Low Potency — Treatment Of Folk Remedies


Folk remedies for potency have become increasingly popular, because not every man dares to visit the right specialist, faced with the problems in the intimate sphere. However, there is one "but": in such a delicate matter, as the treatment of erectile dysfunction folk medicine, the main thing — to harm, because some of the tips, from mouth to mouth, can be dangerous for the body of the man.

Effective whether traditional recipes for male power?

The impact of nearly all of the home treatments on the human body is slower and more gentle than medications, physical therapy or surgery. However, traditional methods of increase of a potentiality of men, are very popular, and contraindications, they are much smaller than in the case of medical interventions.

So, with a slight decrease in the production of testosterone, can you try to normalize hormone balance by taking herbal teas, food coloring, increase in physical activity. You can, of course, take special medications, containing hormones, but in this case, the organism bearing even less of the necessary substances, whereby man is forced to be a life-long "sit" on Tablets.

In more severe cases, salutation to the doctor is necessary, for example, in the case of aggravation of the symptoms of a Prostatitis, a deterioration of potency disorders due to problems with the blood vessels or circulatory. The attempt of self-medication can lead to the development of dangerous complications, the threatening life, and it is about the rescue of the patient, and not about the retention of his male power.

So, Folk remedies for impotence can only be applied if no other diseases, and preferably after it has passed through a complete examination of the body, in order to exclude the probability of development of complications.

Increased effectiveness by changing the diet

On the activities of all the systems of the body, the biggest effect of the food that people consume on a regular basis. Therefore, only a change of diet can improve a wide variety of diseases, the health and strengthen the body. On the potency of eat also has a significant impact. The most effective inclusion in the ration of food:

1. Sour cream, cottage cheese, eggs, chicken meat and other food rich in protein, but does not include an excessive amount of fat, i.e., different average calorie content.
2. Honey for men, and nuts, which are included in a high enough concentration of substances for a normal potency. From the above-mentioned foods can be the mixture, mix equal parts. Take the honey-nut mixture should be 2 TL, it is desirable that a half-hour after meals, up to three times a day. The product can increase milk drink for the effect. Such a course of improvement of an organism should continue daily for at least 20-30.
3. Parsley for men, onion, Vitamin tea from the leaves of the strawberry, currant, cherry, and other plants, rich in vitamins and organic acids.
4. Oysters, shrimp, mussels, and other shellfish contain a lot of protein and important trace elements.
5. Pistachio — a very useful product for men. They contain arginine, sufficient relaxation of the blood vessels and improving the blood supply to the Penis.
6. Celery juice contains a lot of valuable components, should a half hour before the meal, in the amount of 1-2 TSP.

A mere intake of healthy foods in the diet not be ignored. A persistent strengthening of a potentiality, you need to stop eating Junk Food, overly rich in fats and preservatives. Better not to give up fast Food, Chips, sausages and other "achievements" of the food industry, the preference of natural foods. In this case, the body is functioning in optimal conditions, and the work of the reproductive system is more cohesive.

Other popular recipes of impotence

The improvement of the erectile function folk medicine is more effective if you are not one, but several of the most effective methods.

In addition to the changes in diet, to achieve a strengthening of the erection with the help of the following methods:

1. Perform special exercises, activating blood circulation in the genital area. This is to bend the usual knee, and abdominal exercises, and more complex movements to learn that you are both alone and under the guidance of the trainer in the fitness center. To of useful lessons, the exercises should be regularly, daily is best, but reasonable, the burden is dosed, in order to prevent overvoltages. To be the daily activities actively. Office workers can be a part of the work, perform or on the go (e.g., phone calls, printing, etc.). Imperceptibly you can exercises Kegel, the alternating compression of the muscles which make for the water. Finally, it is recommended that rhythmically back and belly dragging and bulging with what abdominal muscles are allowed to train without interruption of other activities.
2. The auto gene Training, Yoga, Meditation. Not quite traditional methods in the classical sense, but no less effective. These practices reduce Stress, increase the confidence of the men in the elimination of compulsive fears and worries in the context of intimacy. There are even individual complex of Yoga, especially for the normalization of the male hormone balance and strengthening of the erection.
3. Rejection uncomfortable underwear, and selection of the most convenient products for everyday life. Men's underwear has to fulfill several requirements: to be spacious enough, not made of real fabric, not too tight (in the summer). To compress tight swimsuit sex organs and promote overheat, which perhaps even the decline of male fertility, as well as a decrease in potency. So the man, taking care of your health, you wear only comfortable fabrics, in the night more entertaining and even without them.
4. Finally, the best people-way to increase the potency — it is the diversity of the intimate relationship, but not in terms of the selection of the various partners, and with respect to the preference for pos Sex or intimate Situation.

In front of the back potency folk medicine to produce, where the most harmless, it is advisable to consult a professional and to increase their intention to start taking certain herbs or significantly the level of physical exertion.