Manufacturer of vacuum pumps with their hands

Air pump is a pump, a vacuum. He has a huge absorbing force, and is by the pumping out of the air or other substances from the closed container. Why the need for such a device, which explored the principles of his labour, varieties, and peculiarities, how to build a device with their own hands, — to all these questions.

What devices and where they are used

Vacuum pump

In today's world, people are living very often with a vacuum in the household. Such devices apply the brakes in cars and in air-conditioning technology. There is a budget device, the air coming from Packed Lunches or bulky items.

Devices are used in various industries:

  • Textile;
  • Food;
  • Pharmacological;
  • Medicine;
  • Oil and gas industry;
  • Chemistry;
  • Electro-technical;
  • Metallurgy;
  • Agriculture;
  • Construction.

There are even pumps for women and men, increase the blood flow in various organs. Vacuum devices are used almost everywhere, so that your Design is different. The main types of such devices are many and varied. Liquid ring in front of all the other developed and serves to the present.

For such a device a constant supply of liquid and electricity needs.

The vacuum in the chamber caused by the Rotation of the mechanism is immersed in the liquid. Plates and a spider — the most popular in the production. Used for small, closed systems. Plates and rotary pumps are mainly made of 2 chambers. During operation of the rotor, the air from a module moves to another. These pumps come in 2 types – oil and oil-free.

You make a manual device out of the syringe

Such a manual Mini-pump is very affordable, and collect it without problems every Person.

The device from the syringe, you must:

  • Hospital syringe, preferably more;
  • T-Piece;
  • Tube, the same diameter as the T-piece and syringe;
  • 2 non-return valves.

First, flexible plastic tube in 3 parts to be cut and includes a T-piece. To a tube, syringe, and the other two – the Aquarium-valves attached.

You can.the Aquarium valves are the same diameter as the tube itself

A valve on the Absorption of the air, the other on the issue. In the case of the movement of the piston in the syringe from the container, air is pumped out. In the same way, you can pour water from a vessel in the second.

Mounting the motor-pump

Even the most mundane pump at home is out of the ordinary automobile or Bicycle air pump. The work consists of 4 consecutive steps. Namely:

  1. The device understands, and extracts the cuff.
  2. The cuff rotates to the other side and screwed back.
  3. The tube pumps are installed non-return valve.
  4. On the free end of the valve, a pipe or a tube made of durable Material.

The essence of the change is that the direction of the stroke changes when you press the gearshift lever reduces the volume of the chamber, and the air escapes through the opposite cuff.

When lifting the arm, a camera, a vacuum is created.

Home-made device can be useful at home, for example, in the case of the air inlet of the lid for the storage of pillows and bulky things without the help of a vacuum cleaner.

From different compressors

For the pumping of large quantities can be produced, with electric pump. It is impossible that pumped out the tank contained liquid, water vapor, the device will be damaged quickly. Thus, the compressor is not broken, in the System, the equipment for the dehumidification of the air complement.

The production of the pump by the compressor is divided into 3 stages:

  1. Filter removed on the compressor.
  2. At the entrance of the compressor, the tube closes the air suction.
  3. The device itself turns off.

Water pump with his hands, either with a broken refrigerator or air conditioner. The method of manufacture is simple and can be done in a few steps. Hand saw and cut off the top. Removable Motor from the housing. Copper tube is a special tube, and closes to a small capacity.

The upper part of the compressor is to be replaced by new, smaller diameter. The lid with a soldering iron made of brass-foil. Coated Linoleum for the sound protection.

The pump is a screw, with the tubular oil level (from the case of the conventional pen) can. To the suction attachment connects to the Filter with air, you can use Europcar. Between the mounting and the Filter System Reset pressure mounted. Is turned on.

How to vacuum pump

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Liquid ring vacuum pump creates a very strong vacuum, and is widely applied for agricultural machinery. The work is done by immersion of the rotating mechanism in the liquid.

Even Aquarium compressor modify is not at all difficult to modify the design a little:

  1. With a screwdriver, the fastening to the housing.
  2. Understand node and disassembled non-return valves.
  3. Valves swapped, and the device goes back.
  4. The hose connects the vacuum area. For the elimination of moisture in the housing a small hole just can.
  5. The System from the gas outlet pipe with a suitable size.

The Assembly of such a pump is carried out in several stages. Within the round drum Paddle mechanism is placed. He will be installed so that they are not in contact with the housing. The drum is partially filled with water.

The impeller with the aid of the motor starts to rotate and the liquid under the effect of centrifugal force, the pump fills.

The inflow of water from the nozzle or the container. Puller bearing removed. For the head, jewelry in the plate studs. When tightening the nuts, the plate is pressing on the shaft.

Nuances the production of pumps with your hands

The main advantages of the membrane-assisted piston pump in its versatility and the absence of noise. The vacuum is under the action of the piston. In Cam devices, the vacuum is Cam by 2 main parts of the mechanism,—"", swirling relative to each other.

To lubricate these pumps, making them a low power and in need of replacement.

Vacuum pumps can. independently with the help of medical syringe, Auto or pump, an electric compressor, the compressor of the refrigerator, the compressor from the Aquarium A certain Option to begin to determine where and why it is used.

The pump consists of several individual parts:

  1. Plastic piston with a sealing cuff, in the stock inserted.
  2. The mechanism of the generation of a vacuum by pumping out the air.
  3. Rubber hose connects the pump with the glass bulb.

The spindle is pumped into the bottles, the air, and it creates a vacuum. This leads to increased maintenance of the air. For its execution, a special air valve is released, or opening with a Finger.

In the shops there are opportunities for Pomp, various designs are available. But such a pump, you can easily make yourself out of everyday materials. The piston is the correct size (you can be from the confectionery syringe or plastic bottle), 2 holes. Connects to an opening with the help of a sealant or an adhesive, the pipe (silicone, rubber or from a Pipette). On the second opening, the sealing cuff, the tightness and so you do not injure it. With the sealing means of a temporary hose connects to the pump.

If necessary, use of a vacuum pump, you save a lot of money to be collected, such a meeting itself. But on its creation a lot of time and effort. For the manufacture of the device in your hands sometimes the already existing source material, it is sufficient. Depending on what type is chosen, is directly dependent on the complexity of the work and the methods of use of the instrument.