin D. for the preservation of men's health and energy is important today there are several forms of Vitamin D.

Since the power – sensitive issue, most of the men you decide for yourself, without the help of a doctor. Each treatment should be a consultation of the medical worker, but if they are not able to choose the drug, depending on the Problem and the desired effect. All of the drugs to increase potency are divided into types, active ingredient:

  • On the Basis of Vardenafil – synthetic anti-impotence medications. Effective with virtually no side effects.
  • With Yohimbine – this Alkaloid is from the bark of the tree Yohimbe. Natural component improves the sex life and enhances sexual desire. The Tool has a Tonic effect on the body, no side effects.
  • With cantharid – synthetic materials, replaced, extracted from shpanskoy grain. Initially, this extract is was a strong poison, but is used for the promotion of the erection.


Evaluation of drugs for the potency of the man is a great list of resources. Most of the chemical composition comprises a Phosphodiesterase inhibitors. The list also includes the local drugs to improve the potency in men and Import. The action is that of nitric oxide, promotes blood filling the cavernous bodies of the Penis, creating a strong longer lasting erections. The same effect and activators of NO synthase. If disorders mental health problems – taking agents, Alpha-adrenoreceptor antagonists, underlying under the supervision of a physician.

According to the origin of the active drug to distinguish pharmacological formulations of the origin and natural:

  • The first is synthetically obtained for fast normalization of potency, the extension of sexual intercourse and of the treatment of premature ejaculation. .
  • The second – plant-based, contain a variety of extracts, extracts, Ginseng root, etc. are means: Impaza, Laweron (increasingly also female Libido), wook-wook (completely natural).

Fast Action

Drugs for the correction of sexual dysfunction comes in various forms. These pills, creams, capsules, dietary Supplement, capsules with the solutions for administration directly into the urethra. The strongest influence on the body synthetic drugs have. Important is, that these holdings apply in combination with Ethanol: if it is in the body.


Such agents can be divided (depending) on those, the effect of which appears in a single record and those who the course. Especially the stocks of their positive effects on the whole body, muscle-building and improves blood circulation. Components, the part of the agent:

  • Ginseng root – a potent aphrodisiac, has a tonic, restorative effect;
  • red root improves useful in diseases of the genitourinary system, represents the male force;
  • antlers-ROE deer – a popular component in the disorder of men's health;
  • Golden root Ali – use, it stimulates the sexual activity;
  • Ginger – stimulates the production of testosterone.
Root</2_img> Dietary Supplement.

Vegetable and animal additives tonify the nervous system, increases the tone of the body, for the production of male hormones. Pre-Dietary Supplement:

  1. in the scope of delivery only natural ingredients are included;
  2. in contrast to drugs, these drugs have no side effects, and contraindications have virtually;
  3. Means to improve the condition of the genitourinary system, of the General state of the organism;
  4. To go through supplements to research, they are subject to certified;
  5. buy medium can be in the pharmacy or on the Internet without the recommendation of the doctor.