Small Penis: methods to enlarge it

How to increase penis length or width? Some of the men are not the size of his Penis, the are ideal and ready to believe, to increase much for him. Thus, it is possible to home?

How to increase length of a member?

small cock

At the Moment there are many men who believe that the size of their Penis is not enough to satisfy the partner and begin this is the reason why doubts as to their abilities.

But before you decide that the length or width of the Penis is inadequate, you must determine what a normal size Penis and what should be its ideal size, according to the opinion of the girl. Perhaps, for doubts about your abilities, there is no reason to be.

How to enlarge Penis size? This can be at the Moment a variety of methods. This and surgical and non-surgical methods.

Ointments and tablets

Competent scientists do not assert that the positive effect of such a means is nothing more than Autosuggestion, since the drug acts in any way on the body and the Placebo effect.

This view is difficult to refute, since there is currently no reliable Test that accurately confirming the fact that the use of such means really in any way affect the length or width of the Penis.

It is safe to say that such ointments and tablets carry negative effect for the male body, as their composition is almost always there is Ginseng, various herbs, Yohimbe (herbal viagra). The use of such funds, which are, perhaps, strengthen your body, but on the size of the Penis is not affected.

The exercises and the weights for the increase in the size of the Penis

The manufacturers claim that, if every day for 8 hours of such an attribute, you can inches penis enlargement a few. But this method is very questionable, because in this way you can only the skin stretching, but not the sex organ.

Before you start, performing a variety of exercises, the way of influence on the length and width of your Penis, you need to have to be aware that the sexual organ is not the biceps. It does not stun possible.

Although it is in the network becoming more and more popular in various courses of Training, the type will help, how to, change the size of the Penis. For example, such a complex is called a "jelcing". To say that it includes a variety of exercises from the Arab technicians, which have reached us from ancient times.


This creates a vacuum that increases the blood flow to the sexual Organ, in return, he will be excited and visually, of course, forms.

After the procedure, at the base of the Penis, a small ring is attached, preventing rapid outflow of blood. Although this is a popular technique, don't be this way for sure, because:

  • not excluded premature impotence of the patient;
  • it is likely to vessels, damage to the blood, causing bruises;
  • not the damage to the soft parts is excluded.

In addition, after the cock Ring is loose, it is exactly the same size as before.

The increase in the size of the Penis surgically

In the journal "European Urology today" 10 years ago, an article was published in the state that the maximum length to enlarge the Penis, no more than 3 inches. At the Moment, men will have a the two operations can provide.

The increase in the length

It is no secret that it is precisely because of the presence of small ropes, the Penis of the male to the pool attached. What the support bands are fixedly attached to the sexual Organ, and hides part of it in the depth of the body.

Surgical procedure means a weakening of the tension of the bands, which is achieved by cropping them. As a result, after the Operation, a large part of the Penis is visible. However, the risk that, in the future, the Bundles start to grow back together.

To avoid this side effect, a man must wear every day for 6 months on the Penis special equipment.

Penis wide

But after a while the doctors noticed that the fat tissue in places, begins to deteriorate, and in consequence the member does not seem smooth. After that, another Operation, the implanted member in the tissue transplanted from a genetically similar organism, for the different types of reconstructive surgery began.

The Doctor Joule. Rosenthal claims that after the surgery, side-effects, as in the previous case. The result is really achieved, and it doesn't take a year. But, unfortunately, no one can guarantee a hundred percent that donated tissue behaves after the transplant as it is necessary.

In addition to these two most common species, and others. For example, if the Patient is severely obese then the Penis enlarge, it can be visually extraction with the help of the fat. During the Operation, cleaned the founding of the member of fatty tissue.

What can be?conclusions regarding the methods of penis enlargement

In addition, if the man is trying to change the size of your Penis with the help of these funds, and will not receive the desired result, he may be depressed, what is the cause of the psychogenic erectile dysfunction can.

And this is a Problem to clean up with the drugs must. Also self-doubt premature ejaculation, which is also a negative impact on the quality of your sexual life can trigger.

Really the length or the width of a member can increase only by surgical intervention. All the other methods in the best case, not have hurt to no result, in the worst case, can even you to. Before deciding on any procedure, always consult your doctor and weigh all the "pros" and "cons".

The whole truth about the enlargement of the Penis

It is believed that masculinity has outstanding sizes. Now, let's say, to stock up not such a in the boots, but still. To many men a complex about a small envelope, your most important Organ and begin to increase different ways to do it — use the deals on the Internet completely. However, many of them did not help, but harm.

Whether stretch


We analyzed the most popular methods today provide for the enlargement of the Penis. To separate the wheat from the chaff, as they say.

Very tempting to have the option to extend the sexual dignity with the help of a trainer by the name of the Extender. Promised that he would be executed mechanically, the body 4-5 cm and even increases its volume to 1.5 cm.

And yet — it reduces the curvature and increase the Libido.

