Folk remedies for potency

How to repair potency folk medicine, and confusion in the whole variety of means and methods? Try to systematize Folk remedies for potency in men, so that it became clear which the traditional remedies to increase potency, for what is "responsible", and choose the best house agent in each category.

There are means, and the accepted rates, but there are also those that can be used in case of emergency. After careful consideration of those other properties, you can determine for yourself the most suitable one.

As in the time and the place of Folk remedies for potency apply

Folk remedies for the improvement of potency

What are the natural remedies to increase potency? The answer depends on what, in this case, as the potency. Potency is the ability of a man to a full sexual intercourse. That is to say, the man in such an interpretation by several stages of the process of the implementation of your sexual potential:

  • desire (Libido);
  • chubby (with the release of 5 to 8 stages);
  • Ejaculation (Ejaculation).

In a broad sense, the people in the concept of "power", is still sometimes the ability of the husband turns to be a father. That is, such a number and quality of sperm, which guarantee the continued existence of the species. But even if this factor is to exclude, that the three steps differ in the nature and physiological mechanisms. In other words, the question of impotence enough symptoms at any stage of the injury. Since such interference can be caused different causes, the therapeutic approach and the treatment potency folk medicine will depend on what at what stage in men problems.

Desire (Libido)

First, the man should feel like that in a professional environment in Libido, and in the common people often attraction, passion, Lust. The energy of the sexual drive can not by the subsequent erections, but without the original sexual impulse (even if possible, is technically ensure erection) sexual intercourse turns into a mechanical, lifeless process. Carl Gustav jung saw the similarity to the concept of the Libido with the widespread in the East the concept of the life energy Qi, which is at the heart of all processes of the universe.

Decrease of sexual desire

The reason for the decline of sexual desire in both psychological and somatic factors. Among the psychological (in addition to habituation, short-term decline in mood due to improper Situation at the time of the intercourse, personal or social problems, etc.), the common factor is Stress, the overwhelming Libido. Part of folk remedies for increase of a potentiality for men, focused on the reduction of stress and the abolition of systematic psychological pressure. This is the same effective means for the recovery of potency, in General, apply in the case of sleep disorders. The man for the reinforcement of the male energy must have his sleep. Sometimes to increase the potency of this is enough. So it's no wonder that thyme, the increase of the Slavic peoples provided at the head end of the bed for a better sleep, fame, founded plants are able to potency.

Regular consumption of black chocolate, also as for the improvement of potency to home, and secure the capacitor volume in order to sexual intercourse. But eat high-calorie product.

In addition, Libido depends on the state of the endocrine system in General, and of the testosterone level in the Serum, in particular. There is a connection between the activity of the Hypothalamus-pituitary System and of your the production of testosterone in the testicles (90-95%) and adrenal (5-10%). Gross interference in the work of the endocrine system - a process with unpredictable consequences. In this sense, popular means to improve potency quickly a certain amount of risk for men: higher doses mix of fast and powerful actions without determining the true causes of impotence, can lead to more harm than sexual function.

However, the folk medicine is the most common, but not so much on the revolutionary and unique changes in the body, such as on evolutionary long-term accumulation (Manifestation) of the effect. In this context, the popular means of improving the potency of men, whose action aims to strengthen the production and maintenance of the body's own testosterone. Including products that contain iodine, and zinc.

Good to know! An abundance of zinc are oysters, but when we talk about the restoration of the potency of folk medicine among the Slavs, then there is the most efficient means - pumpkin seeds - the richest zinc plant protection product in our latitudes.

The increase in the potency in men after 60 folk medicine are almost always associated with the restoration of the testosterone levels. In men starting from 40 to 45 years of age (in early Form), the level of testosterone sometimes is reduced, so that it is the so-called male menopause. Usually the crisis is observed a phenomenon in 50 years. In the late Phase of the age androgenic deficiency is shown in the elderly in 60 years, but like so many other diseases, androgen deficiency, now "younger". Therefore, for the improvement of potency after 40 can be applied to the prophylactic measures (including the use of traditional methods of production of the hormone). And for the preservation of potency in men over 50, it is necessary to do systematically. If the treatment of folk remedies do not despair is it too late for a year or two, you should, you replacement therapy, taking jump need the hormone to a medical testosterone supplements.


The quality of the erection depends to a large extent, of the psychological factors, therefore, it is justified and useful Folk remedies for erections that a man's self-confidence and energy. For example, the same of thyme (thyme) since ancient times was known as a plant whose smell gives a man courage and strength. The modern science confirmed the ability of thyme, reduce anxiety and Stress reduce the stress.

But the psychological factor on the condition of the erectile consistency are the effects of more often in the youth. With increasing age, the role and the proportion of the somatic reasons for the development of erectile dysfunction, and the focus of the answer to the question of how to improve the potency in men after 45 years, folk medicine, grows is already moving in the direction of the treatment of serious diseases, caused sexual disorder solved.


Condition of the prostate gland - is one of the most important factors, is reflected directly on the erectile function. Prostate Massage is effective and important, but not to bring the means for male potency usually. But celery, like a strong diuretic and anti-inflammatory agent to support the prostate function is really good. In addition, celery diet table food with lots of fiber, which helps to control the body weight effectively. The function of the prostate the already mentioned above, pumpkin seeds improve.