Despite the fact that many men say that the method helps you (a member rose in a few months to 1-2 cm), they all indicate severe pain when wearing the device, which, by the way, wear it every day. It is inconvenient. In addition, the Extender doesn't help all. If the decreased elasticity of the Tunica albuginea of the Penis, stretch it useless.

Factors of influence on the length of the limbs:

  • Inheritance
  • Characteristics of growth and development
  • Hormone status
  • Violation of fetal development

RUB RUB or not

Even more questionable way of penile embrocation worthy in him, the magical creams and gels that are sold in large quantities.

If you believe the advertising, are substances, in just one week, you bring the male Organ to gigantic proportions. Meanwhile, doctors say that the creams for penis enlargement fraud as"".

Because if such means deeper penetration of the Epidermis could, you would have to register as a medicament, and in the free sale would not. In the best case, the cream is not damage.

But the introduction under the skin of the Penis gels, pastes, paraffin oil, full of dangerous consequences, and even loss of the skin of the Penis and even the ability to have an erection. Such patients of the rescue of the Penis and restoration of its functions operate, with the aim of

But the vacuum pump generates the pressure that allegedly leads to an increase (a further method known from the Internet) can easily contribute to the rupture of the blood vessels. In addition, experts have the method accepted is absolutely inefficient. Of the Massage, the exercises provide some of the craftsmen, or the body, is also unlikely to be useful. How to enlarge Penis

The man, not to solve the dimensions of the genitals is significantly less than the average, their problems, the genitals smeared cream or hang the charge to him. He should see a doctor.

Today, the only truly effective method for the solution of such a very intimate problem doctors call surgery, to increase the really helps body to 5 cm, it has the indications and contra-indications. In addition, an organic enlargement needs is not always the case.

The size of an average Penis at rest — about 9 cm, erect — about 15. Is statistics, but not the ideal to which they aspire.

How to increase the thickness of the Penis (all the possibilities)

The possibility of increase in of the Penis harassed by men. Studies show that about 30-40 % of men unsatisfied with Penis size. Yes, and artificially created myth has it that the bigger the Penis the better, with the result that such malcontents will always be greater. In connection with this medicine is not standing still and is constantly developing in the direction on procedures and equipment to increase not only the length, but the thickness of the Penis.

Basic Techniques

Today, there are several methods of helping you increase the thickness of the Penis. The undoubted advantage is that all of these are suitable for use in the household. To mention so, the most important techniques are the following:

  1. Manual Method.
  2. Vacuum-Pump.
  3. Extender.
  4. Medical method, based on the use of hormonal drugs.
  5. Surgical Intervention.

We will consider each method Details:


One of the easiest methods of penis enlargement, according to the opinion of men. The most important thing is that the method has no side effects to the body of men, and requires no financial cost for the helper. Enlarge the Penis in length and in thickness. To do this, use a variety of exercises.

It is important to understand that technically, an increase in the length of the mean elongation of the tissue of the corpora cavernosa and thickness can offer, to expand. If a manual method of stretching the tissue in the Penis in men trigger a children's game, for the extension of a necessary condition the maintenance of the erection for a certain period of time. And this increases the risk of injury.

Exercises to increase the thickness of the Penis, the most effective in the state of erection. Start Training, you should with loads of low intensity, then you can gradually increase the intensity and the exercises more difficult. Do not forget that before the beginning of the training requires the heating of the tissue.

The fastest way is possible, with hot water and a washcloth. Another important point is the presence of an abundant lubrication, can also means of using a Gel lubricant. In the conduct of exercises on "dry" and without pre-heating substances at a high risk of Trauma to the tissues of the Penis.

After the preparation you start the execution of the exercise:

  1. You start with cuddles.
  2. Gradually increase the pressure on the Penis to reach the maximum erection.
  3. With one Hand the base of your Penis to hold in the area, and the other delay tidy the area of the head.
  4. Further, a Minute delay, after which the pressure of the weakest, then repeat all over again.

There is a further variant of the exercises increase the thickness of the Penis at home. Not to forget the preparation phase is comparable, i.e., as the opening act and lubrication. Then you include the Penis in the area of the head and gradually start to stretch it and compress it. At the time of the maximum voltage should remain for a few seconds.

After performing the exercises, we recommend a soothing Massage that helps to restore blood flow. The disadvantage is the duration of the process.


This method not only helps the length and thickness of the Penis, but also to get rid of impotence increase. Vacuum pump for men is a cylinder with pump. This capacity is placed on the Penis and the pump gradually sucks the air out of the cylinder. In the result of significant enlargement of the Penis can be reached in a short period of time.

Extenders are less popular as a vacuum pump. Not recommended, in men with the presence of anatomical abnormalities of the construction of the organs of the urogenital system. Advantage is a painless, effective and no side effects.

Extender allows you to adjust the tension and elongation of the Penis. In the future, for the best possible results, you can in addition, a special rod.

It is believed that the result occurs already after a month from the beginning of the use. It is important to note that the attachment extends the structural elements of the cells of the body, and promotes the increase in their number.

So the result remains for a long time.