Erection controlled peripheral and Central nervous system. High-quality conductivity of nerve signals - a mandatory condition of supply of the erectile function. So, in the popular Tradition of the "caught" method of "tempering" of the nervous system with the help of contrasting thermal treatments and/or sessions relaxation. The latter is necessary to the possible jamming and blockages. With a minimum number of contra-indications to increase male potency recommend Massage of the sexual organs can paint.

As for the "hardening" of the nervous system, the bathroom with a cold pond with a swimming pool and saunas can increase as potency, and harm, since these methods, the potency increase, there are a number of limitations. In particular, in the case of cardiovascular disease contrasting thermal processes can cause pathological changes. Therefore, before the Start of the "Breaking Bad", you should first of all, the cause of erectile injury. It is very likely that this is the reason for the problems with the vessels.

Cardiovascular System in many ways defined, and the possibility of realization of the sexual member for sexual intercourse, sufficient filling with blood. If the vessels are narrowed, damaged or blocked, compromising the supply of the Penis arterial blood. In addition, since the diameter of the coronary arteries and blood vessels, the filling of the Penis, correspond to the formation of organic impotence are vascular can we expect the likelihood of developing heart disease.

Good to know! Those means, the diseases, the symptoms of cardiovascular, suitable and to increase male potency.

Proven folk medicine for vasodilation and thus for the reinforcement of the circulation of the blood, is considered as garlic. Thanks to the components of garlic and hydrogen sulfide occur, the connection, the enlargement of the vessels and the supply of the tissues of the Penis. Also, the components of the garlic in the process of production of testosterone, raising the Libido are involved. Pumpkin seeds bypass the other products from our traditional table and not only by the number of zinc, but also by the number of L-arginine, divided into nitric oxide leads to the dilation of blood vessels by construction material of nitrogen metabolism. It is also, in my turn, increases the opportunities for men to Sex.

for increase of a potentiality

Products that are able to improve the condition of the cardiovascular System, which contain traditionally all lists of means for strengthening of potency to home. The application of such products is really usually sensible and a reasonable way to get an erection. However, a lot of Folk remedies for improving erection (problems with the disease caused) the sin of two defects:

  1. Fees medicinal herbs, often in tinctures and balms, can easily give, in addition to, or Rebound effect exceed the recommended dosage. This happens in those cases when, for example, for the potency of the tincture to drink, as alcohol-table, of 100-300 ml, and more. Exceeding the dosage in respect of each programme is accompanied by side effects, but with tinctures of herbs in vodka or alcohol, the maximum values of the standard exceed the very easy. As a result, instead of building muscle, the oppression of the nervous system can reach, and instead of the enlargement of the blood vessels - wait until the headache or bleeding.
  2. High Calorie Content. For example, honey, which is also in accordance with the traditions of the traditional medicine, increases the potency, with all its advantages, very high-calorie product, which requires a cautious relationship to self-how to the medication. Accordingly, the dose should also be therapeutic, particularly for men, are overweight. High-calorie to distinguish and nuts.

Therefore, almost mandatory adjacent measures for all impact on the effectiveness of natural remedies of moderate physical activity, movement, Stagnation of blood in the genitals and in the organs of the small pelvis. Here are fit and exercise the pubococcygeus muscle, and Yoga with a number of specific Asanas and systematic just the Sport. This method will take me away and from the mass of other problems with health. In addition, for the raising of the standard of potency be required of Smoking cessation and after-Dinner doses of alcohol.



The questions of increase of a potentiality with the topic of ejaculation is associated, in General, in the cases of premature ejaculation and, rarely, in cases of uncontrollable delay ejaculation. As in the earlier stages, the mental state of the people and the state of his Central and peripheral nervous system, the properties of the process affect. To treat In house conditions folk remedies such disturbances also soothing medicines, try out of its own production, often in teas and broths on the Basis of mint and lemon balm.

However, for the restoration of potency in men folk medicine in such cases, probably not enough therapeutic variability in the formation of the individual approach. Andrologi in the majority of premature ejaculation do not belong to the organic, and the cyclical psychological problems, get rid of the you at the reception at the sexologist or the psychologist. There is a question of individual normative period set until the occurrence of ejaculation, is the question of the wrong premature ejaculation, etc.

Among the psycho-physical factors, which we call inflammatory processes can glands in the valves, in the Bud, but you have to connect with the psychological factors of the total offer. A total of Folk Tradition exerts indirect psychological effect with direct decreased sensitivity of the glans:

  1. The psychological effect due to the adjustment of the man who received from the hands of a reputable healer, a miracle-means.
  2. Decrease of the sensitivity is effected by the application of ointments on the Basis of lidocaine or anestezina, as well as the use of condoms with "coolant" lubricated.

So, taking advantage of the above-mentioned criteria, we have the most effective ways to increase virility, one of which we now own Top of the Top. It contains the following traditional methods and products:

  • dietary part of Topa in the category "improvement of potency to home," presented pumpkin seeds, garlic, thyme and celery (they act on different systems do not compensate for, and effect of each other);
  • procedural part is due to the systematic physical activity and Massage of the genitals, the prostate and the body in General.

To the above-mentioned products and techniques, you can use a number of popular recipes, according to the traditions, to meet and to the question of how to increase male potency, if no serious organic disorders, and to the question, such as impotence to treat, if the injury has already developed.